The Lyons Family Lineage of The Maryland, Virginia & Washington DC

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[ Thomas Lyons (b. 1822)] [ Anne Lyons (b. 1832)] [ Timothy Lyons (b. ~1828)] [ Kate Lloyd] [ Honorah Lyons]


  • Ages of the Lyons immigrants have been reported over a wide range in many of what most people would consider primary source documents. As their father died when most were extremely young and their mother assumed the arduous task of raising the children, times were difficult and of constant struggle during periods of disease and famine. Shortly after the climax of the 'GREAT' potato famine (1847), many people particularily those of western Ireland (the area hit hardest during the Great famine) either died or fled to America or England.
  • John Lyons was wealthy and prosperous in the mid 19th century and moved often as we have records placing him in southern Virginia (Petersburg (1851), Danville and Lynchburg), western Virginia (Shenandoah, 1856), Georgetown DC. (1856/57), Piscataway, PG Co. MD (1860), Baltimore MD (1857-1885) and Washington DC (1887-1888). He may have been duplicated in censuses and directories affiliated with multiple occupations as there are numerous John Lyons' in MD DC and VA and had the monetary means to support multiple occupations. His recorded and perhaps primary occupation from about 1858 to at least 1876 was the boarding house/ Hotel business while he moved into contracting by 1880 till his death.
  • John and Timothy are apparently listed in the same house in Baltimore in 1860 with much of the data consistent with that of the 1870 Baltimore census. However, there is also a John and Catharine Lyons enumerated in the 1860 census of the city of Petersburg as occupants in the house of another family where John was known to be working on roads and applying for citizenship in the 1850's. Although John and Kate may not have actually been in Petersburg during the census (July?), the head of house could have still reported them as this was a period of transition for them. Legend has the pregnant Kate crossing the Potomac by boat consistent with the birth of their first child in September 1860. Another legend of them owning a hotel in Alexandria may be inaccurate as there has been no substantiating evidence found at this point. Photographs found in John sons' scrapbook may be a fond memory of a visitation to their Uncle Timothy who lived in Piscataway PG Co. MD in the 1870's in close proximity and directly across the river from Alexandria. On the other hand, John was quite wealthy with legend reporting him providing acreage to his siblings (Honorah in Shenandoah) and son (Thomas in Piscataway).

The Lyons crest from 'Burke's General Armory' was apparently a symbol of authority and frequently placed over the sheriff and other public buildings in medieval times. Legend suggest it was both "patronymical and locational in origin and associated with the English and Scott's meaning, 'Descendant of the Lion' and 'Dweller at the sign of the Lion'." Family ancestors postulate the unlikelihood of the coat of arms being the property of the Irish family as we are apparently unrelated to English nobility.
  • Although most is now known to be incorrect, the obituary of Thomas Lyons the immigrant states he was born 20 Oct 1822 in Ireland, immigrated to America ca. 1840, settled and remained in Baltimore until about 1864/65 and married in 1852 MN Obituary. His immigration is currently known to be ca 1850 1900 MN Census as he was a witness at his sister's (Honora) wedding in Ireland in April 1845 Newtown Shandrum Parish records and he was married in Stanton VA in May 1854 LDS film #0033972 VA Staunton-Marriages. Thomas and family are enumerated in New Market, VA in 1860 1860 census although his eldest daughter and son were reported born in Georgetown DC in 1859 and Washington in 1862 census where John the immigrant was reportedly from in his marital announcement. As this was just after Virginia seceeded from the union and just before the civil war and the Lyons' moved north to MN far into Union territory, the decision to list MD/DC as birthplace of their children may have been political. For the Irish Catholic Lyons were far too familiar with persecutions in the homeland in which they fled. Family legend further inaccurately suggests Anne Lyons migrated to MN with her husband, Patrick McKasey where her brother was already residing (Thomas moved to MN in 1865 from Shenandoah VA). Patrick and Ann MacKasey moved to Le Seuer Co. MN in 1857 from Stanton VA just after the birth of their second child and where their third child was born in 1863.
  • Several unreferenced documents from various sources have been obtained from descendants of John Lyons the immigrant. There are a number of conflicting data in these documents. Although we have included much of the unconfirmed information in italicized quotations throughout, we are continually trying to acquire the source documents.
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Summary Timeline For Immigrant John Lyons

