History of our Hoover lineage in Pennsylvania

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  • In July 2007, Kathe Espinilli, a colleaque of our third cousin, Nancy Lewis in Newport Beach, CA [ JDL Securities], contacted us via email presumably after viewing our site. Prior to this connection, very little was known with certainty of our Hoover line in Pennsylvania. Speculations, however, from census and directory records, discussions with relatives and family legends before our contact have compared well with a hand written manuscript dated 15 Oct 1961 by our g g grandfather's (George B.) niece, Helen Krall to her nephew and Nancy Lewis father, Chester. We gratefully appreciate the efforts of Kathe and Nancy in contacting us and providing valuable PDF copies of original historical manuscripts.

    With such a comon name as Hoover, the widespread use of the surname and the now known apparent corruption in our lineage from other dervatives, research on this line has been confusing and frustrating. Artifacts and photographs have been passed down from our branch of the Hoovers residing in Harrisburg, Mcveytown, Huntingdon, Altoona and Allegheny PA. Legends, stories and misguided directions and assumptions from census records have been a real education. Information derailing our thoughts and attention with attempts at placing our Hoover origins in western PA have included: Ohio connections reported in two censuses and westward migrations and residences of the daughters in the pittsburgh area by virtue of their marriages to Ewing men. The later may be a trait of the pioneering outback characteristic of the Ewing scotch irish with whom our Romaine Hoover first married. Unknown photos from George B Hoover's daughter, Romaine Hoover's collection annotated with Altoona PA show two children with approximate ages of 5 and 3 and comparable for Helen and Harold Ewing perhaps visiting from Butler ca 1912 where the family of brother-in-law and sister, David Lloyd and Gertrude Ewing were living. Legends Kathleen Ewing Lyons of their presence in Johnstown during the great flood of 1889 on the susquehanna river with Romaine as an infant being pulled thru a second story window at age 1. Romayne Hoover's presumed wedding portrait annotated on the back with "Allegheny". Discussions with step sisters of Romaine (Julia and Edith Blocher) inaccurately suggests George's father was also George. Legend further suggests George traveled extensively throughout PA where he operated hotels although he is reported as landlord in McVeytown and operated the Elkhorn Hotel in Bendersville. The presence of another Peter Hoover of similar age and wealth residing in 1850 in Curwensville, Pike twp, Clearfield Co. and dying in Curwensville on 18 Jun 1869 hoover genforum #2518 December 10, 2001; Rich Hoover email & IGI.


    There are many Hoover and derivative (Huber/Hover)families in Pennsylvania. The apparent genealogist, Mrs Flowers, referenced in our cousin's letter of 1961, alludes to confusion in research with name changes from Huber/Hover to Hoover and the presence of such surnames together in a cemetery (Perhaps Jerusalem U.B. Cemetery) in Manchester Twp, York Co. Referencing a drive to York county by her and her mother ca 1935, Helen refers to the Huber spelling among the relatives as she states "a branch of the family have lived in the Mechanicsburg area. They spelled the name Huber". Interestingly but of unknown significance, an internet search via "Google" using keywords "Hoover/Huber/Hover" reveals numerous documents on the swiss origins of the family immigrating to eastern PA. Specifically, the Hoover family has been documented in "The Pennsylvania-German" as one of the Bermese families (Switzerland ancestory) who migrated and settled with people from Zurich in Alsace and the Palatinate by the mid 1500's. As many were apparently Mennonites, they may have been "persecuted by Catholic princes of these principalities" as suggested by Kuhns which drove them to emigrate to Pennsylvania and Lancaster County. Our oldest known Hoover ancestor, Peter (b. ca 1798), is not known to have immigrated and is recorded by presumably a Mrs Flowers as being born in PA. His initial farm in 1832 appears to have been on the west shore of the Susquehanna not far from Columbia/Wrightsville suggesting Lancaster as a likely settlement origin ca 1800 shortly after immigration possibly thru the port of Philadelphia. Peter is nonetheless recorded in the 1850 census as 'HOOVER' suggesting the deviation from HUBER to be before that time. Hershey Derry twp of Dauphin county is another possible settlement origin prior to York with the documented Hoover/Huber family cemetery containing a Fred Huber ca 1782. The name Fred being significant as the second eldest male of Peter and possible early naming conventions.

