The Lineage of Sir Henry Hunter and allied families from England and Scotland to Maryland and Virginia in the mid 1800's

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  • We are forever grateful for the diligent and observant research of our cousin, Nancy Harris Desper (grandaughter of Agnes Hunter Reid) at the libraries and court houses of Richmond Virginia for which this compendium would not be possible. Her special focus on early newspapers have added much detail to previous uncertainties prior to 1999.
  • We thank Louis Marchetti, great grandson of Alice (aka Agnes) (nee Hunter nee Moss nee McCrary Randlett for preserving and sharing valuable historic information.
  • The surname "Nicham" has been referred to by Edith Allison Hunter Williamson, the significance unknown. Children by that name were present in her house in 1860 in Baltimore, MD MD Census 1860 The name 'Allison' may also be significant as a daughter was named Alice (aka Agnes) and a son, William 'Allison' Hunter. William in turn named his daughters Edith Allison and Agnes Hunter.

European Life

Our record begins with the Scotland born Henry J. Hunter (calc. 1833-after 1880) and English born Elizabeth Corbett (calc.1830-1897). According to her daughter's, Alice or Agnes L. Hunter's, death certificate, Elizabeth Corbett was born in Birmingham, England [early Baltimore census reports her born calc 1825]. Her obituary Richmond Times Dispatch states she immigrated (calc.1833) with her parents at age three. Clues as to her earier life are provided in the 1860 Baltimore MD census.

  • "Death and Hymen Meet", The Times,Richmond VA; Wednesday 24 Nov 1897
  • "Wed at her bedside"; Richmond Dispatch, Richmond VA; Wednesday 24 Nov 1897
  • Elizabeth Woodall Obituary ; The Times; Thursday; 25 Nov 1897

    Henry is reported born in Scotland 1860 census yet a year later in New York 1870 census as a 'machinist engineer' [may indicate place of immigration]. William's marriage record in Richmond also indicates Henry was born in Scotland. Notes passed down thru the Marchetti branch of the family apparently conveyed by Agnes suggests Henry was an 'artist and living at court' in England as a young man. He was commissioned by the King to paint scenes in the theme of plays being prepared for entertainment. In reward and 'appreciative recognition', Henry was knighted as Sir Hunter. This supportive evidence is in line with his 'American' occupation as a 'scenic artist' in Baltimore 1880 census & Baltimore city directories later in life.


    Elizabeth Corbett's immigration/ first marriage may have been in 'Philadelphia ?' as a presumed eldest child, Margaret Nicham, age 13 was reported born in Pennsylvania 1860 census, baltimore (10th ward). The death of her former 'Nicham' husband might have been between 1851 and 1857 when Edward 'Nicham' and Alice 'Hunter' were born, respectively. The births of Edward and Alice in Maryland 1860 Baltimore census and Alice in Wilmington Delaware Death Certificate suggest the transition and her marriage to Henry ca before 1856. Connection with Louis Marchetti of Richmond in 2002 and notes provided thru his ancestor Alice (aka Agnes) supports Henry and Elizabeth's marriage in Pennsylvania,Wilmington Delaware or Baltimore, Maryland ca 1853 Marchetti Notes. The death and marriage Marriage Licensecertificates of their daughter Alice (aka Agnes) Livingston Hunter (Jan 1869 -1933)death cert (m1. Moss 1875; m2. McCrary - January 1895; m3. Randlett -1916) depicts her birth in Wilmington Delaware. However, Agnes repeatedly gives her age as 12 years younger than shown on the 1860 Baltimore census given by her parents.

  • George B. Randlett- Agnes L. McCrary Marriage License 16 July 1916
  • Baltimore City Directories
  • MD Census 1860; 10th Wd, p. 500, ln 3 and 6th Wd Baltimore MD, p. 877 , ln 3
  • MD Census 1870 ; 4th Wd Baltimore City, MD Roll # 573, M593, p 215-216 (Wds 4&5

