History of our Ewing Family lineage in Pennsylvania

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  • The ewings of Perry county at the turn of the nineteenth century and their origins and migrations to Juniata M. Milliken and Mifflin counties (1850-1900) are of primary interest to us from family oral legend. The family of a William Ewing (ca 1780-1841) David P Ewing, & Mike Milliken and Jane Wesley/Westley JM Runk 1897 (b. ca 1790) whose apparent sons migrated thru Juniata and mifflin and resided and perished in/around Huntingdon, Mt Union, Port Royal and McVeytown and as far west as IA. One son, Joseph (ca 1801-1869) is said to be an uncle to David P Ewing (ca 1847-1916) of Huntingdon. Perry was formed from Cumberland Co. ca 1820. Here, William Ewing (1780-1841) raised a large family in the vicinity of the borough of Blaine in Tobonyne twp 1810-1840 census. He was likely the William (age 50-60) with a wife reported in the same age range [perhaps ten years younger 1830 census](1840 census p. 323) with his son Anthony (b. 1815) in the 20-30 age bracket. His four presumed sons, James (b. ca 1810-1820) and Joseph on p. 320 and William and David on p. 319 living closeby are presumably enumerated in Tobonyne twp 1840 census. This family may be obscurely related to another James Ewing (b. ca 1790-1800) p. 322 and older brother Ralph Ewing (b. 1788) p. 317 with a large family of young children orphan court records Toboyne twp 1840 census. Ralph is believed to be the same as the one reported by Carson as descended from James of NJ and Cumberland Co PA and another William and Jane (nee McBride) Ewing who resided not far away in Dickinson Cumberland County at least to about 1790 Big Spring/Jacksonville. Ralph's brother, James died in Jun 1849 Perry Co. leaving a wife Ruth and a number of apparently undocumented children to include a young David.
    1. Juniata County Families by Michael Milliken
  • In pursuit of David P Ewing's parents, we are researching the ancestry of a Sarah Ellen Dillon (ca 1828-1901) of McVeytown 1870-1900 census. She was the wife of the irish born Michael Dillon (ca 1826-1909 Mattawanna Cemetery) whom David P. Ewing was apparently residing with in 1870 at the age of 22. While Michael was irish, Sarah Ellen was born in PA along with her parents 1880 cenus p. 158. Was Sarah married before to a Ewing and perhaps the mother of David P. nearly 20 years older or was she perhaps more likely a sister who survived a smallpox epidemic in McCulloch Mills, Juniata in 1849? The Dillons lived a few houses from Benjamin's son William in McVeytown PA between 1870 and 1880 and adjacent to Benjamin and family in 1900. The Dillons had at least one son, David Dillon ca 1880/81 1900 census and were listed on the 1877 atlas of McVeytown on Water st. Michael enlisted in the civil war (3 months 1861) and is recorded as having a pension record which cannot be located as a result of poor record reproduction. Following being mustered out of the civil war, Michael purchased a lot in 1863 Deed and sold it in 1905 Deed following his wife's death in 1901. If found, Michael's pension records may give some clues as to where and when he met Sarah and whether Daid P. was related.

  • A serious accident in the steel industry lead to an early divorce of David M. Ewing and Romayne/ Romaine Hoover ca 1910 leaving Kathleen Elizabeth Ewing as an only infant child to be raised by her mother and grandmother, Cora Otstott Hoover. The absence of the 1890 census has seriously impeded his identity when David was a boy of age ~8. Consequences of divorce ca 1910 have severed our ties with the Huntingdon family with the exception of a few photographs passed down on in particular of an older couple inscribed on the back with "Huntingdon PA".

  • The parents and family of our David Mark Ewing (ca 1882-1931) have been located among the wills, orphans court records, deeds and newspapers at the Huntingdon County Court house [24 Nov 2004]. These records cooberate legendary information passed down. He is the second youngest of at least 6 children most of which moved from the area by 1900 in search of their fortunes elsewhere. With the principal occupations of the borough of Huntingdon at the turn of the century being the railroad, coal and steel industries, the loss of youth to other parts of the country is not surprising. Even today the borough appears economically impoverished, as it apparently never recovered from the railroad, coal and steel decline of the early 20th century. Most of the citizens today appear to be employed by the local state penitentiary and Juniata College.

