All Hallows Parish, AA Co.Colonial MD

The Following is an exact copy of the Forward from F. Edward Wright's book entitled "Anne Arundel County Church Records of the 17th and 18th Centuries" ; Family Line Publications, Westminister, MD 1989:

    "All Hallows or South River Parish was created under the act of assembly of 1692 which established the Anglican Church as the Church of Maryland and determined the parish boundaries. The parish included South River Hundred and a small part of West River Hundred. The parish church was located near Davidsonville prior to 1692 and was succeeded by a church built circa 1727.

    The original early records of All Hallows Parish are held at the Maryland State Archives. These include the registers, beginning in 1669 and the Vestry Minutes and Accounts, 1761-1845, Vestry Accounts, 1761-1780 and 1809-1817; and later records. One set of records is entitled, "Register of Names of Persons baptized and married in South R. at All Hallows Parish . . . July 7 1700." The records cover the period 1700-1724 and appear to be the minister's initial record from which the church register was based. The record of baptisms in this book do not include dates of birth; these were added in the church registers. Although many entries of baptisms, marriages and burials are duplicative of the church registers there are a significant number of entries that do not appear in the church register. All the entries are included here and in Lucy Harrison's transcriptions under the auspices of the Maryland Historical Society - and in the church index file at the State Archives.

    Following are the rectors who served All Hallow's Parish: Rev. Joseph Colbatch 1697-1735; Rev. Willm. Brogden 1735-1751; Rev. Archibald Spencer, D.D. 1751-1759; Rev. Philip Walker 1760; Rev. John Barclay 1760- 1766; Rev. David Love 1766-1777; Rev. Mason Locke Weems 1784-1790: Rev. Walter McPherson, Jr. 1792; Rev. Henry Moscrop 1794-1800: Rev. Nicholas W. Lane 1800-1804.

    Some of the early vestrymen were Captain Henry Hanslap, John Gresham, William Roper, Edward Burgess, Walter Phelps and John Watkins."

  1. p. 30; William son of William Brian and Martha bapt. 13 Jul 1713

  2. p. 38; William Diapper and Abigal Brian m. 18 Feb 1723

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