The Lanham/ Lannum Family in Southern Maryland

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Many of the early Lanhams of the 16th and early 17th century (particularily those in Charles Co./PG Co.) were recorded interchangeably as 'Lannum'.

This branch of the americanized Lanham family originating in colonial southern Maryland multiplied incredibly following the revolution and diffused throughout the continental United States. As it is nearly impossible to document every lineage, numerous ancillary web sites of lineages can be found on the internet. While these sites can provide valuable clues for further research, caution must be used as they frequently only give names and dates with little reference to primary source documentation. Any documented/ published genealogy without cited primary or at a minimal, secondary source references are meaningless (This compendium not excepted). To that end, we recommend whenever request for data is made, a request for its respective source should also be requested. Although we frequently reference such sites, we do so not as proof but to assist our organization and impetus to seek out and acquire further documentation.
According to the Literature, the LDS Library and others researching the Lanham lineage [ John Rohde on the genealogy forum (GenForum TM ( HTTP://, Dr. Howard G. Lanham and Richard C. Fremon], there is consensus of two main Lanham lines in Prince Georges County by the mid 1700's. However there is some dispute and uncertainty of the origination of the second line, that of an Edward Lanham (b. Abt 1686, Kent Co.; d. 1766, PG Co.). This comes from an apparent lack of primary source documents although many maintain he was the son of Josias Lanham of Kent County and may be the cousin of John Lanham (b. 1661; England). The literature suggests there maybe three Edward Lanhams residing in Prince Georges County between about 1731-1791 however one maybe in error and one may have died before 1776. At the heart of the dispute is Edward (b. ~1731) & Susanne Lanham in the 1776 Census [perhaps our Edward Lanham (DAR b. 1750) and Susanna Page], Edward Lanham (b. 1732) son of Edward [b. St John's Piscataway Parish] and Edward Lanham (b. 1750) in the DAR records (Probably in Error). Edward Lanham (d. 1766) also married second to a Susanne but likely died before the 1776 census.

There appears to be consensus from sufficient primary source documents to substantiate our Lanham lineage back through John Lanham (b. Abt 1661; England). This comes from the volume of historical parchments (original records) and sheepshin documents as early as 1676 passed down to our cousins in Rochester NY descendants of Susanna Page Bryan Duff and retrieved by our other cousins Miller Family in 1985 still residing in southern Maryland. These land documents refer to many of the people in this lineage. A few such documents are: a 1713 land transfer signed by John Lannum and Dorothy Lannum (Lanham); a 1733 indenture between John Junior Lanham and Richard Lanham and signed by John and Mary Lanham and a 1676 land grant for "Woodberry's Harbor" supposedly Hamilton land Richard Fremon [Actual digital images are found at the end of this manuscript]. The now deteriorating originals were sent by Susannah Lanham Bryan to her grandaughter in the Canal Zone of Panama sometime prior to her death in 1895 as shown by a packing sheet of documents with her grandaughter's, Susannah Bryan Duff's address of Balboa Heights, Canal Zone, Panama. They made their way back into the country and New York state presumably in the late 1930's where Susannah Bryan Duff's daughters, Lorna and Virginia (aka Tede) were living and who convinced their mother to move. Virginia apparently married a LYNG in New York and presumably settled in the Rochester area. We are still searching for descendants in hopes to unveil other historical documents. A third known child of Susan Duff's, a Bryan Duff was presumably found among social security records as having been born in 1910 and dying in 1977 in either Monroe Co or city of NY.

The weak link of the lineage has been Susannah Page Lanham's father occuring from common jounalistic reporting errors. However, records have since been located Miller, Knapp, Lindsey Brien and Summers Family indicating him to be George Horatio Lanham. According to a news reporter of the Rambler News Column of the Sunday series of the Washington Evening Star in the 1910's, "William Bryan married his neighbor, Susannah Page Lanham whose father was 'John H. Lanham', a sheriff of Prince Georges County and land holder". Discussions with other researchers, Dr Howard Lanham and Richard C. Fremon, suggested an error where the son of William and Susannah Bryan, 'John H.' Bryan, had been misreported as the father of Susannah. It is known George Horatio Lanham was a sheriff of PG County in 1818 and a large land owner.

Edward Lanham (b. ABT 1731) [Henry Peden reported b. 1750] married a Susannah Page (1732-WP 1797), the namesake to Susannah Page Lanham Bryan (abt 1808-1895). The name has been carried down through time to include Susana Page Bryan Duff (b. 1875) and Susana Page Knapp (b. ca. 1955). Edward Lanham (WP 1791) willed to his son, George land on the west side of Piscataway Road and his other son, Richard land on the east side of Piscataway Road. William Bryan's (husband to Susannah Page Lanham (b. 1808)) plantation was on the east side of Piscataway road neighboring these Lanhams. George Horatio Lanham apparently had "many judgments" MSA AB(9):124 dated November 4, 1834 against him and subsequently moved to St Louis Co., MO about 1835 eight years following the marriage of his daughter, Susannah to William Bryan of Rd. George had transferrred his land and a number of Negroes and their children to his son, Edward Lanham and son-in-law, William Byan in trust Howard Lanham. Susannah Page,wife of Edward Lanham, died and left a will (WP 1797) in Montgomery County where there was a John Lanham marrying a Lucy Ray in 1801 shortly before the birth of Susannah. Could this John Lanham be related and how? George Horatio Lanham (b. ca. 1774; Piscataway, MD) also married a Sempronia Hamilton of Charles County MD Dr Howard G. Lanham, Richard Fremon, John Rohde and the LDS library .

Prince Georges County was formed from Charles County in 1695. Our Susannah Page Lanham Bryan retained a number of historical documents (Deeds) including a Charles Co. 1676 deed of "Woodberry's Harbor" on the Potomac at or near Nanjemoy creek in Charles Co. "Woodberry's Harbor" was deeded to Burditt/ Burdett Hamilton ca 1764-1773 prior to the transfer of "Mount Joy" to him in 1779 1764 passed down Deed ; TLC Genealogy Inc; Richard C. Fremon; Knapp Notes, 1951.