  • David appears to be clearly listed in penmanship in the 1930 census as David 'W'. Ewing but transcribed in the index as David 'M' Ewing. This transcription continues on the California death indices online but careful perusal of the actual record Los Angeles recorder 2003 suggest the 'W' penmanship can be easily indistinguishable from 'M'. His marriage license in Mechanicsburg (1905) illustrates 'M' for Mark.

  • Our Ewing family is most certainly descended from Scotland via Northern Ireland referred to as 'Scotch-Irish' as described by numerous researchers under Clan Ewing.

    Family Lineage

    Efforts continue in attempting to establish relationship of David 'P' Ewing (ca 1847-1916) to Benjamin Ewing (ca 1847-1905) as told by Kathleen Ewing Lyons's step-sisters which state David M (s/o David P.) and David Lloyd Ewing (s/o Benjamin) were 'cousins'. There were several David Ewings in central Pa of the same age (ca 22 in 1870) including the brother of Benjamin unknown Huntingdon Photo. The propagation of David Ewings in central PA at this time may have been in part due to the early 1800 family of William (ca 1780-1841) and Jane Ewing of Blaine P.O., Madison twp, Perry Co with sons, William, Anthony, Joseph, Daniel, James, John, Armstrong and David in which many had sons and grandsons named David. Following the death of their father in 1841, the children left Perry for Juniata with their mother (originally from there) at or shortly after 1850. Joseph and Anthony ultimately ended up in Mt Union and McVeytown, William and James in Juniata Co, David in IA, Hannah Beal in VA and Daniel in WVA. Although Joseph, William and Anthony are known to have had children and/or grandchildren named David, the number and extent of other Davids generated from this and subsequent generations is unknown.

    Benjamin Ewing (1847-1905) was born in Perry County death record Pennsylvania, the s/o Joseph 1860 census, Tuscarora twp, Juniata Co.; P. Frank and Susanna Ewing. Of his three brothers, Joseph, William, and David Love Obit Altoona PA Ewing, David was the youngest born in Perry Co Obit Altoona. Following Joseph's presumed childhood in Blaine, Walker Twp., Perry Co., he as well as the majority of other siblings left Perry Co. for Juniata Co. 1850 census in the vicinity of Port Royal, then Perrysville ca 1845 with their mother, Jane Wesley/ Westley J.M. Runk. This was close to Academia, a small village where Jane was born. Joseph moved down the valley to East Waterford, Juniata Co by 1860 census and in close proximity to McCullock Mills Garmin's Mapsource old Map where his brother, James was last reported and died Port Royal Times 1890. This James is now believed to be the one who married an Agnes Harper whose descendants now live in IA, IL and NE William VanSwearinger Diary, Post master of McCulloch Mills aka Honey Grove 1840's. Joseph's sons, Benjamin, William and David all made their initial homes as adults in McVeytown, Mifflin Co.1870, 1880 & 1900 census census. Following the death of Joseph's wife, Susan ca 1863, Joseph likely moved to McVeytown where he likely died in 1869 and buried in Kistler close to Mt Union, on the border of Mifflin and Huntingdon co(s). Ben died in McVeytown, Mifflin Co. on death 22 Sep 1905 death record; and is buried in Matttawana cemetery at the edge of McVeytown. Brother Anthony migrated and resided in Mt Union by 1880 where he died in 1895 a few years after his wife Mary in Shirleysburg (1889). Following Ben's death his wife, Amelia, moved her family to Altoona where her brother-in-law, David LLove [Obit. Altoona, 1925] Ewing and other relatives were already living 1900-1920 census Altoona. This supports the idea of an unidentified photo in Romayne's collection imprinted on the reverse with Altoona to be that Amelia's son's, David Lloyd's (and Romaine's sister, Gertrude)children taken ca 1911/12 at her house during a visit from presumably Butler where ther were residing butler directory. Another unidentified photo (right) passed down with an inscription on the reverse of 'Huntingdon' may be the parents of either David M. or David Lloyd. Romayne was close to her sister, Gertrude where her family photos to include a presumed wedding portrait, children and perhaps parents were retained by her. Joseph B. Ewing (ca 1835-1864), another brother of Benjamin and David L. and further s/o Joseph (ca 1801-1869)and Susanna (ca 1811-1863) was of age to have children when he died 16 July 1864 from wounds received at Richmond during the war. Orphans court in Mifflin and Huntingdon Co(s) do not reveal children of Joseph B Ewing.

