History of our Allshouse Family lineage of Central Pennsylvania


  • Much of this information comes from the excellent web site of our distant cousin, Dwight Allshouse. We will attempt to fill in the gaps and acquire as many primary source documents as possible. These will be scanned and included in the references sub page.

  • Family Lineage

    Henry Allshouse (1725-1803) married a Susannah .... . He was born in Althausen, Wuertemburg, Germany and died in Easton, Norhampton Co, PA They apparently produced at least five children: Henry Allshouse(1759-1836) [The father of our next generation], Susanna, John, Jacob and Catherine.

      Henry landed in America 15 Sep 1748 aboard ship "Judith", under the command of Captain James Tait. Henry was a German from Strasberg, Alsace Loraine, then under French control. The old name spelling was "Althaus" or "Altham". In 1752 Henry moved north and became one of the original settlers of what is now Easton, PA. These settlers and their occupations were as follows: William Parsons - Court Clerk; Lewis Gordon - Lawyer; John Anderson and William Craig - Tavern in Centre Square ; David Martin - Ferry and Inn; George Becker - Baker; Abraham Berlin - Blacksmith ; Paul Miller - Tavern; Anthony Esser - Butcher ; John Finley - Mason; Meyer Hart? - Storekeeper. On pg. 70 of "Naturalization of Foreign Protestants" published by Baltimore General Publishing Co, 1964 Henry Allshouse of Easton, Northampton Co. PA naturalized on April 3, 1761. He had signed allegiance oath on shipboard in Philadelphia Harbor 15 Sep 1748, in Berk's Co on 1750 and again in Easton in 1754. In Easton he owned lots near Great Square Lots 134-5-6-7. He emigrated from Alsace-Lorainne. His wife's name was Susannah, and his first child Susannah married Henry Kern.
      Children in Will: Henry, Jacob, John, Catherine, and Susannah. He was one of five Trustees organized to build the first Courthouse in Easton PA. He lived at the corner of North Hampton St. and the great Square, Lot No. 203. He bought his first land on March 6 1775. He couldn't pay for this land and almost lost it back to John Penn Sr. and John Jr. He must have made his payment as he sold this land to daughter Catherine on 27 June 1798. He also sold land to a family of Innes on 21 Nov 1797, and some to a John Allshouse (who may have been his son) on 29 Oct 1792. In tax records 1783 to 1788 he and his son Henry Jr. were listed as Joiners. Henry's death notice was found recorded in the "American Eagle", and Easton paper. He was buried in the cemetery at the First Reformed Church of Easton. This cemetery was removed and the bodies placed in a common vault in what is now the Easton Cemetery.
      The following is a copy of Henry's Last Will and Testament: In the name of God Amen, I Henry Allshouse of the borough of Easton in the County of Northampton and State of Pennsylvania, being weak in body, but of sound mind memory and understanding (thanks be to God) do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in manner following, ---- I so have and bequeath unto each of my four children, that is to say, to my son Henry One hundred and fifty pounds, to my son Jacob One hundred and fifty pounds, to my son John One hundred and fifty pounds, and to my daughter Susanna the wife of Henry Kern One hundred and fifty pounds to be paid to them as soon as convenient after my decease out of the Monies due me on the Bonds and Notes whereof I may die possessed -- And all the rest and residue of may said Monies together with my household furniture or personal Estate whatsoever I do give and bequeath unto my daughter Catherine in consideration of her great care and attention to me in my later years. And lastly I do nominate and appoint my sons Jacob Allshouse and John Allshouse to be the Executors of this my Last Will, hereby revoking all other and former wills by me --- --- satisfying and confirming this and no other to be my Last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the tenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and three.

      The mark of
      Henry Allshouse
      Title - Sr.
      Burial - [place: Easton cemetery - common vault]