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William and Susannah Page Lanham Bryan produced a daughter with the census reported uncommon Greek name "Sophronia" C. Bryan (b. ~1845) 1860 census [This is in error and should be the latin name, Sempronia after her grandmother, Sempronia Hamilton Lanham]. Thomas Daniel Page Lanham (brother of Susannah & s/o George and Sempronia Lanham) also produced a daughter Sempronia Hamilton Lanham (1844- ). The use of the name, Sempronia has been used numerously in the extensive family of George and Sempronia.

Family Lineage

Much of the detail herein was initially provided by Richard C. Fremon and "The Lineal Line of Descent of Alice Church Lanham Knapp", by Alice Church Lanham Knapp, 1951 via Howard Lanham of MD. This would not have been nearly as straight forward without the valuable leads connecting us to George Horatio Lanham contained in the historical parchments retained by his daughter and our Susanna Page Lanham Bryan and provided by our second cousin, David Miller of Clinton, MD. The Knapp document represents a southern family history of multiple lineages stemming from the union of George H. Lanham and Sempronia Hamilton of PG & Charles Co(s)., MD Knapp Notes part 1 (4.9 mb) and Knapp Notes part 2 (3.6 mb) following their move to St Louis, MO ca. 1835.

Josias Lanham (b. Abt 1600) was supposedly born about the turn of the 15th century in Suffolk County, England and was married to a Mary Tibbold/ Tibbald/ Tribble? on 14 February 1622. They had six known children all born in Wortham, Suffolk County England: Robert Lanham (b. 14 Feb 1623), Sarah Lanham (b. 9 Nov 1624), Grace Lanham (b. 10 Dec 1626), Josias Lanham (b. 19 Oct 1628; bu. 1702/03) [married a Catherine (1652)], Jonathan Lanham (b. 20 March 1631) (the father of our next generation) and Mary Lanham (b. 13 Sep 1635).

Jonathan Lanham (b. 20 March 1630/31) supposedly married a Mary Marsh on 1 Sep 1659 in Suffolk County, England. They had John Lanham (b. 18 May 1661) in Wortham, England. Jonathan Lanham died on 13 January 1705 in Eye, England.

The lineage of Josias Lanham (1628) is documented in William Joseph Lanham's book "Wonderful Pilgrimage", published in Clemson, SC, c. 1995. It is further posted at Edward Jordan Lanham. The data from W. Joe should be verified as according to other researchers much of Joe Lanham's book is apparently not properly documented. Josias Lanham (1628), brother to our Jonathan, produced a son, Josias Lanham (1652/55-ABT 1692) in Wortham England. This Josias (possible cousin to our John Lanham) was apparently "imported to the Province of Maryland in November 1668, to settle by Samuel Withers of Anne Arundel County. Withers received fifty acres of land as a headright for each person he brought over to develop the new country. After fulfilling his obligation of contract and becoming a free man, Josias made claim to fifty acres due him for his services in 1680. He settled on his new land east of the Chesapeake Bay in Kent County. He married Barbara Ringgold of Kent County ca 1680. Josias died ca 1695. After Josias death Barbara remarried about 1700. When she remarried the estate she inherited from Josias reverted to their son, Edward"1.

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John Lanham (b. 18 May 1661) apparently immigrated to America at Port Tobacco, Charles County, Maryland on May 1678 with 12 others aboard the ship 'Dover' from London under the command of Captain John Harris Reference Needed. He was an indentured servant to Col. Benjamin Roser who claimed land on 9 Feb 1679. By 1689, he was in Piscataway when he married a Dorothy .... (possibly Burch?) FHL & Oran Stroud Lanham. They had at least four children: John Lanham (b. abt 1690), Richard Lanham (abt 1697-1753) (The father of our next generation), William Lanham (b. abt 1699) [married ALICE TOLBERT/ TOLBURT/ TALBURT (15 January 1720/21)], Thomas Lanham (b. ABT 1701-Aft 1763) Barnes and possibly Ralph Lanham/Lannom (d. 1742). Shortly following the birth of their first children, he (John Lenham) was listed with William Hutchinson on a tract called "Oxmonton" in Piscataway, MD on October 3, 1694. "Oxmantown" or Oxmonton Kellock was named after a place near Dublin, Ireland and a Viking settlement (Ost=East; man; town). The Vikings sailed to Ireland from the north east and were referred to as 'eastman'. Over the years Ostman was corrupted to Oxman Howard Lanham. In 1705, John patented "Lannums Addition" and in 1713 transfers the land to his sons (Family handed down documents). We think "Lannums Addition" was located approximately 5 miles north of the current town of Piscataway on the west side of Piscataway Rd. John is believed to have died in Piscataway ca. 1750.
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    John likely had a fifth son, Ralph "Lannom"/ Lanham (Inventory DD1:223 dated March 11, 1742) who married Eleanor Jones on 21 Feb 1720 St John's Parish Reg.. Ralph presumably produced Richard Lanham, John Lanham, Zachariah, Nathan, Moses (d. Abt 1755) and Aaron Lanham (orphans of Ralph Lanham, deceased) Prince George's Co. Guardian Bonds . Ralph's inventory (DD1:223 dated March11, 1742) mentions John Palmer, Jr. (married Mary Lanham in 1735 daughter of John Lanham, Jr. and Mary Dickinson) and Edward Lanham. A Ralph Lanham has been reported to have married a 'Wheat' Velma and Al Hooch

    Richard (son of John) and his brother John Jr. were planters in Prince Georges county likely emotionally close and living near each other. Richard purchased part of the "Lanhams" estate from his brother in 1733 passed down deed . In Aug 1744, both were "firmly bound unto" the orphans of Ralph Lanham PG Guardian Bonds; MSA 34683-2 one of which was Zacchariah Lanham (d. 1769). Zacchariah apparently married a Mary .... who in 1770 was "firmly bound unto the representatives" (children) of Zacchariah Guardian Bonds 1770; MSA CR34683-2 (1703-1778); p. 281 known as Richard, Mary, Eleanor, Winefred, Ann Meally and Edward Lanham. Mary ... Lanham (WP 1782) PG Co. Wills; Box 14 Folder 8 left to her daughters, Winefred and Mildred and sons, Richard and Edward Lanham. Mary's (WP 1782) daughter, Mary Lanham married Basil Green several years earlier (ca 1780) to which see left to her grandson, James Fairfax Green.