1822 Brother, Thomas born in Ireland
ca 1830 John is born in Co. Limerick just across the border from Co. Cork
1840 Wife, Catherine Lloyd in Castlereagh, Co. Roscommon
Feb 1845 Sister Honorah married at Newton Shandrum Parish Charleville Co Cork with brother Thomas as witness
1847 John reported to Immigrate to Philadelphia
May 1851 'Declaration of Intent' for citizenship, Petersburg VA
1851 Sister, Anne's future husband (Patrick McKasy) is observed living with his family and siblings in Chelsea, England with a widow Mary Lyons (age 45) & dau Ellen (age 4)
Dec 1852 Sister Anne marries Patrick McKasy in Chelsea England
1853 Cholera Epidemic of London, England; Same year William Bryan and son died of cholera in Clinton MD!
Jan 1853- Apr 1854 Legend suggest Lyons siblings, Lloyd family, McKasey, O Connell immigrated aboard same ship; Kate LLoyd orphaned
1854 John's two sisters and one brother observed in Staunton Va as parishioners of St Francis
1854-1857 Sister, Anne's children born in Staunton VA
May 1854 Brother Thomas marries Margaret Bowing/Bowen in Staunton VA Deposition Staunton VA
May 1856 John is admitted citizenship in a court for the County of Shenandoah
1856 Brother Thomas as superintendent of RR in shenandoah
1856 John buys sister Honorah O'Connell a farm in Woodstock
1857 Sister Anne McKasy moves to LeSeuer Co MN after birth of second child
Oct 1857 John(Catholic), reported from Georgetown, marries Catherine Lloyd (Protestant age 17-18) at St Joseph's in Baltimore;
1858 Purchases Peabody house and operates 'Tavern and Boarding House' until 1876
ca 1859-1862 Brother Thomas children reported born in Georgetown DC and/or Maryland
1860 Brother Thomas and family enumerated in New Market VA
1860 Wife, Catherine's presumed sibling, Edward Lloyd and Timothy Lyons enumerated together; occ. 'Tavern and Boarding house'
1861 first son John E Lyons born
1863-1865 Baptism of most children at Baltimore Basilica
Aug 1864 John's mother Margaret Cull (1788-1875) admitted St Elizabeths in Anacostia
1865 Brother Thomas moves family to LeSeuer Co.
Jul 1865 Son Thomas H Lyons born and purchases 'Lanham Farm' from William P Bryan with brother Timothy Lyons and Murphy couple
1867 Rebecca Bryan, future wife of son Thomas H Lyons born
1870 Edward and an Elizabeth Lloyd enumerated with John and Catherine in Baltimore, occ.: 'keeper of Boarding house' Brother Timothy residing in Piscatway
1876 Sells the 'Peabody House' to buyout his brother's share of the Piscataway tract; Timothy and family moves back to Greenmount area of Baltimore
1877 Son, William P Lyons enters St Ignatius prep school
1880 John and 'Kate' enumerated on Gilmore St Baltimore with children, 'Contracting & Public Works'
1881-1883 John and son, John E listed as 'contractors'
ca 1878-ca1881 secured contract to build Lake Montebello;
ca 1878-1883 son, Thomas attended the "College and Church of St Ignatius of Loyola"
1885 Son John Edward marries Annie Stewart
1886 John and 3 sons listed as 'Contractors'
June 1887 John moves to 326 Indiana Ave, Washington DC
Dec 1887 Contract awarded to son Thomas to construct embankment around Nat'l Monument
Oct 1888 Dies of Stroke caused by Paralysis blood clot originating from accident at home
Feb 1889 Son Thomas marries Rebecca Bryan, resides at 326 Indiana Ave with parents and brother, William
Dec 1889 Grandaughter, Violet Catherine born of Thomas and Rebecca
Jan 1891 Brother-in-law, "Mr. Timothy O'Connell a well known resident of Surratt's district, died at his home near Clinton "
ca 1890-ca 1920+ Son, Thomas Henry moves to 'Travelers Rest' (currently 'Hyde Field') with family following death of father with mother and brother William returning to Baltimore 1900-1920
ca 1892 Thomas' in-laws move in opposite to 'Bryan Hall' following final sale of property
ca 1895 Thomas' mother-in-law dies
1905 grandson, Thomas Henry born of Thomas and Rebecca
1920 widow, Kate Lyons dies at Dixon Park, Mount Vernon, Baltimore
1920+ Son, Thomas builds home on Brandywine rd, Clinton
14 Apr 1930 Great grandaughter, Jane Elizabeth Lyons born of Thomas Henry and Kathleen
17 Oct 1931 Great grandaughter, Susannah Bryan Lyons born of Thomas Henry and Kathleen
18 Jan 1933 Great grandaughter, Nancy Louise Lyons born of Thomas Henry and Kathleen
9 Mar 1937 Great grandson, Thomas Henry Lyons born of Thomas and Kathleen
ca 1940? Grandson, Thomas Henry Lyons husband to Kathleen becomes ill & develops high fever
1959-1963? Founding of the 'Lyons Picnic'; First Lyons family Christmas Party in Chevy Chase, MD
1969 Granddaughter, Violet Lyons Miller dies at home in Clinton
Feb 1972 Grandson, Thomas dies in Annandale, VA
1973? Christmas Party moved from Chevy Chase to homes of three daughters by 'Round Robin'
1988 First Lyons Reunnion/ family picnic at Gunpowder State Park (Avalon area), MD1