    1. 1840 Census, Joseph & Susanna Ewing, Tobonyne twp, Perry Co. p. 320 [no children, age 30-40]
    2. 1850 census of Joseph & Susana Ewing & family in Milford Twp, Juniata Co., PA
    3. 1860 census of Joseph & Susana Ewing & family in East Waterford, Tuscarora Twp, Juniata Co., PA
    4. Death Records 1896-1905, Court house, Lewistown, Mifflin County
    A possible relational link among David P and Ben Ewing may lie with their fathers in Perry Co. PA. Ben's father, Joseph (b. ca 1801) was in Perry Co at the time of his youngest son, David L. Ewing's birth and is in the 1840 census suggesting all/most of the children were born there (probably Blaine) before the move to Milford, Juniata in 1850. His brother, Anthony Ewing (b. ca 1814) had a large family in the village of Blaine, Perry Co in 1860 before moving to Juniata Co. in 1870 and to Mt Union in 1880. His occupation was a 'miller' identical to his nephew's, Ben's 1870 census and his children. Among Anthony's children was a son, David (b. ca 1844) storekeeper, Juniata Co 1870. Anthony had moved close to Huntingdon County where he died on 1 Apr 1895 in Mt Union after his presumed wife (age 70) in 1889 in Shirleysburg Obit 1 Sep 1889, Huntingdon Co Hist Soc.. Another son, John, was also a miller and moved into Huntingdon county where he died on 19 July 1902 in Mt Union death records & 1860 census. This was the same time (1894-1896) Ben was referenced in Mt Union when and where his son, William was born and daughter, Grace married.