    1. Article written by Prof. Oscar Kuhns of Middletown, Conn. titled "Some Lancaster County Families from Canton of Berne, Switzerland" for "The Pennsylvania-German", Vol. XI No. 12, December, 1910. Publishers: The Express Printing Co. Editor: H.W. Kriebel, Lititz, Pa. Copyright 1910 by H. W. Kriebel via Linda Thompson

    2. Staudt R.W. and Aires B. "The Huber-Hoover Family of Aesch, Switzerland and Trippstadt, Palatinate with some accent on migrations to Pennsylvania", acquired from Philadelphia central library Mar 2008 in The Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families; Vol II; Hi-So; copyright 1982, pp. 27-42 huberhoover family

    Geography and Colonial Pennsylvania

    Although ports of Boston, New York and New Orleans had a much greater flux of immigrants, many obviously immigrated through Philadelphia. From Philadelphia in the 1700's, pioneers initially settled Chester and Lancaster counties followed by further westward movements starting about 1750 as new territories opened and Indian treaties secured. Facilitating transportation, food and water, rivers and tributaries were heavily used as migratory routes and settlements. By 1850 and coinciding with the huge influx of irish and german immigrants brought on by the great irish famine, railroad and western territory expansion, this family as well as many others migrated up the Susquehanna toward Harrisburg and further west. By this time the Great Philadelphia Wagon and National roads were in heavy use by pioneers seeking free and open lands. Ohio being the first stop west of Maryland and Pennsylvania, it served at least as a hopping off point for points further west. By mid 1800, many families in/around Harrisburg had land tracts obtained from veteran war bounties.

    Although we have yet to prove with more than the one primary source document that the hoovers lived in Manchester prior to 1850, Peter and his immediate descendants remained centrally located in/around Harrisburg from 1850 thru at least 1920. From 1850 thru 1880, Peter and/or his eldest son, Elijah resided in Fairview Twp being neighbors in 1860. Two censuses report P.O's of either Lewisberry or Lisburn with references to the other perhaps suggesting Lisburn being the smaller of the two villages and closer to the absolute point of residence. Lewisberry is on the border between Fairview and Newberry twps with it being perhaps the largest and closest metropolis at the time where goods were exchanged. Lisburn, today is a small town northwest of Lewisberry on the shores of the Yellow Breeches creek adjacent to the lower allen twp community park. As both Peter and Elijah were landowners, examination of York county deeds may provide evidence of the absolute location of the farms.

    Pennsylvania Life

    Pennsylvania life before 1850 at this point remains a mystery including information pertaining to the maternal ancestors of George B Hoover, the Kutz family and the letter 'B' in George's and his mother's name persistent in the records. Prior to any elaborate research, this family certainly appears to be at least a branch of the early yet large Kutz family who settled Kutztown southwest of historical Easton PA with the Kutztown road leading southwest toward Harrisburg. Helen Krall's 1961 letters discusses the family's migration to OHIO in the 1850's which is not surprising considering the norm of the period with the progress of roads and might explain Elias' absence in the 1850 census. Helen further gives the birthplace of Elias and other siblings as Manchester York county with the same as the location of the family farm (presumably Peter Hoover). Considering a likely and early 1800 migration from lancaster at the Harris Ferry and Columbia PA consistent with the times, an early settlement prior to Fairview in Manchester along the shores of the Susquehanna is not surprising. However, Helen's mother's confidence in locating the old farm in Manchester during a 1935 car drive according to memories is a bit puzzling and appears contradictory to her birth in 1859 when Peter is reported in Fairview. Short of suggesting any age related memory ailments, the Manchester farm may have been at the northern boundary close to or included in the Fairview twp of 1850 and/or the use of 'Manchester' may have been a very broad description of the area. Considering the early Hoover family and the eldest son appears to have owned real estate, examination of york county land deeds may provide further details of the farm in addition to ancestral origins.