Life in Ireland Pre- ca. 1850

Family members Lloyd Lyons postulate our lineage immigrated " to Ireland ca. 1066 as part of a French expeditionary force sent to attack England, and were stranded in Ireland by the collapse of the French naval forces. This was the same time "Castle Lyons" was built in Co. Cork by Clean O'Lyons in 1010 AD. Melinda Lyons; GenForum After the conquest of England by William the Conqueror and during the reign of Henry the second, and John" some of the Lyons intermarried with the influx of Normans and some Saxons into Ireland. Hence, the family appears to be originally and primarily of Norman-French descent. It's been said the family originally settled in the counties of Meath and Dublin. In Gaelic the name was written DeLion" Lloyd Lyons .

Legend further suggests the father of Timothy (d. ca 1832) in Ireland may be Patrick but the information to date is at best sketchy. A recent letter (dated 4th Aug 1999) written by Vincent Cagney of Charleville, Co. Cork, Ireland to Anne Lyons Hart confirms the presence of an O'Connell family in the area of Gibbings Grove (Now aka Milford in Kilbolane Twp.) near Charleville where our John Lyons and siblings are believed to have lived. Charleville, Co. Cork is less than 3 miles from the Co. Limerick border where they were reportedly born. He postulates these families may well have been tenants for Gibbings living in thatched houses in "Copper/Capper/Coffer Alley". Ballinakill Cemetery is less than a mile from Copper alley and is the likely burial ground of our ancestors as there are numerous Lyonses buried there Paul Williamson.

The McAuliffe and the McKasy families have long had ties to the Lyons family thanks to initial observations of Judy Mackesy Miyagi who first noted the interactions in Minnesota. According to a letter received from Tom and Lynn McKasy (Jan 2014) presumed written after the death of the wealthy Patrick Irwin in New Orleans (1778), we now know the ties are from the marriage of Lyons sisters (Anne & Mary) daughters of a Patrick Lyons (1770 Milford -1840 New Orleans)) Early Irish History. Mary Lyons marrying Patrick McAuliff of Drumcolier just across the border from Milford and Anne Lyons marrying John McKasey of Gibbings grove, Milford. The McAuliffe's and McKasy's left Gibbings/ Droumcolier ca during the famine for London. Patrick, a casulty of the famine, had died ca bef. 1850 when John and Anne along with widow Mary (age 45) with young daughter Ellen (age 4) are observed in Chelsea Eng census of 1851 1851 census living with John and Anne. Patrick McAuliffe, Jr. (likely an older son of Mary) and Thomas Lyons may have not only immigrated and traveled together, but married Bowing sisters, Bridgett and Margaret in America (ca 1854). A trip to the Minnesota Historical society sep 2006 revealed the death certificate of Patrick's father, Patrick depicting his marriage to a Mary Lyons. Patrick, age 20 son of John and Anne in 1851 would marry Anne Lyons daughter of Timothy in 1852 at Saint Mary's Chapel, Cadogan in Chelsea ENG M Anne Hart Mar 1997 records found at St Lukes Catholic Church (2003), Chelsea ENG marriage Record. According to the marriage certificate, Anne Lyons daughter of Timothy was residing at 4 Orchard Place, Creek Road, Deptford, ENG with the McKasy's. We do not yet know the relationship of Timothy and Patrick Lyons within about 10-15 yrs of age. Margaret Coll Lyons, widow of Timothy may have moved to Gibbings with her childrene after Timothy's death ca. 1835 close to Patrick and relatives. The 1835 date is further apparently connected with the time Patrick Lyons left for New Orleans presumably to follow the younger Patrick Irwin in search of fortune. This info might explain in part Lloyd and William P Lyons' confusion and inability to locate Timothy's father.