    Early life in Baltimore

    A Henry J. Hunter first appears in Baltimore city in 1856/57 on Williamson alley directories. He may have traveled to Wilmington, Pennsylvania or New York where they met and perhaps married before returning or settling in Baltimore by 1860. The birth of Alice in 1857 reported in Wilmington, perhaps suggests Elizabeth parents might have been there. However, given the proximity to Philadelphia and/or the recorded birth of Margaret Nicham in 1847 in Pennsylvania, Wilmington might have been erroneously recorded. By 1860 in Baltimore, they were apparently unsettled as they were enumerated twice in Baltimore City in the 6th [p. 500; ln 3] and 10th [p. 877; ln 3] wards. They remained in Baltimore MD thru 1880 where Henry was listed first as a bell hanger (6th wd)/ locksmith (10th wd)MD census 1860, then as a machinist engineer (4th wd) census 1870 and finally as 'scenepainter/ scenic artist' directory 1871-ca 1879. By 1880, Elizabeth was enumerated as head with Henry obvious ill listed as 'Insane' and a boarder, James Woodall as a Life Insurance agent 1880 census. Note a child, Margaret (age 13) was listed born in PA in the 10th wd of baltimore in 1860, while born in MD in the 6th wd of the same year. Perhaps PA may be significant given the proximity to the birthplace of Agnes in Wilmington.

    In Baltimore, the Hunters were business oriented early on. They initially lived at 28 e. Baltimore st. [1864]; 185 s. Paca st.[1865/66]; and ..... [1867-68]. By 1868, Henry and Elizabeth were frequently listed with separate addresses associated with businesses. Elizabeth at 74 Mounds and Humes sts. and Henry at 1 s Front St. as Plumber [1868-1870]; Elizabeth at 666 w Pratt with business named 'notions' and Henry at 5 e Fayette as a 'Scenic Artist' [1871]; and from 1872 thru 1880 they lived at 187.5 N. Exeter St. with Elizabeth's business ('Notions') at 107 Vine St. After 1880, they are not listed in the directories and Elizabeth is listed as head of house in 1880 census with Henry as 'insane' suggesting Henry may have died ca 1881 [need directories for Woodals after 1880 in Baltimore].

  • Baltimore City Directories
  • MD Census 1880; 1st Precinct; 8th Wd Baltimore City, MD; ED 76, p. 25

    Life in Washington DC

    Elizabeth nee Corbett Hunter married perhaps third to her earlier baltimore acquaintence, James Woodall possibly in Baltimore or the District of Columbia following the death of Henry ca 1881 albeit they do not appear to be listed in the 1880-1885 marriage index at the MD Hall of records. . Our Hunters and Woodalls appear absent from the Baltimore and Richmond records between 1881 and 1885. Although their granddaughter, Elizabeth Moss Millner was erroneously reported born in Baltimore (ca 1876) on her marriage license, she was born in DC referred by the 1920 census of Richmond see DC birth record. James and Elizabeth along with their son, William, moved to Richmond VA by 1886/87. There they continued their business orientation and initiated a furniture/ 'home furnishings' business at 909-912 E. Broad St (Postcard photo at Left from the Virginia Commonwealth Univ. Special Collections) which remained until their death in 1897. This was in the vicinity of the current VA State Library and occupied nearly a city block. Both died at their business/residence (909 e. broad) nearly one month apart. Elizabeth at age 67 on 23 Nov 1897 and James on 27 Dec 1897. Elizabeth funeral was held a Monumental Church with burial at Hollywood Cemetery. She was later moved to Riverview cemetery [Plot 1, Div 4, Sec 33] by her granddaughter.

    James Woodall was born in Berkshire, England. His first acquaintence with the Hunters was in Baltimore presumably before 1880 when he was enumerated with them as a 'boarder' and life insurance agent. James was well versed with business and may have been the stimulus for their impending move south and joint business partnership. As Richmond had just fallen into ruins from the civil war 20 years earlier and was in the midst of rebuilding, the city likely brought economic incentives to business initiation. James was listed with his first store (likely leased Chancery Court) in Richmond in 1886/87 at 903 E. Broad St where 'picture frames, bibles and birds' were sold. He was enumerated in 1888/89 having an 'installment house and picture copying' business at 903, 905, amd 905 1/2 E. Broad St. In 1889 and 1894, he was enumerated as a 'collector' presumably receiving installment payments. In 1890-1891, James and Elizabeth began to advertise house furnishings and in 1892, 'Housefurnishings, the largest assortment of goods in Richmond' at 909 E. Broad St. and 906 Capital, with an apparent home listed in the directory as Walnut Lodge, Henrico Co. Walnut lodge was an Octagonal shaped house that burned after the turn of the century situated on a 9 mile road (in Richmond Pat Kemp) in what is believed to be now Sandston VA (previously Fairfield, Henrico Co. 1880 census VA) and what was likely Walnut hill during the civil war used as a field hospital under the direction of Dr I. J. Hawkes. In 1897 three different stores were advertised 1) JAMES WOODALL, manager Mrs Elizabeth Woodall, home 220 E. Broad St., 1536 E. Main St. and 305 E. Broad St., home 220 E. Broad St. James died only a month after his wife and 'Had Many Troubles' one of which obviously was a 'broken heart ' and the loss of great business partner to which he must have thought he would never recouperate from.