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    Probable sub lineage of the Maryland Lanhams in Albemarle/ Amherst Co., VA --> William and Alice Lanham produced at least three children: Sarah (b. 1735), John (b. 1723) and Benjamin (b. 1721 as a twin) Register of King George parish. Apparently, Benjamin married a Sarah ABT 1750 in PG Co MD and migrated south to Albemarle/ Amherst Co. VA AFT 1754. Their children: WILLIAM LANHAM, HANNAH LANHAM, MARY LANHAM, ELIZABETH LANHAM, JOHN LANHAM, JAMES LANHAM and JOSEPH LANHAM among other info can be found at family[ a product by Charles S. Crook].

    NOTE: There was a Lewis Lanham (1757-1822) in PG Co. who may be a son of one of John's sons. However there are Lewis Lanhams in the other Lineage from Josias Lanham originally of Kent Co. Dr. Howard G. Lanham is searching for ancestors of Lewis.

    Probable sub lineage of the Maryland Lanhams in Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio--> Thomas Lanham s/o John (b. 1661) initially married first to a Sarah "Of Furlock" . Some of Thomas and Sarah's children were Elinor Lanham (b. 10 Apr 1724), Stephen Lanham (b. 28 May 1726), [ m. Leah (1) Susannah (2)] and Mary Lanham (b. 3 July 1728) [Reg. of King George Parish]. Oran Stroud Lanham. Thomas married second to Martha Clarvo Pearson on 20 Apr 1751 in Maryland 17 Apr 1751 Lib PP Fol 115 & Robert Barnes. Martha Lanham (WP 4 Apr 1768) died in PG Co. leaving a will dated 28 Dec 1767. She named her husband Thomas Lanham, Priscilla and Catherine Jenkins, daughters of Francis Jenkins, servant Sarah Dunstan, and nephew John Clarvo, Sr., who was named executor. The will was witnessed by Nathaniel Newton, and Henry and John Walker [MWB 36:356 (Dearring)]. Thomas Lanham, Sr. was reported alive in Dec 1763 Oran Stroud Lanham?. A Thomas Lanham (age 75 - appropriately b. 1701) is listed in the 1776 census of St John's and Prince George Parishes as with one male (age 7) and Margaret (age 55). Is this Thomas Jr. (b. 1709) (s/o John Jr.) who married a Margaret and perhaps recorded with a wrong age? A Thomas Lanham is reported as owning a tract called "Sandy Thicket" in 1732 in PG Co Land Records. Note this was 6 years following the birth of Stephen below. Thomas and his wife Sarah transferred "Sandy Thicket" on 26 March 1739 to a John Harkins, Jr.

  11. Conditions for Marriage Contract; PG Co. Ct Land Records; 17 April 1751, Lib PP Fol. 114-115; MSA CR 49525 (1749-1752)

      Stephen Lanham, Sr (1726- >1806), s/o Thomas and Sarah, had a farm in southern Montgomery county which laid partially in Prince Georges county "Revolutionary Patriots of PG & Montgomery Counties". Stephen's (WP 9 Sep 1806) will Diane Dearring recorded it as "Mizpah/ Mispah". Stephen married first to a Leah and second to a Susannah Peden. Stephen's children listed in his will at the time of death on 25 June 1806 were Margaret Lanham (b. Abt 1790 or 1806 Oran Stroud Lanham ), Samuel Lanham (b. Aft 1785), Walter Lanham (b. Aft 1785), Archibald Lanham (prob b. 1751 Peden), Sarah Lanham (ca. 1753), Jemimah/Jeremiah(sp?) Lanham (ca. 1755) Peden, Thomas Lanham (1757 PG Co.- aft 1840 KY) [married Patience Sappington] , Stephen Lanham (b. 1760, d. KY) [m. Eleanor Selby], Ruth Lanham (ca. 1806),Leah Lanham (b. 1761) [m. Charles Selby] and Mary Ann Lanham (1763) ['A' Maryann Lanham married Samuel Upton, no mention of Upton in Stephens will]. The children of the 1750's including Archibald and Thomas were likely progeny of Stephen and Leah while those of the 1780's were Stephen and Susannah's.The data from Gerry Lanham and Ryan Lanham report a Thomas s/o Stephen lineage of Clemont County, Ohio to presumably MO.

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        Westward migration to Missouri, Illinios, Oklahoma [Clifford Lanham's lineage] and Texas --> The children of Thomas and Patience Lanham according to Cifford Lanham are: Mary Lanham, James Lanham, Margaret Lanham, Sylvester Lanham (1790), Jemima Lanham, Benjamin Lanham (1805), Sarah Lanham (1798), Elizabeth Lanham, Archibald Lanham, Thomas Lanham, Richard Lanham, Stephen Lanham, Jess Lanham, Hartly Lanham, Jackson Lanham and Green Lanham, Clifford is a descendant of Sylvester Lanham (b. 1790).