Family Lineage

Gibbings Grove
Timothy Lyons (~1780's - ~1832) married Margaret Cull/ Coll (15 May 1788-1875) in Co. Limerick, southern Ireland probably the town of Bruree in the Province of Munster (Mumhain) that includes the other counties of CLARE, CORK, KERRY, TIPPERARY, and WATERFORD. There is a Timothy Lyons recorded in 1830 among the 'Irish Tithe Applotment records' in Kilbolane Civil Parish, Co. Cork where Gibbings Grove is located . Judy Mackesy Miyagi . Kilbolane Civil Parish may have included portions of southern Limerick Co. Timothy and Margaret are believed to have had at least 5 children all "born in Limerick county, Ireland across the border from Charleville, County Cork" . The eldest, Thomas (~1822- 1907), Honorah (8 April 1823-27 May 1881), Timothy (Abt 1827/40 - 23 Nov 1910), John 'C?' (~1830-1888), and the youngest, Ann/ Anne Lyons (~1831/32-1886). John apparently spent his childhood days "in the vicinity of Gibbings Grove in County Cork" [Picture at right of the Gibbings Grove mansion ("Irish Country Houses," page 133) in Co. Cork Ireland obtained by Anne Holford Hart during her recent visit (7/99)]. (Note. Although Gibbings Grove is recorded routinely on current and local maps and tourist information, the name has been likely changed from from dialect as "Gibben's" from the original owner, Gibben buried in one of the earliest crypts at Ballinakill cemetery. According to information handed down, Timothy died in Ireland of some apparent abdominal illness ca. 1832 (possibly ca. 1842 or later as a consequence of the great famine) or about the time of the birth of his youngest daughter Anne.

    The Cull (Irish spelling Coll yet pronounced "Cull") family are still well known in Bruree just inside the Co. Limerick border about 3 miles from Charleville Co. Cork Cagney letter . Margaret Coll Lyons died in America on 21 March 1875 apparently at the home of her daughter and son-in-law, Timothy and Honorah O'Connell in Washington DC. She is buried at Mt Olivet cemetery (section 12) off of Blandensburg road in Washington DC.

  1. LDS FHL; Irish Tithe Applotment microfilms (tithe records of the 1830's); a Timothy Lyons in Kilbolane Civil Parish in Co. Cork

    According to original family genealogical notes, Anne Lyons (Abt 1828/32- 1886) married Patrick McKasey (1831-1881) of Dublin?, Ireland, son of John and Ann McKasey sometime between 1850-1854 in Ireland. We now know that to be Dec 1852 just after the great famine first reckoned by correspondence with McKasey decendants in Vancouver CA Judy Mackesy Miyagi . Immigration to America was therefore in 1853/54 from England as their eldest son Timothy was born in Virginia in 1854 and their daughter Annie born in Stanton (sic), Virginia in 1856 LDS/1857 Census. Shortly afterward in 1857, they moved to LeSeuer Co MN daughter Anne McKasey and father, Patrick Obituary contrary to legend which suggest Ann and Patrick moved to LeSueur Co., Minnesota where her brother Thomas was already living in Derrynane twp of LeSeuer Co. We now know Thomas Lyons moved to Mn in 1865 following the admittance of their mother to St Theresa'a Anacostia in 1864. They had at least six children: Patrick (Abt 1870-), Timothy (1854- 1879), Annie (Abt 1857-1943), Thomas (Abt 1863-1929), John (Abt 1863-1921), Margaret (Abt 1865), and Mary McKasey (Abt 1868). Other descendant surnames to which their children married into are Whalen, Bush, Lynch and Osborne.