  • "A Citizen Found Dead" ; The Times, Richmond VA; 28 Dec 1897
  • Sep. 2002 Commun. with Pat Kemp thru the Davis House website. Pat is the grandaughter of Dr Hawkes.
  • Comm. with Virginia Dept. of Historical Resources; 2801 Kensington Ave.; Richmond VA; Feb 2002
  • Comm. with Joyce Grucan; Genforum; Dr Isaiah Jones Hawkes; 1880 census; Fairfield Dist. Henrico Co.; dwelling 190 family 227

    Later life in Richmond Virginia

    By 1895 and referred to by the Chancery Court records, the business in Richmond included at least four stores; a two story dwelling at a store at No. 909 Broad Street with a home and rooms above, a stable known as No. 208 South Second Street, stores at No. 1412 (looks like) East Broad Street and at 1517 and 1536 ref. above East Main Street. The business perhaps began to show signs of trouble by 10 July 1892 when James secured a loan/ bond from his wife, Elizabeth. With the continued decline over the next several years, James initiated a property transfer but not necessarily the 'Leased' dwellings to his son-in-law, William McCrary on 2 May 1895. They continued to live, work and advertise the business at 909 E Broad thru 1897 and the time of their deaths.

  • Chancery Court Papers, deeds and suits from Richmond dated May 1895 and April 1896 via Nancy Desper

      Descendant Lines

      Alice (aka Agnes) L. Hunter (Jan 1859-1933) married first to Millard Marion Moss on 20 Nov 1875 in Washington DC at 930 C St S marriage record. Millard Moss was born in Norfolk VA but was reported from Richmond VA at the time of his marriage and a 'Painter'. Her parents, Henry and Elizabeth and brother, William were living in neighboring Baltimore at least thru 1880 Censuses. The Richmond connection in the mid 1870's may have been the impetus for the Hunter family move from Baltimore to that location in the 1880's. Whether Agnes met and conceived with Millard in Richmond or in Washington DC about October 1875 and whether their marriage location was a mear equidistant point for the families remains a mystery. At any rate they were living at 1206 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC on 27 June 1876 birth certificate the time their only child and daughter, Elizabeth "aka Lizzie" S. Moss was born. Sometime after July 1876 birth record return, family legend Marchetti Notes indicates Millard died at sea while returning to England and never saw his daughter. Agnes remained in DC for a period where she is listed as a clerk at the Patton Office in 1879 and 1880 DC directories. Similar to the majority of her immediate family, parents & brother, William, she moved to Richmond in the mid 1880's where She married Wiliam B. McCrary of Rockingham county on 8 January 1895. She was at her mother's bedside in 1897 and at the marriage of her daughter, Lizzie in 1897. She later married George B. Randlett (ca 1873- ) of Charlotte Co. in Richmond in 1916 marriage license. She died at the home of her daughter on 25 Apr 1933 at 411 E. Cary St. Apt 3, Richmond and is buried at Riverview Cemetery Obit..

    • Hunter - Moss record of Marriage; Washington DC; 20 Nov 1875
    • Elizabeth (aka Lizzie) Moss Return of Birth; Washungton DC; 27 June 1876
    • Agnes Moss to William MCrary ; Marriage Licence January 1896; Richmond Va.
    • Mrs Agnes L. Randlett Obituary; Richmond News Leader, 4/26/1933
    • Agnes McCrary - George Randlett Marriage License , 12 July 1916
    • Agnes (nee Hunter) Randlett Obituary; Richmond News Leader, 26 April 1933