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        Sublineage in East Kentucky --> Stephen Lanham (b. 1760) moved to Ky with his brother Thomas. Data on this sublineage can be found on the Website of Diane Dearring

    John Lanham, Jr. (b. Abt 1690) married Mary Dickinson d/o Thomas & Isabella Dickinson Moran. John Jr. and Mary's nine children were: Thomas (Jr.?) (b. 1709; PG Co.) [married a Margaret], John III (14 August 1712; PG Co. - 1750) [married Mary/ Elizabeth Piles Hunter? Faye Jarvis Moran on 16 Jan 1738 LDS) and 2nd to a Sarah (Piles? David Robertson, Genforum)], Mary (1714) [married John Palmer (1735)], William (1717) [married Sarah Pile?/ Casandra? Moran], Elizabeth, Eleazer (Ely) (3 January 1723/24; PG Co.) [married Christian Stonestreet], Elisha (b. 23 June 1725; PG Co.) [married 2, Jemimah (b. Abt 1740 1776 MD Census)], Elizabeth (b. 21 December 1727) [married Daniel Fraser] and Dorothy Lanham (ca. 1729-ca. 1818; PG Co.) [married Francis Piles (1753)] Clifford Lanham/ John Jr's will, Rhonda Schriver . John Jr. is listed as owner of "Two Johns" 200 acres in PG Co. in 1738, 34 years before a Thomas Lanham Jr. is also listed as owning the apparent same tract called "Two Johns" in 1772 in PG Co. It appears John Jr transferred "Two Johns" to his eldest son Thomas (Jr.?). Perhaps John Jr needed to differentiate his son, Thomas from that of his brother , Thomas who was living at the time.

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      Thomas (Jr.?) married a Margaret and produced John Dickenson Lanham (1748; St John's Parish) and Jesse Lanham (b. abt 1733/34) [married an Elizabeth (b. abt 1739 1776 MD Census)].

        Jesse and Elizabeth's son, Henry 'Dickerson' Lanham (1760-) is listed in the Montgomery county records Peden albeit, Clifford Lanham reports Henry Dickinson Lanham born in Frederick Co. Frederick and Montgomery Co(s) are adjoining Co(s). Other children include: Jesse Brooks Lanham (bapt 1764), Margaret Lee Lanham (bap 1762) and Teressha Lanham (1773) Faye Moran

Richard Lanham (Abt 1697- Abt 1753) married a Winifred/'Winefred' (WP 1771) about 1716 in Piscataway, MD. They had at least seven natural children: Rachel Lanham (Abt 1718) [married Ignatius Mitchell (1738)], Charity Lanham (Abt 1719-Aft 1771) [married Thomas Blacklock (1738)], Mary Lanham (abt 1720-Aft 1771), Elizabeth Lanham (abt 1722-Aft 1771) [married William Hardy], Ann Lanham (Abt 1725-bef 1771) [married first, Enoch Jenkins (1742) and second, William Clements (1770)] Anastasia Lanham [married first to Burch than Alexander MacDonald email from Stephen, UK 2002 and Edward Lanham (Abt 1731) (the father of our next generation) all born in Piscataway, MD. Zachariah Lanham (d. 1767-69) was apparently adopted and possibly the s/o the late Ralph Lannom (d. 1742). Richard held land patents on "Lanham's Folly" and "Strife" in PG Co. in 1745 and 1746 and Hap Hazard. "Strife" adjoined his son Edward's later "Littlesworth" and it in turn his other tract "Sister's Delight". In 1747, an indenture was created between Richard Lanham and Zacchariah Jenkins 1747 Original Indenture. Richard and Winifred deeded one hundred acres of , "more or less" of Hap Hazard, "Strife" and Hap Hazard to each of their three daughters Rachel, Charity, and Elizabeth. Richard also owned land tracts " Remains", "Addition to Remains" and "Dickinson's Park" in what became Frederick County in 1748 (perhaps in the vicinity of the currrent Silver Springs MD area). Richard apparently became ill and near death as on 20 March 1750 his wife, 'Winefred' had released dower rights when he and 'Winefred' transferred these tracts to Zacchariah and son-in-law, Thomas Blacklock "Frederick County Maryland Land Records Liber B Abstracts", 1748-1752 . Richard died shortly after (ca 1752/53 Fremon ) in Piscataway, MD and Winifred died in 1771. Note: the later of Richard's tracts are suggested as being near to his brothers, John Jr as implied by the name "Dickinson".
  1. Lanham family Slave Deed, 1768; Winifred Lanham to daughter Anastasia Deed 1768 of Prince Georges Co.; via Stephen Taylor email, Surrey ENG dated Aug 2002; Abstract: Held in trust, slave and future increase by Maj Thomas Addison for daughter following death of current hushand, Alexander MAcDonald. References 'fomer husband burch' and children. Original Deed bought in ENG from british client of Stephen Taylor, perhaps from the "Macdonald clan in Scotland" per Stephen.

    Sub lineage now in Crescent, OK--> Ann Lanham (ca 1742- ) married first to Enoch II Jenkins, s/o Daniel [m. Ruth Pearce/Pearson) and grandson of Daniel Jenkins (1645-1704). According to Marie Pennington, the children of Ann and Enoch II were ZADOCK JENKINS (1742-1811), Prince George Co. Maryland; d. 1812, Prince George Co. Maryland; RICHARD JENKINS; WILLIAM JENKINS SR. (d. 1820), Prince George Co. Maryland; JOSIAS JENKINS; WINIFRED JENKINS; JOHN JENKINS; MARY JENKINS; and PRICILLA JENKINS [m. GEORGE HARDEY, 13 Jul 1786], Prince George Co. Maryland. Note: Zadock Jenkins (1742-1811) was the father of Archibald Jenkins (d. 1825) [m. Webster] and the grandfather of Mary E. Jenkins (1823-1865) [m. John Surratt] See Surratt family. Mary Surratt and her second cousin, Susan Page Lanham Bryan spent considerable time together with their families in Surattsville (now Clinton) at her tavern and the town's post office.