    By 1860 in Lewisberry of Fairview Twp, 1860 census, Our Peter amassed a fortune of the time at $3000 of unknown source from $1400 ten years prior 1850 census . Although Peter was listed as a farmer consistent with the principle occupation of the time, the source of such wealth may prove to be a clue to heritage, colonial life and/or immigration. By 1870, the aging Peter used some of his funds to help finance his second eldest son's (our Elisha/Elias) business merchant venture in Harrisburg which failed in the 'Panic of 1872/74'.

    The life of Elisha/Elias becomes evident and validated in his granddaughter's (Helen Krall daughter of Mary E Hoover Krall) letter of 1961 and further substantiated thru census records. Elias was born ca 1832 in Manchester Twp of York Co. where his father, Peter owned a farm. This might be near Jerusalem and MtWolf in what is now E. Manchester in the vicinity of the Jerusalem U.B. Cemetery also known as "Hoover cemetery". Elias, Peter's second eldest son, was of legal age (18)in 1850 and not listed with his parents. We now know from the 1961 letter why his son George reported his mother, Margaret, born in OHIO in one census(1900) and Margaret reported her daughter born in OH in another census (1880). Although Helen Krall refers to Elias and Margaret's marriage date as 28 October 1855, the minister Abraham Snyder but not the location is noted. Helen further states Elias and Margaret "sometime in the '50's - grandfather & grandmother went to Ohio where they lived in a log cabin with grandmother's family (the Kutz's)" yet the census with there apparent PA absence might suggest they were already there or in transit by 1850 and married there five years later. Elias, Margaret and their new daughter, Mary (b. 1859) "returned to PA" by 1860 in sufficient time to be enumerated as "grandfather Hoover could not take the Ohio climate". Elias resides initially in Lower Allen twp Cumberland Co. Ten years later (1870) he moves to Silverspring twp Cumberland Co. Helen refers in her letter that the grandparents lived on farms but never owned any. Later that year they likely moved to harrisburg Elias dies at the State hospital in Harriburg on 18 Sep 1874. Margaret remains on Market St in Harrisburg ten years later (1880) with her two sons, George and Robert. Mary (referred to by Romaine's step sisters as Aunt May) and Husband Charles Krall also join her in 1880. According to Family group sheep presumably by ..., Margaret died ca 1897 Krall 1961 letter in Dauphin Co. Perhaps at the residence of her daughter Mary E Krall enumerated in 1900 in Ward 9 Harrisburg Dauphin Co.

    George B. Hoover married Cora A. Otstott ca 1883 likely in Cumberland Co. Their three children were born between 1884 and 1889. According to the 1889/90 directories for Harrisburg, George initially and apparently attempted the merchantile business similiar to his father in 1870 as "newsagent, fruits, cigars, confectionery". George was residing at 10th Below State not far from his mother at 1016 Market St. His father's general store was at 13th and Market St. The tide of occupation may have been changing as family stories have them in Johnstown in 1889 during the great flood when Romaine at age 1 was pulled from a window and into a boat. Athough they could have been in transit to/from Ohio visiting his mother's family, they moved to McVeytown PA shortly after in the 1890's adjacent to the family of Benjamin Ewing. The children were educated there, graduated high school and the two daughters courting Ewing men. Many old photos are believed to have been taken at their residence on water st and remained there till ca 1905 when George and Cora were divorced. George apparently became interested in real estate as he was listed as "landlord Rent" in 1900 and later operated the Elkhorn Hotel in Bendersville by 1910. The daughters both married Ewing men. The eldest Gertrude married David Lloyd Ewing son of Benjamin who died in 1905 in McVeytown at the time the remaining family moved to Altoona. Romaine married David Mark Ewing son of David P Ewing, an early adult acquantance (age 22)of Benjamin in McVeytown in 1870. Benjamin moved his family to Huntingdon Co and back to McVeytown in the 1890's where his brother Anthony was residing. David P Ewing, perhaps an extended relative, had left McVeytown in 1872 for Huntingdon town with whom the children of both families remained close in the 1890's even though they were living apart.