        Elizabeth S. Moss (27 Jun 1876-nov 1956) married Charles C. Millner (ca 1872-9 Sep 1965) of Smithville, Charlotte Co. in 1897 in Richmond at 909 E. Broad St. The birth of Lizzie was reported by family legend as 27 June 1877 Marchetti Notes, exactly one year after the event. This discrepancy might be accounted for as Lizzie was 'illegitament', born seven months after the marriage. They initially lived at 2410 W Main St where they produced an infant buried 22 may 1905, Agnes M. Millner (calc. 1899- )[m1. Herman Earl Clayton (8/7/1918), Butler, Kuster, perhaps others - moved to long beach CA], Charles C. Millner Jr (ca 1902-30 Dec 1968 Obit.), Mary Elizabeth Millner (ca 1904 - ) [m. Louis Marchetti], William Millner (ca 1907- ), Harry J. Millner (ca 1911- ) and Louise obit or Francis Milner ( -2001) [m. Squire - resided Norfolk, No Children]. They are enumerated in Richmond in the 1910 census with two sons and two daughters and in 1920 on Clay St of Madison Ward with one daughter and two sons. Elizabeth died on 22 Nov 1956 and is now buried with the Woodall's, her mother and infant child, husband and son at Riverview cemetery in Plot 1, Div 4, sec 33.

      • Mrs C.C. Millner Obituary, Richmond Times Dispatch, Saturday 24 Nov 1956
      • C.C. Millner Obituary; Richmond Times Dispatch; Friday 10 Sep 1965
      • Moss - Millner marriage license, Richmond City; 1897
      • C.C. Millner Jr. Obituary Richmond Times Dispatch Tuesday 12/31/1968
      • 1910 census Richmond City Miracode Census, VA;
      • 1920 census Richmond VA; Madison Wd, 146 ED, Sht 15

          Mary Elizabeth M. Marchetti produced at least Charles Millner Marchetti (b. ca 1930) and Louis Marchetti. Her brother, Charles C. Millner Jr. (Age 18) and sister, Agnes M. Clayton (age 20) were living on 'F St.' in the 15th District, first precinct of Sparrows Point in Baltimore in 1920.

        • 1920 Census Maryland; Baltimore, Sparrows Point

    William apparently had three sisters or step-sisters, Margaret (b. ca 1847), Alice (aka Agnes) Livingston Hunter (b. ca 1857) and Mary (b. ca 1859) 1860 & 1870 census and a brother or step-brother, Edward (b. ca 1850) reported in the 1860 and 1870 MD censuses. A Samuel (b. ca 1842) was also enumerated with them but may be a brother or other relation to Henry given they are about 10 years apart. Notes from the Marcheti family and conveyed thru Mary Elizabeth Millner also suggest Agnes Hunter Moss had two brothers one of which was William.

    William Allison Hunter (calc. 1862 - 21 Nov 1937) was born in Baltimore Maryland where he is reported with his three apparent sisters and brother in the Maryland census.marriage record, 1870 census. He is first listed by name in the directories of Baltimore in 1871 (ca. age 9) at the business of his mother's 'Notions' at 666 W. Pratt St. Following that year, it is difficult to decipher William in the directories as there is at least one identically named William A. Hunter of a different family in Baltimore on Thames St as a canmaker and/or painter. By 1880, the Hunters were living at 187.5 N. Exeter St in a presumed 'Duplex' with the Patterson family where Sarah E. Patterson was working as a 'Seamstress' age 23 1880 census. William married Sarah E. Patterson (b. calc.1857- d.1884) on 11 Nov 1880 marriage Index-male at Exeter St. Methodist Episcopal church in Baltimore by Reverend A. Summerfield Hank a few doors from his parents and the mother of Sarah Baltimore city directory. Perhaps this was just before his father passed away. Sarah was born in Columbia PA and moved to Baltimore with her mother and siblings presumably following the death of her father.

  • Edna Agatha Kanely, Directory of Ministers and the Maryland Churches They Served 1634 - 1990, Vol. 1, Family Line Publications, Rear 63 E. Main Street, Westminster, MD 21157, 1991.

    William and Sarah produced a child of no name and sex on 10 Aug 1881 birth record while apparently residing at 195 W. Hoffman St. in Baltimore birth record. A few years later, Sarah died of tuberculosis on 23 June 1884 death record at the home of her sister, Mary at 83 Centre St in Baltimore death record. Her death record list her as 'single' and is believed to be a typical record recording error as is William's second wife's mother, Mary Sullivan in 1891. Her funeral was held on 24 June 1884 at ... with her body transported to her birthplace of Columbia, PA for burial William likely moved with his family to Richmond between 1884 and 1889 and possibly via Washington DC.