    A possible link exist to Enoch I Jenkins (b. Piscataway Parish, 3 Jul 1694 and the uncle of Enoch II who married Ann Lanham Penington. Enoch willed acreage to Richard Lanham in 1733 who in turn was Executor. Enoch Jenkins & Richard Lanham were born within 3 years and were married within two years of one another. Enoch Jenkins and brother, Daniel are children of Daniel Jenkins (d. 1704 PG Co.) and Elizabeth ? Penington]. Considering generational ages (ie. birth of Enoch) derived from birth and marriages, Winifred, if a 'Jenkins' 'WOULD MORE LIKELY' be a sister of Enoch & Daniel above rather the previous thinking Robert Barnes of her as a d/o Enoch Jenkins WP 1733/34) who married Ann Clarvo in 1718.

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    Sub lineage to Kentucky--> Charity Lanham (1718-1781/82) and Thomas Blacklock (1716-1790) were born, married and died?? in Prince Georges Co. Their children as supplied by descendant, (Linda Riney ) were Mary (ca1743/49-1805) [married Issac Sansberrie]; Winnefred (ca 1745-ca 1810) [married Anthony Page in 1762]; Ann (ca1747/48- ) [married Nicholas Miles in 1776]; Richard (sr)(ca1750-1812/13 [married Elizabeth Townsend]; Thomas, Jr.(1756- ) [married Sarah Sansberrie on January 30, 1783]; and Nicholas Frederick (1758-ca1806) [married Elizabeth Cawood in 1787]. Many of the children stayed in Montgomery Co Maryland while Thoms Jr moved to Ohio and Nelson co(s) of Kentucky between 1800-1810. Linda Riney )

Edward Lanham (ca 1731-1791 [WP 7 Apr 1791]) s/o Richard, married Susannah Page (16 Jan 1732 FHL -1797 [WP 1797]) ), d/o Daniel/ Danll Page (WP 1768) and Mary ?Draine Fremon. 'Sushanah' is reported born in St John's Parish FHL. In 1756, Edward was a prominent land holder in Piscataway which he would give to his sons, George Horatio Lanham and Richard Lanham. Following Edward's and Susanne's marriage on 21 February 1758, they had seven known children all born in Piscataway, MD: Unknown daughter (b. Abt 1758) [married a Joseph Clarkson], Richard Lanham (1760-Abt 1820), Massey or Marcy Ann Lanham (b. 1762) [married John Creaton/ Cretin of Harford Co. (1783)], Robert Lanham (1765-1844), Mary Lanham (b. 1769) [married a Mr. Humphreys], Elizabeth Lanham (1772-Abt 1816) [married Robert Smith (5 September 1785)] and George Horatio Lanham (1774-1844) (the father of our next generation). Edward was a commissioned captain of the Militia, Middle Battalion (May 24, 1779) in the revolution and listed in the DAR patriot index Fremon Notes and Peden. The 1790 federal census lists an Edward Lanham with two males over 16, one male under 16, two females and 26 slaves in his household. Susannah died and left a will in Montgomery County in 1797 likely at the home of her daughter, Elizabeth and husband, Robert Smith Will 1797 .

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  7. Malloy, Mary Gordon; Sween, Jane C. and Manuel, Janet D., "Comps Abstracts of Wills, Montgomery Co., Maryland", 1776-1825, Vol 1, Intro by Robert Barnes; Wash DC Gray Printing Co., 1977, p. 81
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  9. DAR Patriot Index

    Sub lineage of the Maryland Lanhams now in Louisiana --> Mary/Massey/Marcy Ann Lanham, d/o Edward and Susannah, married John Cretin/Creaton/Cratin of Harford Co. MD and likely remained in MD thru 1797 Will 1797. They migrated to the Carolinas --> Georgia Oran Stroud Lanham --> Alabama --> Mississippi --> and finally to Louisiana Della Neely . The latest known generation is that of the Neely family and includes other surnames as Stokes, Sanders, Norton and Flaherty Lanham Genforum Apr 2001.

George Horatio Lanham was born on 30 August 1771 J. Estelle Bryan Summers 1774 1776 census; Knapp in Piscataway MD. He married Sempronia Hamilton (18 Nov 1777-1 Nov 1851), d/o Burditt Hamilton (c1730-1784) (possibly John Burditt Hamilton) and Eleanor Ann ???, of Charles County ca. 1800 in Prince Georges County. They resided on land willed to him by his father in 1791 (Oxmonton & Lannum's Addition) opposite the Bryan family land on Piscataway Rd. ( "Mistake" and "Lusby/Lisbey's Discovery"). Lannum's Addition (1705 tract) adjacent to "Oxmantown/Oxmonton" became known as "Hyde Field" still visible on some maps, ie. Garmin Mapsource and later 'Washington Executive' airpark in Clinton Maryland is further located at the corner of what was "Old Alexandria Ferry Rd" plat #156 (now Steed rd) and Piscataway Rd. George and Sempronia had nine children all born in Piscataway MD: Pliny Lanham (Abt 1802), Edward L. Lanham (Abt 1804) [married cousin Martha Edelin], Eleanor Ann Lanham (1806-1841) [married John Shannon], Susannah Page Lanham (1808-1895) (The mother of our next generation), Charlotte Arthelia Lanham (b. 1811/15) [married Levin Edelin John Cornelson], Mary Eleanor Lanham (b. 1813-1837) [married Dr. Edward Henry Bryan], Thomas Daniel Page Lanham (15 Aug 1815-1886), Phillip Stuart Lanham (16 July 1817-17 May 1893) Fremon Files [married Sarah Louisa Bunbury] and Sempronia Hamilton Lanham (b. 1819) [married George Washington Coons (1838)] . Note: Susannah Page Lanham and Mary Eleanor Lanham, married Bryan brothers next door.