  2. LDS FHL Film # 1320255; MN LeSeuer Co. Vital Records Deaths 1870-1911

    There had been considerable confusion and uncertainty about John's brother, Timothy Lyons . Family legend suggests Timothy "settled in Baltimore and is thought to have never married and is buried along with John in what used to be called Bonnie Brae cemetery". We now have a deed from Prince Georges Co. indicating John and Catherine, Timothy and his wife Ellen and a Murphy couple were in PG Co. on 18 July 1865 where they jointly purchased 440 acres FS #3 Folio 404; MSA CR 1836-2 ; Bryan to Lyons Deed; PG Co. Plat # 156 . On 22 December 1865 the land was partitioned amongst them at 145 acres each per couple Deed of Partition. Timothy Lyons aged 36 born in Ireland married Ellen Ronan about 1865 and resided in Piscataway southern MD in 1870 1870 MD census with his young family. Furthermore and according to a local descendant of Thomas H. Lyons and Rebecca Bryan of Surratts district, PG County (Miller Family) (see Bryan history), an Uncle Timothy Lyons was reported to live opposite and across Piscataway road from "Bryan Hall" now called "Hyde Field". This was prior to 1876 as this is when Timothy sold his approx 100 acres to his brother, John and moved to Baltimore Liber HB No. 11 Folio 623 . This is very close to the current Surratt/ Piscataway boundary and at that time was probably just within Piscatway District. According to the G.M. Hopkins 1878 atlas, a JNO LYON is printed on the map in the same area. Seventeen years earlier in 1861 the same residence on the 1861 atlas was listed with a MRS BRYAN, believed to be Martha A. Hunt Bryan widow of Erasmus Bryan who died in 1858 and probable son of William Bryan of Thomas (cousin of William Bryan of Richard and grandfather of Thomas' wife Rebecca Bryan). Some of this land was transferred to William Bryan of Rich'd by his wife's (Susannah) father (George Horatio Lanham ) prior to 1835 when he had transferred it in trust to his son-in-law, William Bryan before moving to St Louis, MO. John and his brother acquired the house from William P. Bryan (father of Anna Rebecca Bryan) on 18 July 1865. Timothy sold a portion of his share to George Brooks in 1870 Liber HB No. 3 Folio 350; CR1839-2 and the remaining to his brother, John in 1876 Liber HB No. 11 Folio 623 (This land was apparently later transferred to his son, Thomas (husband to Anna Rebecca Bryan ) as "Traveler's Rest"). Hence, the Lyons : Bryans connection and subsequent marriage of Thomas to William Bryan of Rich'd's granddaugter. Timothy's wife, Ellen, two children, John and Mary and his mother-in-law, Mary Ronan (age 50) in Piscataway district (1870) moved to Greenmont, Baltimore by 1880.

  3. Lyons, Timothy & wife ..... to Elizabeth M. Marbury; Deed Part?; Lib. F.S. Vol 3 Folio 404

    Timothy is listed at 419 and 425 N Fremont in Baltimore (1878) on the death certificate of his 4 day old son, Timothy. buried at "Bonnie Brae". Timothy operated a Saloon on N Fremont in 1890/91 with his other eldest son John J. Lyons as Clk. The family is buried at New Cathedral Cemetery (aka Bonnie Brae) with no headstones. This is the ONLY Timothy on record at the cemetery. Timothy's mother-in-law is listed as Ellen Ronan in the 1880 census and probably is actually Mary Ellen Ronan. In John's household in 1870, there was a Michael RONAN age 17 similarily born in VA as Timothy's wife. Timothy's wife, Ellen age 25 born in VA was only seven years apart. There is a Patrick Ronan listed in the 1850 Virginia census of Berkeley Co. adjacent to Shenandoah Co to the north and borders MD at Harpers Ferry. Note Timothy's age is surely misreported in 1880 (40) and at his death in 1910 (70) which suggests he was born in 1840, eight years after the supposed death of his father. Censustakers are known to misrecord ages.