    Family Lineage

    According to presumably Genealogist, Mrs Flowers, Peter Hoover was born in 1798 in PA and married an Elizabeth Schoff. According to Helen Krall they had "seven" children: Elijah, Elisha, Ann (Anne Marie) [married Drausbaugh], Elizabeth [married Shettel], Abraham, Frederick and Peter. Five children are verified in the 1850 census of Fairview twp York County as the two eldest sons were of legal age.
    Elias (b. ca 1832-d.bef 1880) and Margaret B. Harrisburg Dir. 1887-1890 Hooverphoto at right(b. ca 1831-), parents of George B.M.1870 census Hoover, are living in Shiremantown, Lower Allen Twp, Cumberland Co. in 1860 with their daughter enumerated as M. E. Hoover (b. ca 1859) age 1 (Mary Elizabeth). Ten years later they moved 180 degrees and northwest of Mechanicsburg in New Kingston, Silverspring twp at about the same distance from Mechanicsburg twp maps internet. By 1880, they moved to Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. at 1300 Market St. Following George's marriage to Cora Otstot ca 1883 1900 census, they remained at/near market st thru ca 1890 as indicated by the Harrisburg directories ancestry directories. The 1880 census as do the directories 1887-1890 illustrate George as a newsagent on Market St, the same location as Margaret B. Hoover. Incidentally, Margaret's middle initial 'B' and presumed unknown surname is likely the source of the 'B' in George's name.

