History of the Ball family in Colonial Maryland

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  • Circumstantial evidence based on locale and provided from early land records of Prince Georges Co. and the Family History Library (FHL) suggest our lineage originated from Hillary/Hilleary Ball and Ann Wheeler, one reported d/o John Wheeler [and granddaughter of Maj. John Wheeler] and the patentee of the land tract "Brothers Delight" in what was than Charles Co. in June 1673 Katherine Kellock.

  • Hilleary Ball may have been a sibling of John (b. Abt 1670-1675; d. 1722) WP 14 Nov 1722 & Edward Ball reportedly born in Stafford Co. VA as they were in the same generation and members of the family traversed the Potomac to Charles Co. MD. The Stafford Co. Ball family appears to have preferred Charles Co. MD as a place of marriage yet they returned to VA to die and raise most of their children (perhaps a legal/ religious maneuver). John Sr. married in Charles Co to Winifred Williams (b. Fairfax VA) in Mar 1714. At least one daughter, Ann Ball (b. Abt 1719) and one son, John Ball (b. 1714) were reportedly born in Charles Co. MD FHL and the remainder reportedly born in VA. John Jr. again married a Williams girl, Margaret (b. Abt 1717 of Charles Co.) in Charles Co. but returned to VA. We have not yet looked into records of Anne Arundel or Calvert Co. as a possible origin.

    1. Bill Bradley's Ball Family Website of Stafford Co. and linkage to the Washington Family.
    2. John Ball (d. 1722); Lib. VA. Will Book 'K' (1721-1730 Fol. 35 [missing] or LVA Microfilm Reel 315
    3. Elise Greenup Jourdan, "Colonial Settlers of Prince Georges County",

  • There are other Ball families listed in early PG Co. in the same generational group as Hilleary. A John Ball and wife, Ann .. with chldren Henry Ball (b. 1707) and John Ball (b. Dec 1713).. A John Ball with wife, Elenor and land tract "Bealls Purchase". There is also a Richard Ball (b. Abt 1594, MD) s/o William Ball and Alice Waltham LDS FHL IGI and another Richard Ball (d. 1718) MD Wills. Richard Ball (d. 1718) is again in the same generation as Hillery (d. 1710; MD) and John Ball (d. 1722; VA).

    1. Ball, Richard A Aug 21 1718 JB 1 Fol. 228

Family Lineage

Hilleary/Hilary/Hillery/Hellore Ball (b. 1665-1673 - WP 1710) first appears in the Prince Georges Co. land records (1710) E. G. Jourdan. Hilleary married a 'Mrs' Ann Wheeler "of Charles Co." what presumably became Prince Georges Co. in 1695 (b. calc. 1677 Daniel Montague; Ancestry.com) ca. 1700 LDS IGI FHL. Folowing Hillore's death, Ann married a Michael Scanlon.
    Ann was the d/o John Wheeler ( - bef. 1694) and Ann .. and further the granddaughter of Maj. John Wheeler who willed land to the three children of his deceased son, James the children being - James, John and Ann in 1694. The land tract "Brothers Delight" was pattented by a John Wheeler in June 1673 Katherine Kellock. Hilleary and Ann produced at least John Ball (1703/09 - prob. 1767) and Richard Ball (1701/07 - prob. 1775).

  1. E.G. Jourdan; "John Wheeler [CH] wife Dorathy .... tract "Wheelers Purchase" 19 Sep 1700 ... brother James .... grandson James "
  2. "A Genealogy of One Branch of the Ball Family Found in Prince Georges County and Descendants, 1665-1992", Ruth Ingham Means
Hilleary Ball's will of 10 Dec 1710 refers to two sons: 1. John Ball who received the entire tract "Sisters Delight"; and 2. Richard Ball who received the entire land tract "Brothers Delight". These tracts adjoined the 1709 Marbury tract "Mistake" later acquired by William Bryan (1760). Part (66 acres) of "Sisters Delight" would be transferred to John Simpson in 1753 in a lease indenture and the remaining 100 acres to Edward Lanham in 1767 (passed down original Lanham deed ). Edward's son George H. Lanham would transfer "Sisters Delight" to son-in-law, William Bryan prior to movingto St Louis ca. 1835.