    J. Fremon Burdett/Burditt Hamilton (WP 1784) may have descended from the Burditt/Burdett family of early Charles Co. A 'Ms Fremon files' Parthenia Burditt (WP 1697) reportedly "left all lands to John Hamilton, s/o testrix's sister" Bates & Wright and hence a Burditt female married a hamilton (Recorded under a Richard Chandler with John Hamilton (at age 21)). In Sept. 1729, A "John Hamilton (planter) grandson of John Hamilton" conveyed a parcel of land (100 acres) on Nanjemy Creek. Legend had suggested Alexander Hamilton, who owned a plantation on the Nanjemoy as our ancestor but he died in 1799 in PG CO. and is likely of a different lineage as he is reported to immigrate from England.

    In 1779, "Burditt Hamilton of CC" received a tract called "Mount Joy" from Robert Knox TLC Genealogy lying in Durham Parish that was "escheated by William Beck" (apparent original William Beck 1738?/64 beck1764 land patent passed down by Susannah Page Lanham Bryan) and transferred to a Folke before Knox. Burdett produced at least three daughters: Hecatissa Hamilton (d. Bef. 1784 reported by Fremon? ) [married Benoni Wade], Julia Hamilton [married Richard Lanham 1830 Indenture to Wm Bryanof Rd] and Sempronia Hamilton [married George Lanham]. Following Burdett's death in 1783 in two separate documents on Nov. 14, 1789 and Sept. 2, 1790, a Pliny Hamilton 1789 and Burdett's apparent widow, Eleanor Ann and daughters, Delilah, Hecatissa & Julia Hamilton 1790 all of Charles Co. transfer the tract (62 acres for 108 LL), 'Mount Joy' to Colo [Colonel] John Hoskins (Hoskin) Stone (c.1750-1804) and the brother of Thomas Stone of Charles Co. 'Mount Joy', a tract of land in district 7 (CH7) of Durham Parish in Charles Co. was 'escheated' (taken up) by William Beck on May 24, 1764 (1738 in document?). This document was held onto by our Burdett's granddaughter, Susanna Page Lanham Bryan and passed to us via cousins in the Miller family of southern Maryland. Although clearly not the same 'John Stone', the name appears again in another passed down sheepskin document dated 5 Jun 1676 Stone, Hutchinson, Allen & Hanning, 1676 . Our interpretation of ths poor quality document illustrates a John Stone and Thomas "Glus..(sp.)" orinally took up a tract of marsh land (300 acres) near the mouth of the nanjemoy creek on the "Potomack". The provincial court found it was registered to a John Hutchinson who had dyed intestate from which it had previously "Given & Granted" to a John Allen. He in turn "Assigned" it to a John Hanning for whom the court ruled was better "enabled". Elvira (nee Hamilton?) Hardy of PG Co. in 1791 is likely to be another daughter of Burditt who with her husband, George Dent Hardy transferred the same amount of Mount Joy (62 acres) on 7 May 1791 to the same John Hoskins Stone.

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  8. Sept. 2, 1790 from Eleanor Ann Hamilton, Delilah Hamilton, Hecatissa Hamilton & Julia Hamilton, all of Charles Co. to Colo [Colonel] John Hoskins Stone of Charles Co.p.33 (Charles Co. Deed Book K#4, p.132)
  9. May 7, 1791 from George Dent. Hardy & Elvira Hardy, his wife, of Prince Georges Co., to Colo John Hoskins Stone of Charles Co., for 108 LL, all that tract of land in Durham parish in Charles Co. called Mountjoy, originally, on May 24, 1764 granted to or taken up by William Beck; p.65 (Charles Co. Deed Book K#4, p.270)
  10. 1719 Charles Co MD. Thomas COOMBS purchased 100 acre tract Coombs Purchase, situated on the west side of Port Tobacco near "Green's Inheritance" and near Alexander HAMILTON'S plantation. (Combs Researchers Sharon Ray and Joe Lewis who add that this was Thomas, s/o Richard COOMBS, Sr.)
  11. MSA Assessment of 1783 Index; Charles County; MSA S 1437 Burdett Hamilton. 237 acres. CH 7th District, General p. 6. MSA S 1161-5-4 1/4/5/48
  12. MSA Assessment of 1783 Index; Burditt Hamilton. Woodbury Harbour, pt, 175 acres. CH 7th District, Land p. 11. MSA S 1161-5-5 1/4/5/48 |S
In 1819, a George H. Lanham witnessed the will of his daughter's, Susannah's husband's father, Richard Bryan . The 1828 tax list illustrates personal property of George H. Lanham as slaves [3 aged under 8 ($72), 4 aged 8-14 ($160), 2 males aged 14-45 ($240), 6 females aged 14-36 ($480); 3 males over 45 or females over 35 ($125)], a silver plate 14 ($14) and other property $568. Also his land, part of "Oxmantown" referenced earlier as "Oxmonton" & "Lanham/ Lannum's Addition" 460 acres (valued $973.30) sold to John Lyons in Jul 1865. By 1834, George had "many judgments" against him that prompted him to deed his land on 11-4-1834, some of his negroes etc to his son, Edward L. Lanham and son-in-law, our William Bryan before moving west with his family Howard Lanham, Richard Fremon. On Jan 14,1834, George was involved in the estate settlement of another William Bryan [probably William of Thomas] P.G. Co. Deeds AB(8):400. George and Sempronia moved to St Louis, MO in 1835 with the majority of their children. Some (ie Thomas D.P. Lanham) did not move until after 1841. Several of their daughters with many grandchildren moved further west to California at the time of the Gold rush of 1845/49 1935 letter written by Rebbecca Bryan Lyons, grandaughter of George and Susannah provided by Summers' family & Knapp notes. George died on 22 Jan 1844 and Sempronia on 1 Nov 1851 in St Louis County, MO. They are buried in the family plot on his homestead at Chapman's Station on the Laclede and Creve Coeur railroad Knapp Notes & Fremon. George's headstone is inscribed "Sacred to the memory of George Horatio Lanham, Sr. departed this life January 22, 1844 on the 70th year of his age. May his soul rest in peace."

