Photographs from Warren Holford, great grandson of John C Lyons
The following photos are the courtesy of Warren Holford and his sister Anne Holford Hart. Katie Lloyd (Upper left), wife of John C. Lyons (Upper right) are posed photos of uncertain dates.

The second row is a picture of a painting of Katie Lloyd (Left) taken at some Hoen household and a posed photo of John C. Lyons, his brother Timothy and John's's son, John E. Lyons (Right).

Posed photo of 'Uncle' Tom Lyons with *Virginia, Grace, *RoseAnnette, and Emily; the *children of John E. Lyons. (The male face in the upper left corner is John E. Lyons, son of John C. Lyons and )
Photo of Grace and Emily Lyons, daughters of Thomas Lyons taken in 1909 at the Lyons Brookland, DC home. According to Warren, the female (?) on the porch is Ruth Kirby Lyons, daughter of John E. Lyons