  1. Ball, Hellore WP Dec 10 1710 BOOK 1 Fol. 43
  2. Ball, Hillery A May 24 1712 Lib. JB 1 Fol. 81 .... MSA CR34684-2 (1696-1726) .... "Accompt of Mitchell Scandlen, who owed to Hillery Ball, and wife Ann Scandlen ..... executors of will & testament of Hillery Ball of PG Co."
  3. Land Record Index PG Co..... MSA CR49130.....(1696-1803)
    • Hillery Ball from Charles Beall ....... Lib. PP Fol. 115 .... MSA CR49525-1 (1749-1752)
    • Henry Ball to Charles Beall Lib. PP Fol. 115 ....... Lib. PP Fol. 115 .... MSA CR49525-1 (1749-1752)
    • Hilleary Ball to Edward Magruder ... 'Bill of Sale'..... Lib. BB No.3 Fol. 212 ..... MSA CR49528 (1772-1773)
    • Hilleary Ball and Richard Sen to Richard Ball Jun ........ Deed ........ Lib. BB No. 3 Fol. 310 .... MSA CR49528 (1772-1773)
    • John Ball to John Simpson ..... 'Lease'.............. Lib. NN Fol. 77 ... MSA CR49525-3 (1752-1757)
    • Hilleary Ball from Henry Roger ....... Deed ..... JRN 3 Fol. 8 .... MSA CR49537 (1794-1795)

John Ball (b. 1703/09) likely married Sarah Johnston on 19 Feb 1745/47? E.G.Jourdan. This John and his wife, Sarah may have been the ones to have transferred 100 acres of "Sisters Delight". to neighbor, Edward lanham in April 1767 passed down Indenture 1767 . However, he was dead by Aug 1767 Inventory or was this John Ball 'Jr.' referred to in the 'INDEX TO WILLS'. His likely widow, Sarah Ball (b. Abt 1716) is enumerated 'self' age 60 1776 MD census . Descendants of John have yet to be located, however, Richard Bryan states in his will "land I bought from John Ball and Simpson's heirs, part called "Brothers delight" and part called "Sisters Delight". John Ball (b. 1703/09) is likely also the one who leased "Sisters Delight" to John Simpson in 1753 and sold the remaining 100 acres to Edward Lanham in 1767 apparently just before he died. His brother Richard (WP 1775) received "Brothers Delight" from his father, Hilleary (WP 1710) and likely passed it to his grandson, John Ball (b. ca. 1767) thru his father Richard Ball (WP 1792). It was this later John Ball (s/o Richard) who with Richard Bryan in 1803 transferred "Brothers Delight" to Walter Edelin.

  1. Ball, John , Jr. I Aug 10 1767 GS 2 Fol. 75
Richard Ball (b. 1701/07; d. 16 Oct 1775; Mt Airy PG Co.MD) s/o Hilleary and Ann Ball reportedly married an Eleanor/ Elinor (1712 Means Document - ) ca. 1733 LDS FHL. They reportedly produced at least Hilleary Ball (b. Abt 1734 PG Co.) [married Elizabeth .... ], Richard Ball Jr. (ca 1735-prob 1792) [married ca. 1764 ... Sarah Bucy Robert Ball; Ancestry.com], Ann Ball (1738 - PG Co.) [married a Barritt/Barrett], Sarah Ball (1740- ) [m. John Simpson], Elizabeth Ball (1742), Esther Ball (b. 1746 - ), Elinor Ball (b. 1746), Martha Ball (1749- ) and Henry Ball (25 May 1753; St John's Parish) LDS FHL. Richard Ball Sr. and his son, Hilleary and wife Elizabeth transferred 162 acres "Brothers Delight" in Nov. 1773 to his son, Richard Ball 'Jun.' PG Co. Land Records Lib BB No.3 (Bk 20) Fol. 310 (1772-1774) . Note: While Richard drafted his will on 17 Feb 1773 (without mention of 'Brothers Delight', the above afforementioned deed transferring the land to Richard Ball Jun. was made in Nov 1773. This Richard Jun. could be the s/o Hillery born ca 1760 and Abt 13 yrs at the time of the transfer. However, this Richard (WP 1792) would have also had to marry a Sarah referred to in will.