    Henry Allshouse (1757-1836), s/o Henry apparently initially married a Catherine Marie Kunkel (1758-1836). He was born in Easton, Bucks Co, PA and died on 8 NOV 1836 in Jeannette, PA. He initially had six children: Elizabeth Ann Allshouse (1778 - <1836); Henry Allshouse Sr. (1781 - 1853) ; Joseph Allshouse (1795 - 1860); Esther Allshouse (1797 - 1897); Allshouse, Priscilla (1799 - 1879) and George Allshouse (~1801 - ). His second marriage to Gertrude Truxell (1758 - 1819) of PA whom he married in Easton PA produced apparently another seven children: John Allshouse (1781 - 1856) ; Susannah Allshouse (1782 - 1835) ; Jacob Allshouse (1785 - 1843) [The father of our next generation] ; Samuel Allshouse (1787 - 1867) ; Isaac Israel Allshouse (1790 - 1857); Nancy Ann Allshouse (1792 - 1820) and Magdalena Allshouse (~1800 - 1869).
      The Revolutionary War: In the Revolutionary War Henry was a 15 year-old fifer with General George Washington. He enlisted in the 1st battalion of the Associators in Northampton Co. on 9 July 1776 in the first Company, commanded by Capt. John Arndt Sr. of Easton, PA as a fifer. The Company was under the command of Maj. Baxter and was taken to Long Island, NY and its first battle was fought on 27 Aug 1776. In this battle there were two Sergeants, nineteen privates, two non-commissioned officers wounded and missing. The next battle was fought at Fort Washington on the Island 16 Nov 1776. There were 37 listed as killed, wounded and missing and Henry Allshouse, fifer and John Arndt Jr., drummer, were of the missing. Many if not all were imprisoned on British ships anchored in the New York harbor. Henry was a prisoner for 18 months upon one of these ships. On his release he returned home where he enlisted in the Fifth Battalion, Northampton Co Militia, Forks Twp Company in 1778. This unit was sent against the Indians who had been equipped by the British and incited by them to war against the northern settlers of the Western Hemisphere. In PA Archive records he was listed as Capt. for his service in the Revolutionary War. He was listed as a Maj. with the Militia. (Commissioned Captain in 1780 and Major 6th Bat in 1783.)
      The move to Westmoreland: In 1796 land was conveyed to him in Westmoreland Co, Hempfield Twp, where he brought his wife and family of 13 children to live. He was the owner of 380 acres of land at the time of his death. He served as a member of the House of Representatives for the years of, beginning Dec 1802, 1803, 1804, 1805, 1812, 1813, 1814, 1815, 1817, 1818. He served in the State Senate beginning Dec 7, 1819, 1820, 1821, 1822, 1823, 1824, 1825, 1826. Henry, who served in the Revolution, made application for a pension 14 Jan 1833 at which time he was 75 and his pension was allowed for 8 months of actual service. He belonged to the Democratic party. One source has that he signed the oath of allegiance May 29, 1780 at Easton, PA. Also that tax records show that he was living in Northampton Co, PA in 1785, 1786, and 1788. The 1790 census shows that he was living in Westmoreland Co, PA.
      Henry's burial: The graveyard (near the corner of Frothingham and Margaret Street) where he is buried was at the junction of lands of Daniel Klingensmith, John P. Klingensmith, "Richfield", and John Klingensmith. The Allshouse family owned a tract of land here in 1806, a part of "Richfield". The granite marker for Henry Allshouse was placed by E. E. Allshouse (attorney in Greensburg) in 1945. It is the last and only marker on what once was the graveyard for burial of early settlers and their families. With the years an alley and a street shrank the area. Relatives removed bodies to Brush Creek and other cemeteries. A few remained, with records faulty or missing.
      Inscription of the headstone in Jeannette: Near this spot in 1836 was laid HENRY ALLSHOUSE Revolutionary soldier Member of Penna. Assembly for 20 years also his son Isaac. This stone erected in 1945 by E. E. ALLSHOUSE Great Grandson of Henry Grandson of Isaac And son of Henry II
      Letter Dated Feb 5, 1932 from Dr. C.C. Cronshore, West Second St., Greensburg, PA. Dear Sirs: Reference is made to your communication relative to Henry Allshouse, a soldier of the Revolutionary War. The data furnished herein are obtained from the papers on file in the Revolutionary War claim for pension, S.2032, based upon the military service of Henry Allshouse in that war. Henry Allshouse was born November 8, 1757, in Northhampton County, Pennsylvania. He enlisted in Northhampton County, Pennsylvania, in June 1776, served as a fifer in Captain John Armdt's Rifle Company, Colonel Peter Kachlsin's Pennsylvania Battalion of the Flying Camp(??sp??), and was in the battles of Flatbush on Long Island and Fort Washington, at which latter place he was taken prisoner, placed on board the prison ship, "Grosvenor" and held until in February, 1777, when he was paroled, and remained on parole until November, 1778, when discharged. After the Revolution, he resided in Northhampton County, Pennsylvania until 1788, when he moved to Westmoreland County, Pennslyvania. He was allowed pension on his application executed January 14, 1833, while residing in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. There is no data as to his family. The above is the history of the only soldier named Henry Allshouse, under any spelling, found on the Revolutionary War records of this office.
      Very truly yours,
      A. D. Killer
      Assistant to Administrator
      NOTE: This portion of our data is still being researched. Proper documentation of the mother of each child has yet to be made. This may make things appear that Henry had two wives at the same time but this is not the case.
      Title - Jr.
      Burial - [place: Jeannette, PA]
      Baptism - [date: 1757] [place: Church of Reformed, Easton, PA]
    Jacob Allshouse (1785/88-1843/45) was born in Northampton Co. and died in Armstrong Co. He is apparently buried in South Bend, PA. He married Franzina Frantz (1793 - 1876), d/o John Jacob Frantz (1763 - 1832) and Elizabeth Otterman (1766 - 1852) about 1813 in Westmoreland Co. They produced at least 12 children: Hannah Mariah Allshouse (1814-1900), Samuel Abraham Allshouse (1816-1875), Susannah Allshouse (1821-1858), William Frantz Allshouse (1821- ) [the father of our next generation], Sarah Allshouse (1823-1902), Anna Marie Allshouse (1824-1896), Jacob Allshouse (1826-1897), Priscilla Allshouse (1830- ), Elizabeth B. Allshouse (1832-1856), Henry Allshouse (1834-1891), Catherine Allshouse (1836-1849) and Joseph Allshouse (1839-1845).
      Jacob is mentioned in the Beers book as being a highly educated man, taught school during his early years, and a representative of the State Assembly. He came from Northumberland County to Westmoreland County with his parents. He married and settled on the Frantz farm at South Bend. He served in the State Legislature in 1832. Another source has Jacob b 1795; d 23 Mar 1852. Jacob was born in Northampton County, PA. While a small boy he moved with his parents and family to Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County. Some time after 1813 he moved to South Bend. Jacob was a farmer but also represented Indiana County in the 1832 session of the State Assembly House of Representatives. Jacob donated the land for St. Jacob's Evangelical Lutheran Church at South Bend, PA, built in 1817. Services were first held in the grist mill of Jacob Frantz. Another source has married in 1812.
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