    	1850 Census Fairview Twp, York Co. pp. 384
               p. 384  1039  1039  Peter Hoover  54 M  Farmer    1400   PENN
                                   Elizabeth     49 F  
                                   Frederick     16 M  Farmer
                                   Abraham       14 M
                                   Maria         11 F
                                   Elizabeth      9 F
                                   Peter          4 M
    	1860 Census Lewisberry P.O. Fairview Twp, York Co.
                 40  40  Hoover   'Peeter'  	54 M  Farmer     3000  400   PENN
                         		Frederick   26 M  Boss Mason       200
    			   		Elizabeth   53 F  
                         		Abraham     24 M  'Jerneman' carpenter
                         		Anna N      23 F
                         		Elizabeth   19 F
                         		Peter       14 M
                 40  41  Hoover 	'Elija'     28 M   Farmer Laborer  520
                            	Catherine   26 F
     					Elizabeth   4  F
    	1860 Census  Lower Allen twp, Shiremantown P.O., Cumberland Co.  pp. 253-254
               p.253  1223  1235  E. Hoover  27 M    Carpenter   200    PA
                                  M. Hoover  36 F                       "
               p.254              M.E. Hoover 1 F                       PA
                                  H. Words?  21 M    Butcher            PA
    	1870 Census  Fairview District 334 P.O. Lisburn PA (Lewisberry)
       				 'Elija' Hoover  40   800    PA
                             Catherine  "    36   
                             Lizzie F.  "    14                     
                             Anna M     "    12                     
                             Emma J.    "    10                     
                             Elizabeth Neff  66    
    	1870 Census  Silverspring twp, New Kingston P.O., Cumberland Co.  p. 415
                  390  400   Elias Hoover  38   Farmer    3000    PA
                             Margaret "    39   Keeping House     "
                             May E.   "    11                     "
                             George B.M. "  8                     "
                             Robert H. "    5                     "
                             Peter "       72    Retired Farmer   "
           1880 Census  Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. Market St.  p. 34
                  1300  259  274  Hoover  Margaret   47                    PA
                                    "     Mary E.    21                    OH
                                    "     George B.  18  Newsagent         PA
                                    "     Robert H.  14  works @ car shop  PA
                                  Krall   Charles   25  machinist
    	1880 Census Fairview Twp, York Co.
                   			Hoover  Elijah     49  Farmer            PA
                                    "     Catherine  45         
    				"     Elizabeth  24 
                                    "     Anna       22 
                                  "Other person listed"
                                  Hoover  Frank J.    9
           1880 Census  Upper Allen Cumberland Co. 
                  1300  259  274  Shettle George E. 42                    PA
                                    "     Elizabeth  38                    
                                    "     'Zorada'   11  
                                    "     John       9  
                                    "     Annie      5 
                                   Hoover Peter      81                     "
          1887-1890  Harrisburg Directories
                Margaret B. Hoover, widow Eli   1016 Market St
                Margaret B. Hoover, widow Eli   10th below state, Harrisburg
                George B. Hoover .. Location 1 ..  819 Market St.
                                 .. Location 2 ..  10th Below State .. newsagent, fruits, cigars, confectionery 
    With the assistance of our third cousin, Nancy Lewis and friend, Kathe Espinilli, we now know of other descendant lines of George's siblings, Chester and Robert D Hoover. Robert 'H.' Hoover age 36 has presumably been located in Pennsboro twp, Cumberland Co. 1900 census, and Frankford twp cumberland Co.1920 & 1930 census with no children and wife Gertrude G.censuses 1900-1930. Although discussions with Romayne's step sisters suggests George's sister, 'May' or Mary Krall had no issue, it may have been her daughter and author of the 1961 letter, Helen who had no issue suggested by her use of the Krall maiden name in 1961 at an elderly age. George's other children, Gertrude and Frederick susan williamson recollections, had issue but as of yet no surviving children of them have been located. Frederick S.1900 census Hoover s/o George B. was unmarried close to Bendersville on Heigh St.in Hanover (3-wd Hanover Boro), York co in 1910 but apparenetly moved back to Dauphin Co by 1920 with his wife Florence 1920 census.

    George B.M.1870 census Hoover was born in Dec 1861 1900 census and would be recorded as 8 and 18 in the 1870 and 1880 censuses, respectively, as censuses were typically taken in the spring/ summer timeframe. The 1870 census of Silverspring twp. Cumberland Co. enumerates the family of Elias and Margaret Hoover, and retired farmer, Peter Hoover (age 72). The eldest clearly written daughter, 'May', and as iterated by Julia and Edith Blocher, step sisters of Romayne Hoover was reported born in Ohio 1880 census, the same state as her mother's birth 1900 census. George's family moved to Market St. of Harrisburg in Dauphin Co by 1880 after the death of his father where he was a 'NewsAgent' further iterated in the Harrisburg directories 1887-1890.

    George B. Hoover (1861- ) [Left] married Cora Ann Otstot (29 Nov 1866 - 18 April 1920Ct records, B. Carson) [Right] of Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co. ca 18831900 census, likely in either Harrisburg or mechanicsburg where the families were living. They remained in Harrisburg until ca 1889 directories. Following his early work presumably as a streetside newsagent and commodity vendor in Harrisburg, George operated hotels in PA 'Landlord' McVeytown 1900 & Elkhorn Hotel Adams co. 1910. One could have been in Johnstown during the great flood on May 31,1889 a href="http://smoter.com/flooddam/johnstow.htm"> Johnstown Flood when Romaine was age 1 and legend has her being rescued with a small boat. By 1900 census and probably as early as 1893/94 approx ages of children in photos of what appears to be McVeytown, they moved and resided on water st. in McVeytown, Mifflin Co. PA until at least ca 1905 after the first marriage of their daughter, Romaine and their subsequent divorce. The 1900 census of McVeytown, Mifflin Co reports their 3 children, Gertrude(b.1884), Romaine (b. February 27, 1888) and Frederick S. Hoover (b.1889). George and Cora divorced between 1905-1908. George remarried Mary G. Bradley before 1910 and resided in Bendersville, Adams Co. Cora married James A. Bair and remained in Mechanicsburg.