At his death MD Wills, Richard had numerous grandchildren referred in his will: including 5 'Burgess' children, Eleanor Walker [Note: Henry Walker had land next to William Bryan in 1781 and he and John Walker witnessed Richard's will], Daniel and Richard Ready, Mary Eleanor and Ann Barritt. Richard listed two sons, Zachariah Wheat and ...... Wheat (perhaps adopted) and grandaughters Verlinda and Elizabeth Wheat. His son, Richard (prob Jun.) received "the residue of his estate in the world" and appointed executor.

  1. Ball, Richard I Oct 2 1776 GS 2 Fol. 372
  2. Ball, Richard WP Oct 16 1775 T 1 Fol. 15

    Richard Ball (ca. 1736 - perhaps 1792) and Sarah Bucy (b. ca. 1743 Robert Ball; Ancestry.com) (Prob. WP 1794) married ca. 1764. They produced children 1765-1776 enumerated as 3 sons [9,7,1] and 3 daughters [12,8,6] MD census 1776. Their sons included Richard Ball (b. 1769), Hilleary Ball (b. 1768), John Ball (b. 1767) reported by LDS and Horatio Ball LDS reported Ratio (28 Feb 1776) and Samuel BUCY Ball (12 Aug 1793- ) Parish Register 1689-1878. Their daughters perhaps included Elizabeth Ball (April 1772) and Levi Ball (b. 22 Feb 1774) St John's Church.. The existence of Samuel BUCY Ball might suggest our Ann BUCY/BUSEY Ball is an unreported d/o Richard & Sarah born ca. 1764.

    Richard Ball (WP 1792) at his death, appoints his wife Sarah and son John as executors. John receives "all that tract or parcel of land called 'Brothers Delight'" and is also appointed to take care of children with their share of estate until they reach maturity. Thus it appears Richard may have died young in 1792 leaving young children but still had an older son John of sufficient age to care for younger siblings. Is this likely if he was the s/o Hilleary born ca 1760??

    1. Ball, Richard WP Feb 17 1792 T 1 Fol. 308
    2. Ball Sarah WP Oct 7 1794 T 1 Fol. 349
    3. John Ball & Richd Bryan to Walter Edelin Mortgage JRM 8, p. 530 (CR49542 1800-1801)

      A most excellent and professional website by a P. Paschke describes an elaborate Busey/Bucy family of colonial Prince Georges County. Although a link between Sarah and this family has yet to be established, the family is a likely candidate given the proximity to the Bryans and Lanhams in Upper Piscataway Hundred. This family dates back to a Paul Busey (ca 1630 -1685) who arrived in Maryland in 1651 possibly from England or Virginia.

    Hilleary Ball (b. ca. 1734 1776 census -20 May 1817) married Elizabeth ........ (b. ca 1737) ca. 1759. Their children were enumerated as four young males [ages 16 18 16 3 2] and four young females [17 10 9 7] MD 1776 census and 2 sons and 3 daughters MD 1790 Census. St John's Broad Creek Church records refer to their children as son Rosmond/Rosemond Ball (15 Feb 1772) and daughters Lisey Ann Ball (bapt. 12 June 1763) and Mickey/Meekey Ball (bapt. 19 May 1765). Son Richard Ball (b. ca 1760) is reported by LDS.

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