  1. PG Co. Deed, AB(9):124, Nov 14, 1834, George Horatio Lanham to William Bryan
  2. PG Co. Deed, AB(8):400, Jan 14, 1834, George Horatio Lanham to Edward L. Lanham and William Bryan.
  3. "1828 Tax List Prince George's Co., Maryland", edited by Shirley Langdon Wilcox P.G. Co. Genealogical Society 1985, p.27
  4. "The Lineal Line of Descent of Alice Church Lanham Knapp"; Alice Church Lanham Knapp, 9 Jan 1951; Data and notes collected by Lillian Coons Beard, d/o Sempronia Hamilton Lanham Coons and compiled by her sister, Mary Eleanor Lanham Wherry (grandaughters of George and Sempronia Hamilton Lanham). This document courtesy of Dr. Howard Lanham of Westminister MD, October 2000.

Susannah Page Lanham and William Bryan received a marriage license on 28 February 1827 in Piscataway MD ( SEE Bryan family history)

Edward Lanham and Enoch and Winifred (Jenkins?) Lanham translated Wills from PG County

Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 7 page 71 Enoch Jenkins will; Prince George Co.; 19th Feb., 1733-4; 23rd Mar., 1733-4 "To wife Ann, extx., part of dwelling plantation, God's Gift, during widowhood; and personalty. To eld. son Francis and hrs. residue of afsd. plantation at age of 16 and entire plantation at death or marriage of his mother; and personalty. To second son John and hrs., Rome; and personalty. To sons Daniel and Bartholomew, dau. Ann and Henry Whitnall Priest, personalty. To son Zachariah and hrs., half of 121 A. Pearsimmon Tree Branch, other half to Richard Lanham and hrs.; and personalty. To son Josias, money in Great Britain. After wife's thirds are deducted, residue of estate to child. afsd. [p.71]"

Exs.: Francis Goodrick, Charles Co., and Richard Lanham.

Test: Zach. Wade, Thomas Edelen, Jr., John Hawkins, Jr.
Deposition mentions Daniel Jenkins, brother of testator, 21, 17.

Portions of Winifred Lanham's Will, wife of Richard Lanham and obtained from the Maryland Hall of Records in Annapolis on microfilm CR34681-2; (WP Nov 27, 1771) T 1 004.

"............. Negroes released after my death ...... money to be equally divided among my children and grandchildren hereunder mentioned .... Edward Lanham, Rachel Mitchell, Mary Lanham, Benedict Hardy, Justian Burch and Ann Clements.............. The said Burch and Clements to have but one equal part between them both Charity Blacklock, Elizabeth Crayton and .......... MacDonald excepted.......................

My grandson, Benedict Hardy, 183 pounds tobacco that is in the hands of my daughter, Mary......

My grandchildren, Richard Jenkins, Mary (Fry???), John Jenkins, William Jenkins, Josias Jenkins and WInifred Jenkins all the remaining part of my estate except a young mare left for my grandson, William Jenkins. Also 1 cow with calf and two mares to be left in the hands of my son Edward Lanham to distribute as he thinks proper.

I appoint my son, Edward Lanham to be wholly and solely executor of last will and testament."

Francis Jenkins
Anthony Hardy
Benjamin Gilpin
2 Jan 1770 WP Nov 27, 1771

Edward Lanham's Will, son of Richard Lanham and Winifred (Jenkins??); Maryland Hall of Records microfilm MSA CR34681-2; April 7, 1791 T-1-303.

"...............beloved son Richard Lanham all land I now possess on east side of main road that leads thru my land from Piscataway to Marlboro.............

............beloved son George Horatio Lanham all my land on the west side of the main road that leads thru my land from Piscataway to Marlboro ............

................ daughter Mary Humphrey ................ house and garden and firewood ...................

...... to grandson Samuel Clarkson, negros now in possession of Joseph Clarkson my beloved wife during her widowhood all houses I now live both sides of main road in her (third?) of the land..........

.............. to my wife and sons Richard and George the remaining negros and furniture............

............. appoint my wife and Richard as executors ................................ 25 Jan 1791. .....

John Clarvoe
Richard Ball
Richard Bryon Junior

I Susannah Lanham one of the appointed executors in the last will and testament of Edward Lanham late of Prince Georges County decease to hereby refuse to ............ as such undersaid appointment and to therefore announce all my right title and claim to said executorship to my son Richard Lanham.

22nd day April 1791
Susannah X Lanham
Her Mark
Testator John Ball"
The following document images/ Pictures are JPEG format and can be downloaded for printing. We recommend the use of a color ink jet printer for best results. Although these images are Black & white, the soiled and deteriorated characteristics contain colored components that mask the black & white texts.