    1. 1850 census for Anthony Ewing family in Turbett twp, Juniata County PA
    2. 1860 census for Anthony Ewing family in Blaine, Madison twp., Perry County PA
    3. 1870 census for Anthony Ewing family in Port Royal/ Patterson, Juniata County PA
    4. 1870 census, Beale twp, Juniata; David Ewing (age 26) Storekeeper and s/o Anthony
    5. 1880 census for Anthony & Mary Ewing in Granville, Mifflin County PA
    6. death records John (19 Jul 1902, age 56, occ. Miller, Mt Union) & Anthony Ewing (1 Apr 1895, Mt Union); Huntingdon county court records
    David ‘P’ Ewing (ca Oct 1848/55-Sep 1916) was a ‘railroad worker’ (P.R.R.) throughout his life first apparently observed in McVeytown in 1870 as a young man of about 22 living with the irish born Michael 'Dillon' imm 1846 and his pennsylvania born wife, Sarah 'Ellen'. Michael and Ellen Dillon were married ca 1850 1900 census, a few short years after the birth of David P. and Ben F. Ewing. Michael purchased a lot in 1863 following leaving the civil war which appears on the 1877 atlas. The Dillons were residing just five houses away from Ben's brother William in 1870 and three houses away in 1900 from the family of Ben and Amelia Moran Ewing in McVeytown. David married Bridget Conroy May L. Ewing marriage license 1918 (b.ca sep 1852/56), an 1861 1900 census immigrant of Ireland, in ca 1872. David and Bridget moved about 25 miles up river to Huntingdon where they became members of ‘Holy Trinity Catholic Church’, a likely consequence of his wife’s presumed irish catholic upbringing. The 1880 census lists her sister, Ellen Conroy (b.ca 1863) who, from her recorded age, may have immigrated with Bridget as a baby or sometime later. A 'D EWING' is listed on Mifflin St of the atlas map of the 4th ward of Huntingdon in 1873.
    1. PA census 1870 for David P. Ewing, McVeytown, Mifflin Co. PA
    2. PA census 1870; for the family of Benjamin Ewing, McVeytown, Mifflin Co. PA
    3. PA census 1880 for David P. Ewing, Huntington boro., Huntingdon co., district 192, p.32
    4. PA census 1880 for Benjamin Ewing, McVeytown, Mifflin Co. PA p. 159
    David purchased a lot for $200 in the 4th ward of Huntingdon 29 Jan 1875 from Wharton, Miller and Anderson. Two years later on 14 Feb 1877 he purchased a two-story brick dwelling, lot, stable and other out buildings ($1500) from R Allison Miller on Church St near sixth and only 2 blocks from their church, Holy Trinity Catholic. This served either as an investment or place to live until a home on mifflin could be built. The 1875 lot was located at about 1723 Mifflin St [no longer extant and currently a parking lot for a domitory? on the Juniata College campus of west Huntingdon]. On 18 Dec 1877, an indenture was drawn ($650) with R Allison Miller for their home on Mifflin St. This was their home until 8 Jun 1918 when the indenture was satisfied following the estate settlement orchestrated by Ed Ewing. The dwelling and lot on Church St. was sold back to R Allison Miller on 18 Dec 1887 for the same price it ws purchased ($1500).
    1. Deed BK G No 3 pp. 208; Wharton, Miller and Anderson, 29 Jan 1875 rec. 13 Mar 1875
    2. Deed Bk I #3 p. 66; R Allison Miller, 14 Feb 1877 rec 15 Feb 1877
    3. Deed BK G No 6 pp. 153; 18 Dec 1877 rec 8 Jun 1918; R. Allison Miller
    4. Deed BK S No.3 pp. 393; R Allison Miller, 18 Dec 1887 rec.25 Jan 1887)
    David and Bridget Ewing's (ca 1851-aft 1918) young family appear in Huntingdon in 1880 with children Mary (b. ca 1872), Anna (b. 8 Aug 1873 Pittsburgh marriage record), Thomas M. (b. ca 1876) and Alice (b. ca Apr 1878)1880 census W twp. Children Edward F. Ewing (b. ca Nov 1886) and Mary Loretta marriage License 1918 (b.ca Apr 1891) appear in 1900 Huntingdon census. Their fifth child, David M. does not appear in either census as he was born ca 1882 and was of age to leave home by the 1900 census. He is clearly referenced in his fathers estate documents by his brother, Edward with legendary information passed down from immediate family members. In 1880, David P. was listed as a ‘Fireman on Railroad’. The 1910 census shows a Catherine V. with data supporting both a daughter and a wife.