  • 1880 Baltimore City Census
  • Infant Birth Certificate #49340; Baltimore City Health Dept Bureau of Vital Statistics; 10 August 1881
  • Death Certificate #76157 Baltimore City Health Dept Bureau of Vital Statistics; Monday 23 June 1884
  • Sarah E. Hunter Obituary, Announcements, Baltimore Morning Sun; Tuesday 24 June 1884

    William A. Hunter is first seen in Richmond VA in 1887 directory notes say 1882-1901 as a 'driver' (horse driven beer wagon, Ed. Evelyn Reid) residing at 119 E. Canal. This is a year after his mother and step-father, James Woodall are first observed in Richmond with a business, "picture frames bibles & birds" at 903 E. Broad. By 1888/89, he is listed as 'William H. Hunter' as a 'clerk' in his mother's and step-father's store at 905 E. Broad St. [?By 189? William is residing at ... Harrison St. on a city block bounded by Marshall, Broad, Norton and Harrison st(s).?]

    In 1890/91, Catherine (aka Katie) F. Tierney Conors (widow of Joseph Connors) was living in close proximity at 1219 Marshall St. William and Catherine (Katie) F. Tierney Connors were married on May 8, 1894 in Richmond city marriage record . She was the daughter of Mary Eleanora Lavell and Laurence Tiernay/Tierney, both Irish immigrants. William and Catherine Hunter produced Agnes Lee Hunter (8 Sep 1895-1968) , Elizabeth Margaret Hunter (1898-1978) (aka 'Big Margaret' ) [married 1. George Freeland Jenkins; 2. Orman Joseph Preston], Catherine Hunter (1903-Oct 1904), and Edith Allison Hunter (1903-1982) [the mother of our next generation]. Catherine F (nee Tierney) Hunter died on 1 June 1904 and left '5 children'.

  • Hunter - Conners register of marriage; 8 May 1894
  • Catherine C. Hunter Certificate of Death ; 10 Oct 1904, Richmond VA
  • Agnes Lee Hunter Baptismal Record; 8 Sep 1895; St Peters Catholic Church
  • Elizabeth Margaret Hunter Baptismal Record; 9 Apr 1898; St Peters Catholic Church
  • Mrs W.A. Hunter Obituary ; Richmond News Leader; Wednesday 1 June 1904

    William rented his residences and moved frequently throughout Richmond and into Washington DC later in life. He is listed living at 201 E. Canal in 1898, Bacon nr. Brook in 1899 and 807 and 922 Brook Ave in 1900 directory & Census. The year following the death of his mother and step-father in 1898, William worked as a clerk probably at what was his mother's furniture store at 220 & 305 E. Broad listed thru 1897. A period of transition of occupations and perhaps mourning was between 1899 - ca 1900 when he worked as a 'collector' in 1899 and 'day laborer' in 1900 at 922 Brook Ave directories. By 1900 and for the next 11 years he focused in the 'beer' or Brewing industry as he is initially listed as as 'Allison Hunter' in 1900, a bottler at the Home Brewing Co. residing at 1009 E. Clay St. , a 'bottler' at 807 Brook Ave between 1902-1903, a 'brewer' at 512 Harrison St. between 1904-1905, a 'brewer' at 515 Norton St. between 1906-1907 and again at 111 E. Marshall St/ in 1911, the time he married Florence Rudd.

    [Note Brook Ave is a block from w. Broad st on Harrison Rd and Norton Rd in ..] William and Kate lived within a block and across the street from Kate's sister, Mary Jones and her husband Chesley at 1219 w. Marshall st where James T Reid, Jr was a neighbor at 1211 w. Marshall in 1900. James Reid's (s/o Mary V. Williamson Reid) son, John Roger Reid would later marry William & Kate's daughter, Agnes Hunter (1895-1968). William & Kate's other daughter, Edith Allison Hunter (1903-1982) would marry Lloyd Glend Williamson (1898-1991) in 1923 in Washington DC and reside in Portsmouth VA.

      George and Margaret Hunter Jenkins produced three children in Richmond: Mary Freeland Jenkins, Infant Jenkins (Abt 1945) and George F. Jenkins Jr. (). Orman and Margaret Hunter Preston later produced two children in Richmond: Margaret Elizabeth Preston ( -1985) 'Little Margaret' and Cecila Preston (1928- ) (aka Ceil) [married 1. Satterwhite].