Historical Parchments (including sheepskins) of Prince George's Co.
Document Content 1 Content 2
Document Packing List This was document list generated by presumably Susannah Lanham Bryan for her grandaughter Susannah Bryan Duff then in Balboa heights, Canal Zone, Panama. This list accompanied the original documents.
1676 Land Grant
1676 Land Grant (p.2)
Land Grant to John Hanning from John Allen in Charles Co. at the mouth of Nanjemoy Creek and the North shores of the Potomac River called "Woodberry's Harbor"John Stone, John Hutchinson, John Hanning, John Allen, Woodberry's Harbor; 300 acres
1697 resurvey for Robert Wade & signed by Henry Darnall resurvey and addition of vacant land due to surplus for Robert Wade. Signed by Henry Darnell 1704 Wade's tract called Stony Harbour adjacent to Edward Maddox tract. (Not included but also adjacent to John Lenham & William Hutchinson tract Oxmonton of 1694)
1709 land grant & Signed by Charles Carroll 1714 Grant of 227 acres to Francis Marbury and John Middleton of PG Co. by virtue of a warrant for 500 acres granted unto James Wallace the 4 October 1709 & by him assigned unto the said Marbury & by virtue of the remainder of another warrant for 100 acres granted unto the said John Middleton 1 February and year ........ bearing date the 5 April 1684....... Signed by Charles Carroll 4 December1714. "Wee Doe therefore .... grant unto him the said Francis Marbury all that tract of land lying in the said county called Mistake BEGINNING at ..... gum the first tree of the land called Brother's Delight & second bound tree of Doll... Folly running the ........"
Charles Carroll 1713 Grant for a (Looks like) Dorman ward? for 240 Acres on 14 Oct 1713. Signed by Charles Carroll 4 Dec1714. This document is exceeedingly of poor quality and difficult to read. It looks like a ___ Hill by James ___ . Mentions 5 APril 1684 & 4 __ 1696. Also a tract called (Looks like) 'Dormans Adoreon' adjacent to (Looks like) 'Dormans Folly'
1713 Land Transfer
1713 Land Transfer (p. 2)
"John Lannum for and in consideration of the same good will and natural ..... that I have and doe bear unto my Sonn Richard Lannum have given and granted and by these ........ Doe ..... and absolutely give and grant unto him the said Richard ........ part of certain tract of land called Addition lying in PG Co." Signed 1713 by John Lannum, Jeane Williams and Dorothy Lannum 15 October 1713; Recorded Land Records of PG Co. Lib 62, Folio 193 "BEGINNING at a bounded black walnutt tree being a bound tree of a tract of land called Stony Hill surveyed for Robt Wade and also the first bound tree of this aforesaid land called Lannum"
signed Henry Darnall 1730 Extremely deteriorated and difficult to read
1733 indenture
1733 Deed (p.2)
"made this 26 day June ....... 1733 BETWEEN John Lanham, Junior of PG Co........ Planter of the one part and Richard Lanham of the same county ..... also planter of the other part Witnesseth that the said John Lanham Junior for & in consideration of the full quantity of 3000 pounds of tobacco to him in hand by the said Richard Lanham ......................" Transfer of 100 acres of land called 'Lanhams' "doth give grant alien sell & confirm unto the said Richard Lanham his heirs and assigns forever all that moiety or half part of a tract of land called Lanhams Addition lying & being situated in the forsaid county of PG. BEGINNING at a bounded hickory standing in the third line of the said addition is a bound tree of a parcel of land formerly given by John Lanham Senior to the foresaid Richard Lanham ....." signed by John Lanham junior party to the "within deed of Mary his wife " in the presence of John Beall; recorded in Lib 2, Folio 657, 658
1747 indenture
1747 deed (p. 2)
"made the 12th day of January ...... 1747 BETWEEN Zachariah Jenkins of PG Co........ and Richard Lanham ......" Signed in the presence of Francis Jenkins 12 Jan 1747; in consideration of 3000 pounds of good merchantable tobacco
1738 land
1738 land (p.2)
Appears to be the original December 1738 land patent escheated by William Beck of Charles County for tract called Mount Joy of 62 and a half acres within Durham Parish. It was transferred to Folke then Robert knox and finally to Burditt Hamilton by 1779 TLC Genealogy Inc.. Recorded in Lib 22 Folio 336
1767 indenture"made on April 4, 1767 BETWEEN John Ball of PG Co. of one part and Edward Lanam of the other part ..... John Ball in consideration of the sum of 50 pounds current money to him in hand by the said Edward Lanham .... assigns all that tract or parcel of land I now live called Sisters Delight containing 166 acres. Except 66 acres of the said land I .. John Ball hath deeded to a certain John Simson more or less ........ with improvements, coveniences ..."Signed by John Ball and witnessed by Geo Hardey"
1767 Land Deed
1767 Land Deed (p.2)
John & Sarah Ball to Edward Lanham ... Prince Georges county .... "Received April 20th 1767 into the clerks office in order to be Recorded and Recorded same day in Liber 44 folio 20 and 29 and of the records of the county aforesaid"
1774 Clarvoe/ Lanham Deed
John Clarvoe to Edward Lanham March 24, 1774 signed by John Baynes and John Read Magruder Recorded in Liber 13 No. 2 Folio 410
  • 1775 Land Resurvey
  • Actual survey
  • 1776 "Wade's Hazard"
    "Wade's Hazard" in Prince Georges County
    1806 Patent
    1806 Land Patent (p. 2)
    Patent for John Laird of PG Co. for 511 acres called Granby; Witnessed bu William Kilty, Chancellor. There is a nice writeup by the Mount Rainier folks at History of Mt Rainier DC including a 1696land tract map of the relevant parcels listed herein. John Laird of the district of Columbia on March 1806; refers to Waughtown "originally on 4 August 1686 surveyed for William Lyle for 492 acres ....... originally on .... day of October 1648 grant Thomas Saunders for 25 acres part of "Hadduck Hills") originally on the 10 June 1685 grant Benjamin ..... for 500 acres part of Barbador originally on the 9 March 1765 granted George ..... for 709 acres .............. The said John Laird the said lands resurveyed into one entire tract and called Granby lying in PG Co. aforesaid ......... BEGINNING at Waughtown ..... from Bladensburgh to George town......"


    We thank Dr Howard G. Lanham and Richard C. Fremon and his son, James Fremon for their valuable comments and sharing of historical data and documents.
    We thank David Miller, g- g- g- grandson of Susannah Page Lanham Bryan, for retrieving and sharing valuable historical documents.
    Many thanks to Clifford Lanham of Virginia Beach, VA. for sharing information and valuable references compiled by his father, Oran Stroud Lanham..

    We thank Kevin and Jeanne Mullin for their support in sharing information and photographs of Sempronia Hamilton Lanham Coons. References
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