    1. PA census 1900 ; ED 93, 4th WD, Huntingdon borough, Huntingdon Co.
    2. PA 1910 census 4th WD, Huntingdon Boro, Huntingdon Co.
    David 'P' Ewing died in Pittsburgh on Friday 15 Sep 1916 Pittsburgh Death Record while ‘visiting’ his daughter Alice Fleming at 18 Toburg Ave. There were 6 ‘Adult children’ surviving him. David’s wife, Bridget survived his death only to die a year later on 3 Nov 1917 Holy Cross cemetery Records in Harrisburg probably at a home for the elderly Obit Evening Journal 6 Nov 1917. The youngest daughter, May Loretta did not marry until after her mother's death yet on her marriage license of 16 Jan 1918 she is listed as being of Huntingdon likely living at the home until settlement could be arranged. The two youngest children, Mary Getz and Edward assume their responsible right as admr(s) (Mar 1918) of there father’s estate after he had died intestate. However, ‘Maye’ Getz renounced her right on 2 Mar 1918. In an effort to pay for residual medical bills, funeral expenses (monument included) and ‘maintenance and support of Bridget’, the house was sold and settled. Funeral services were held at ‘Holy Trinity Catholic Church’ and interment at ‘Holy Cross Cemetery’. There were four plots listed to David at Holy Cross cemetery, two of which hold him and his wife cemetery records and two for two children that did not survive reported in the 1910 census as eight children, six surviving. Cemetery records do not have information on the occupants of the children's graves but one is certainly their first child, Mary Ewing.
    1. Certificate of Death #3427261 'David P Ewing' 15 Sep 1916, 18 Toburg, 27th Ward Pittsburgh, informant, James Fleming
    2. Page 1 and Page 2 BK F No.6 pp. 119; Ewing’s Admir. David to Chas C. Mark et al. 1918
    3. Obituary; Huntingdon Globe; Thursday 21 Sep 1916
    4. Obituary, Evening Journal / The daily New Era, Tuesday Evening, 6 Nov 1917
    5. Burials from Holy Cross cemetery at the Huntingdon County Historical society; email dated 14 Dec 2004 from Sandy Carowick
    6. Personal Communication with Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Huntingdon PA; 21 Dec 2004
    7. Marriage License, Bk 19 #9443, p. 451; Erman Joseph Getz & Mary Loretta Ewing, 16 Jan 1918
                     Summary Timeline for David P Ewing
         1870               Living at age 22 with Irish Dillons next to Ben Ewing 'working on RR' in McVeytown 25 miles down Juniata river from Huntingdon
         ca 1872            Marries Bridget Conroy
         1872               First child Mary born ca 1872
         Aug 1873           Second child Anna born
         Jan 1875           Purchases Lot on Mifflin St., Huntingdon
         1876               son Thomas born
         Feb 1877           Purchases lot, dweling, stable and out buildings on Church St., Huntingdon
         Dec 1877           Secures Indenture for new home built on Mifflin St.
         Apr 1878           dau Alice born
         1882               son David born
         Nov 1886           son Edward Born
         Dec 1887           Sells House on Church St.
         Apr 1891           daughter, May Loretta born
         Apr 1895           Daughter Annie marries in Pittsburgh
         1897               Daughter Alice marries
         Jun 1905           son David marries in Mechanicsburg
         Oct 1909           son Thomas marries in Huntingdon
         Sep 1916           David dies in Pittsburgh
         Nov 1917           wife, Bridget dies in Harrisburg
         Jan 1918           Daughter, May marries in Huntingdon
         Mar 1918           Pettition to sell estate to pay debts
         Jun 1918           Estate sold & finalized