    The naming convention of "Frederick" is interesting here. The name was very popular in Lancaster county in the mid to early 1800's and in Fairview twp of York County in 1850 where families of both sets of grandparents of George and Cora were residing [ie. Peter Hoover and Frederick Otstott]. George's uncle was Frederick and Cora's grandfather was Frederick.

    1. 1900 Census of George & Cora Hoover and family on Water St. McVeytown Borough, Mifflin Co. PA (25 June 1900)
        1900 Census Water St. McVeytown Borough, Mifflin Co. PA (25 June 1900)
            p. 196  89 89  Hoover, George B  W M Dec 1861  38 M 17         PA  PA  OH  Landlord Rent
                              "    Cora Ann  W F Nov 1865  34 M 17 3 3     PA  PA  PA 
                              "    Gertrude  W F Mar 1884  16 S  at school PA  PA  PA
                              "    Romaine   W F Feb 1888  12 S
                              "    Fred S    W M Nov 1889  10 S  at School PA  PA  PA

    A photo of what is believed to be George B. Hoover's mother, presumably Margaret B. Hoover (ca 1831-aft 1890/bef 1900). Romayne's mother and maternal grandmother have been positively identified but not her paternal grandmother. It appears likely that this woman married Elias Hoover and was the paternal grandmother to Romayne Hoover.

    George and Mary moved to Bendersville Borough, adams co. near Gettysburg, PA. with George's daughter, Romaine and grandchild, Kathleen [the mother of our next generation] and Mary's child, Mary G. Bradley. There, George had owned and operated the Elkhorn hotel (Photo at left). The hotel is still standing and operating as a loungecewilliamson ca 2001 Bendersville was close to son, Frederick Hoover, a boarder enumerated in Hanover Borough York Co. as a barber. Frederick married after 1910 and moved to Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. with wife, Florence by 1920.

         1910 Census Bendersville Borough, Adams CO., PA (21 April 1910)
                 Hoover George B  Head              M  2     PA  PA  OH
                        Mary G    Wife              M
                 ______ Romaine   Daughter       23 D
                 ______ Kathiline Granddaughter     S
                 Bradley Marie E  Step Daughter     S
      Cora Otstott/Hoover Bair died intestate, 18 April 1920 with her husband, James A. Bair & son, Fred Hoover appointed administrators B. Carson, Ct records. She is buried in Mechanicsburg Cemetery at Marble & S. Frederick Sts in the Borough B. Carson, Oct '99 while her parents, George & Catherine Otstott are buried in Chestnut Hill cemetery, Mechanicsburg.

      Gertrude Irene frank Hoover married David Lloyd Ewing (1881-aft 1930), s/o Benjamin and Amelia Ewing of McVeytown, Mifflin Co. An unidentified photo from Romaine Hoovers collection currently believed to be their wedding portrait left taken at Huntingdon imprinted on back. They were married on Mar 25 1903 Bk 8#2968; Patty Frank, descendant of Ben & Amelia in McVeytown, Mifflin Co. On 16 Oct 1903 and Water St in McVeytown, twins, George B. and Helen R. Ewing were bornMifflin Co. birth record. George did not survive and died on 22 Jan 1904 Death Record. Amelia Ewing had moved her family to Altoona from McVeytown following the death of her husband, Benjamin1905 Altoona directory, Patty Frank on 22 Sep 1905. David and Gertrude were likely visiting his mother in Altoona ca 1911. The children to the right from Romaine Hoover's collection ca 1911 was imprinted with Altoona on the back. The 'unknown' photo of the children are likely Hellen and Harold two years apart Susan Bryan Lyons Williamson. By 1910, they had moved to Butler town, Butler Co. and resided there in the 3rd ward thru 1920frank. By 1930, they moved to Precinct 39 [Ravenswood Ave], Wayne Co., Detroit MI 1930 census and resided there with their two children, Helen (b. ca 1907) and Harold (b. ca 1909) to at least 1937 directory, Patty Frank. Harold is reported married at age 19 working for the Steel Co living with his parents and sister but with no wife present 1930 census. Note the 1930 census has David listed as 'Lloyd D' [transcribed Lloyd O]. David preferred the name Lloyd as that is the name referenced in many records in addition to oral traditions.