    On March 6, 1905 almost 9 months after Catherine's death, William at age 43 married Florence (nee Ball) Rudd (ca 1866-11 Mar 1911) in Richmond city. She was the widow of Henry B. Rudd (7/22/1850-2/13/1905) and the daughter of Griffin O. and Sallie Ball. William was working as a 'brewer' for the Daver Home Brewing Co. They produced Irene V. Hunter (ca Apr 1906 - 7 Feb 1907), Florence Estelle Hunter (9-4-1907- 1990) [m1. George Daniel Talley (1/31/1925); m2 Jenkins? m3. Dennis Donahue] and Rosa Lee Hunter (calc 1908- ) [married Benjamin Franklin Lester 5/31/1927]. Williams's children by Catherine nee Tierney lived with them and were severely abused by Florence but such abuse was apparently not inflicted upon her own children. In particular, Catherine Hunter (b. calc. Dec 1903) died (10 months) in Oct 1904 at 1103 Wallace St presumably the home listed to a Henry Rudd of the same year. It is believed Henry may have been ill and institionalized at "Little Sisters of the Poor" [16 N Harvie St] when at such time Florence may have been the child's nanny or sitter while William worked. She died on 11 Mar 1911 at 111 E. Marshall St. of 'puerperal septicaemia', a result of a self-attempted abortion and is buried at Riverview cemetery in Richmond. Evelyn Reid.

  • Henry B. Rudd Obituary; Richmond Times Dispatch; Wednesday 15 Feb 1905
  • Irene V. Hunter Obituary; Richmond News Leader; Wednesday 6 Feb 1907
  • Catherine F. nee tierney Hunter Certificate of Death
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  • William Hunter to Florence Rudd Marriage License
  • Catherine C. Hunter Obituary; Richmond Times Dispatch; Wednesday Oct 12 1904
  • Cemetery Data from Riverview via Nancy Desper and Robert Lampie
      It has been said Florence, d/o William & Florence, married a Jenkins. When he abused Florence, she left Richmond and did not return until he died. She is said to have remarried a Donahue and lived in Delaware.
    William (age 55) married fourth to Bessie L. (nee Hammer) Crawford (age 35) on 31 Mar 1918 in Richmond while he was working as a 'Brass Finisher' and she worked in a tobacco factory. Bessie had two daughters, Annie and Virginia Crawford from a previous marriage. The Richmond city directories place him at 218 S. Harrison St. in 1921 (factory hd.), 1922 (laborer), 1924 (factory hd.),1925 (tobacco worker) & 1926 (machine opr.). In 1927 he was shown at 2409-A Grayland Ave. (factory hd.). In 1931 he was again listed at 2409-A Grayland with his wife, Bessie and as a watchman. He was not in the Richmond 1932 directory the time they moved to Washington DC. He is listed in the Washington DC 1933 directory as a watchman (Hoffman Co.Comm. Evelyn Reid) at 317 Kentucky Ave SE, Apt 3 and 1934. William is reported to have collapsed and died in 1935 Evelyn Reid while sitting on steps in downtown Charles Elvin Williamson .

  • William Hunter 1920 Virginia census; Henrico Cty; Richmond City; Clay Wd. 9 Jan 1920; Sup Dist 3; ED 66; Sht 16
  • William Hunter To Bessie (nee Hammer) Crawford Marriage License; 31 Mar 1918
    Agnes Lee Hunter (1895-1968) married a childhood neighbor and painter, John Roger Reid (cal c 1892-1976) on 19 Mar 1911. He was the s/o James T. Reid, Jr ( -1943) and Sarah Irene Burley. [Looking to a Reid Family member to create this section]. Some of the information including directory data is found in the Williamson Family writeup. Hopefully this is temporary in this neverending evolution.

  • John R. Reid to Agnes Hunter Marriage License Richmond City
  • John R. Reid Notes
  • John R. Reid to Agnes Hunter Marriage Record, Richmond City
  • Reid Family Obituaries
  • Reid Family Notes
  • Living Descendants, Nancy Harris Desper and Thomas reid of Richmond VA

    Edith Allison [DC marriage certificate records 'M'] Hunter (1903-1982) married Lloyd Glend Williamson (1898-1991) recorded in the history of the Williamson family .
  • Williamson Family References

    Tierney/ Hunter Family References

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