    By 1900, only two of the surviving six children were living at home in Huntingdon. David M. Ewing likely moved west toward Pittsburgh before 1900 where perhaps his two sisters were already living. His eldest sister, Annie, was married to a Scott Lamrose of Cambria Co. in Pittsburgh on 29 Apr 1895 marriage license. His next eldest sister, Alice, married James J. Fleming in 1897 census possibly in Pittsburgh or Huntingdon but records have not been located in Allegheny< sup>Mar 2005 & Huntingdon county court houses. Alice and James did live in Pittsburgh in 1900 and 1910 where they rented their homes; and at 18 Toburg ave where they 'owned' their home between 1916-1920. According to internet map sites and addresses in various documents, David, Alice and Edward all resided in the same local area of western Pittsburgh along/near the shores of the Ohio river and west of the Allegheny river. David and his brother-in-laws targeted the 'steel industry' as a place of employment as did many other young youths of the time. In 1895, Annie is residing in the 23rd ward while Alice is residing in the 27th ward of Pittsburgh in 1910 and 1920. David obviously traveled back to Huntingdon frequently from Pittsburgh to visit family and friends where he allied himself with the family of Benjamin and Amelia Ewing in McVeytown, Mifflin Co. 1880 & 1900 census. In about 1895, the family of George and Cora Hoover with their two young daughters moved to water st, McVeytown just across the street from the aging Dillons. George Hoover's Family on page 6 and Benjamin Ewing's 1900 census family on page 5 of the 1900 census. David P. and Ben's sons, David Mark and David Lloyd Ewing, married the Hoover sisters in 1905 and 1903, respectively. While Benjamin Ewing’s family resided in McVeytown in 1880 and 1900, Benjamin and Amelia apparently temporarily resided or visited on Shirley St. in Mt Union in 1894 where their son, William Guy Ewing and possible ‘Infant Ewing’ [Parents B.F. and Mary Ewing] were born on 5 Mar 1894 and Penn Ave (identical father, DOB and Place of Birth) [src. Birth records in Huntingdon; there is a Penn St. as the first St paralleling the river in Huntingdon] and where their daughter, Grace M. Ewing was married in 1895. Also noted Ben and Amelia’s daughter, Annie B. Ewing died on Penn ave and 24 Aug 1896 of consumption at age 22. This might be significant as perhaps when the two Davids met and before David went west when they were approximately 18 (David L) and 15 yrs (David M) of age. Alternatively, the family of David P. Ewing may have visited frequently with the Dillons (possibly related)in McVeytown where the children made friends with and played with the Hoover children across the street.
    1. Huntingdon County Birth Records 1894-1905
    2. Pittsburgh Marriage record; Series B # 23806 Vol 32 p. 436; 29 Apr 1895 [filed 16 May 1895]; Annie Ewing & Scott Lamrose; residence 23 Wd Pittsburgh.
    3. Huntingdon County Death Records 1894-1905
    Romayne & David Wedding portrait
    David MarkMarriage License 1905 Ewing (ca. 1882-1931) married 'Romaine/Romayne' Hoover (1888-1966), d/o George B.Hoover and Cora Ann Otstott, on 27 June 1905 in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co. As a 'moulder' on his marriage license, he wasted no time returning to Pittsburgh where they arrived in time to be included in the 1905 city directory. They resided on Preble ave on the west side and on the river in an ideal location for iron and steel works mapquest for the period. This was close to the homes of his sister, Alice Fleming and family betwen 1900-1920 and his brother, Edward in 1918. A presumed wedding portrait with an inscription of 'Allegheny' on the back was passed down with Romaine's collection. The photographic layout was extremely similar to another photo observed in another family taken in ...... Their marriage was short (1905-ca.1910) but long enough to produce one daughter, Kathleen and further resulting in 4 grandchildren and a multitude of grand and great grandchildren. David suffered severe burns probably after ca. May 1906 and after they conceived their daughter, Kathleen Elizabeth Ewing (photo right) born on 14 Mar 1907. He appeared once more in Pittsburgh in 1907 before their appearance in Butler City in 1910 directory and census. Kathleen Ewing daughter of Romayne & David Romaine is referenced both in the Butler directories and the census for Bendersville, Adams Co of 1910 suggesting the period of separation prior to divorce. A divorce was likely filed in Adams or Cumberland Co(s). In 1910, David was residing with his cousin, Lloyd D. Ewing David Lloyd in 1880 census, sister-in-law, Gertrude Hoover Ewing (age 26) and their two children Helen (age 6) and Harold (age 4) in Butler Co, PA 1910 census [Vol. 066, E.D.0067, Sheet 066, line 1]. His x-wife, Romayne and daughhter, 'Kathiline' 1910 census spelling were residing with her father, George Hoover and second wife, Mary G. Bradley in Bendersville, PA of Adam's Co. Before he enlisted in the war, he visited regularly with his daughter. Legend from Kathleen's step sisters, Julia and Edith Blocher, suggests he enlisted in the army in WWI and was stationed in France. On/about 1914 David enter military service (WWI) probably in Girard, OH (nr. Youngstown on the border) where he was referred by Edward as 'formerly of' in the estate documemtation of 1918. He was serving in ‘US Service Co. E 23 engineer’ in Mar 1918 orphans Ct 1918, probably the time of his father’s death (1916) and estate administration in 1918. His service records, if exists, are held at NARA in St Louis yet may have been destroyed in the May 1973 fire NARA St Louis MO correspondence Oct 2003.