      1. Patty Frank, descendant of Ben & Amelia Ewing, Personal Communication 11/2004
      2. Mifflin County Birth and Death Records 1897-1905, Court house, Lewistown PA
      3. Butler burough, Butler Co. PA city directories
    Romaine Hoover (1888-1966) married David Mark Ewing (ca 1881-1931) on 27 June 1905 in Mechanicsburg, PA marriage license, the hometown of her mother, Cora who was recently divorced and returned from McVeytown. On 14 Mar 1907, Kathleen Elizabeth was likely born in Mechanicsburg or nearby Harrisburg. Considering the commonality of the name, Kathleen's middle name perhaps originated from her maternal second greatgrandmother, Elizabeth Schoff Hoover (wife of Peter Hoover) further the namesake of her grandfather's sister, May or Mary Elizabeth Hoover Krall. Romaine and David were divorced between 1908-19101910 census. Romaine and Kathleen resided with her father, George, and step mother in Bendersville 1910 census. David had moved in with his legendary cousin, David Lloyd Ewing, and his sister-in-law and x-wife's sister, Gertrude in Butler town (3rd wd), Butler Co. PA. By 1920, Romaine married second to Benjamin Blocher on February 25, 1915 and resided with his two daughters, Edith F. (b. ca 1904) and Julia R. (b. ca 1907)in Bendersville PA. Romayne spelling 1920 census died on December 4, 1966 at .... nursing home of Parkinson's disease. She is buried alongside Benjamin in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church Cemetery in Bendersville, PA.

    Kathleen Elizabeth Ewing was born in March 1907 (photo as child at left) and finished high school in Bendersville in 1924. She moved to the Georgetown area of Washington DC 1928 city directory and attended Sibley Hospital School of Nursing. In Nov 2007, Karen V. Scipio-Skinner from the DC board of nursing located Kathleen's initial registrar data. According to the DC records, she graduated in 1927, applied for a license as "Lyons, Kathleen E. Blocker (Mrs.)" and became employed at the "Emergency Hospital". She was initially licensed in DC on March 14, 1930, nearly one year following her marriage to Thomas Henry Lyons of Clinton (aka Surrattsville) Maryland and Washington DC on June 1929 marriage license. In 1930 they are residing in precinct 11, Washington City1930 census. According to the Washington DC directories, she became employed by the 'government' as a nurse Washington DC Directories. The 'Emergency Hospital' at the time was part of the Navy. By 1958, the 'Emergency Hospital' was merged as a consortium with other hospitals to form the Washington Hospital Center. By 1931, they had constructed a house at the corner of Great Falls and Little Falls Streets (216 W. Great Falls Street) in Falls Church, VA. When I hope this is helpful to you.

    Romaine Hoover's Collection photo of George B. Hoover ca1920 likely in Bendersville, PA
    Photo from the Romaine Hoover collection. Cora Otstot Hoover with daughters, Gertrude and Romaine Hoover ca 1895 presumably in McVeytown.

    Romaine Hoover's Collection photo of Frederick Hoover, s/o Cora Hoover

    From the Romaine Hoover Blocher collection, A photo of her daughter, Kathleen Elizabeth Ewing as a young nurse ca 1927. .



    We greatfully thank Kathe Espinilli and Nancy Kay Lewis, grandaughter of Robert Dudley Hoover, brother of our George B Hoover for preserving, forwarding and sharing historical data with us.
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