    David retained the trait of other pioneer Ewings as did his brother, Thomas and sister, Alice, by not allowing geography as an impetus in attempting to find his fortune. He traveled clear across the state and beyond from central PA to Pittsburgh (bef 1900) to Mechanicsburg (1905) and back to Pittsburgh. A testament to the success of the railroad. He made frequent trips (possibly from Huntingdon) to see his young daughter in Bendersville of Adams Co. (nr. the Maryland line). His extensive traveling continued with his military duty stationed in France. Devastating blows of his prior divorce and both his parents dying while presumably he was overseas likely prompted him spending his last days in Orange Santa Ana, 1930 census and Los Angeles 23 Oct 1931 Counties, CA.
    1. City Directories Pittsburgh 1905
    2. City Directories Butler 1910
    3. Cumberland Co Marriages, Bk ... p. 73 27 Jun 1905
    4. Census 1930 Santa Ana, Orange Co. CA
    5. Death Record Los Angeles County 23 Oct 1931
    David M. Ewing’s whereabouts in 1920 is unknown at this time. A likely discharge from the military after his father’s death might place him in one of his sibling’s home in 1920. More likely a Ewing brother accounting for his absence in the census indices.

    Pittsburgh City 1903-1906
         1905  David Ewing   moulder   696 Preble Ave A    mf roll 27, p. 202
         1907  David M. Ewing   moulder Sloan n. Antrim A.
    Butler City 1903-1910
         1910  David M Ewing   (Romaine), Foreman    h. 126 4th ave
         no Lloyd
    Butler City  1912-1917
         1912  Lloyd D. Ewing (Gertrude) lab,  h.  126 4th ave   reel #7   P.863
         1913?/15?  D. Lloyd Ewing (Gertrude)  clerk, h.  126 4th ave   
         1914?/16?  D. Lloyd Ewing (Gertrude I.) clk S S C Co., h.  126 4th ave  
         1917       D. Lloyd Ewing (Gertrude I.) clk S S C Co., h.  126 4th ave  

    He remained fond of his daughter, Kathleen following his divorce. and visited regularly. While overseas, he maintained contact by sending packages.

    Legend from Kathleen's step sisters suggests he died in a hospital/soldier's home in California probably that of the home for disabled veterans of the civil and world war I in Los Angeles CA known as the "Sawtelle Disabled Veterans home" . It was established in 1888 at the corner of Wilshire and Sawtelle and included men who served in the Civil War, Spanish-American War, various Indian conflicts, Pershing's incursion into Mexico, or the First World War. Surviving case files range from 1888-1933. The home was what is now a suburb of Santa Monica and very close to the UCLA VA Medical center and the corner of Corbin and Roscoe Sts where David died. The 1930 census of Orange Co.California, Santa Ana twp. on Fairview Rd sheet 3B enumerates David 'W'. Ewing as a lodger and farm laborer of age 48, divorced and married at age 23 with his father born in Pennsylvania and his mother of the "Irish Free State". He is living on a dairy farm with the portuguese 'Vieira' family census 1930. His death record has been located wih the assistance of the California death indices online for the period 1930-1939 1931 CA Death Record and examined at the Los Angeles Co recorders office in Oct 2003. He died on 23 Oct 1931 in the city/town of Canoga Park of Los Angeles Co. now part of the city of Los Angeles. He died of 'acute alcoholism' and his 'body was found in a shack' by a Leslie F. Olson, informant. Whether he had information on his person or was traced back to the 'Disabled Veterans Home' is uncertain. However, he was annotated on his death record as a 'Pennsylvania Steel Worker', age 47 and single. As expected, information and identity of his parents were reported as 'unknown'. He is buried at Oakwood cemetery in Chatsworth CA.

    David's presumed cousin, David Lloyd Ewing and Romayne's sister, Gertrude left the Pittsburgh area after 1910. They have been located with their two children in Detroit, MI in 1920 and 1930 census.


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