    Honorah/Honora Lyons married Timotheus (Timothy) O'Connell (3/4/1818-1891 ) of Ireland on April 2, 1845 Newtown-Shandrum Catholic Church parish, Co. Cork. The ceremony was witnessed by Thoma (Thomas) Lyons (Her Brother) Paul Williamson; Ireland, 6/2000. Their first two children, Margaret (1849- 1896) and Rev. Patrick Joseph (1853-1924) were born in Ireland and the three other children, Bridget (Agnes?) (1854/58-1932), Mary (c1862) and K/Catherine V. (1864 -1931) were born in Virginia. Hence, immigration was likely in 1853/54 and may have included an acquaintaince, Margaret Bowan (future wife of brother Thomas) who lived in Timothy Connell's house in Stanton in 1854 marriage petition 1854. Catherine was born on 24 Nov 1864 in Shenandoah County Birth Record with her mother reported as 'Hannah'. Timothy was living in Stanton in May 1854 but moved to Shenandoah abt 1856 when John bought them a farm. 1870 VA census and LDS film #0033972 VA Staunton-Marriages . The Connell's/O'Connel's later supposedly moved to southeast Washington DC where they were living at the time of Margaret Cull/Coll Lyons' death in 1875. Their son, Patrick Joseph O'Connell was ordained on 17 December 1887 and " became pastor of St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Washington DC in 1917" located at 2nd & C sts NE. Their daughters apparently never married. Legend suggests Timothy O'Connell/ Connel died in Virginia in 1891. Honorah resided near her son Rev Patrick in southeast Washington. Honorah and her entire O'Connell family are all buried in Mt Olivet Cemetery in Washington DC.

    Thomas Lyons (1822-1907) [Photo at right taken in Minnesota obtained from a Lyons scrapbook and coutesy of Anne Holford Hart] likely immigrated in 1850(?)1900 MN census and was naturalized in 1858 (oath of intent 1856 Shenandoah). . He married Margaret Bowan/Bowen/Bowing (Abt 1826/28-1910) who immigrated ca 1851 1900 MN census; Obituary or 1853/54 and may have immigrated with Timothy and Honora Connell as she was living with them in 1854. She likely was born in Co. Cork, Ireland (possibly Ballyfeard parish, Fartha Townland south of Carrigaline, Cork) where there were Walshes and Bowen together Griffiths Valuation lead, the daughter of William Bowing/Bowen/Bowan and Johanna Walsh. They were married in Staunton, VA on May 12, 1854 by Fr. Downey at the historic 'St. Francis of Assisi'. Margaret's likely sister, Bridget Bowen McAuliff (b. ca 1837) died in LeSueur Co., Derrynane Twp. An Irish born John McAulliffe witnessed the will of Patrick MacKasey in LeSueur Co., Derrynane Twp. and was in Shenandoah in 1860 ("Declaration of Intent") born in Co. Limerick and living in proximity to Thomas and Margaret Lyons. Margaret was living in the house of her soon to be brother-in-law, Timothy Connell according to the statement archived by the LDS: LDS film #0033972 VA Staunton-Marriages & Judy Mackesy Miyagi.

      "I, Timothy Connell, am personally acquainted with Margaret Bowing, who is about to intermarry with Thomas Lyons, and do solemnly swear that she is above the age of twenty one years-that she is now residing at my house in the Town of Staunton, and that she has had no other residence in Augusta County to the best of my knowledge and belief. Timothy Connell X his mark.

      Subscribed and sworn to before me this 11th day of May 1854, James F. Patterson, Clk."

    Minnesota records for LeSueur Co., Derrynane Twp.-

    1. Feb. 19/1912; Mrs. Thomas Lyons -age 44-daughter of Hugh Thornton
    2. Dec. 7/1914; Thomas W. Lyons- born December 1862-age 52 farmer died of Rheumatism and auto toxemia; parents Thomas Lyons and Margaret Bowing.
    3. MNHS death certificate 1913 ; Bridget McAuliffe b. 1837 died Dec. 28/1913 76 years; Father: Wm. Bowan (Bowen?) and Mother Unknown.

    Thomas and Margaret produced at least three children: Mary Ann Lyons (1859-1918), Thomas William Lyons (1862-1914) and Margaret Lyons (1865-1881). Mary Anne was born in Georgetown DC and Thomas W. in DC (probably also Georgetown). Their third child Margaret was born in Derrynane Twp., LeSueur Co. MN. Apparently John and Thomas, the immigrants were both in Georgetown DC in the late 1850's. Thomas' obituary had reported him immigrating ca. 1840 (Now known to be incorrect as Thomas was present at his sister's, Honorah's wedding in Ireland in April 1845) and settling in Baltimore although his two children were born in Georgetown [Note: the MN census of 1900 reports Thomas immigrating in 1850(?) and his wife in 1849]. Thomas' supposed presence in Baltimore prior to John's immgration may have had an impact on John's decision to eventually settle in Baltimore. However, the civil war caused many whites to flee north from DC as the blacks were freed and began settling in and around DC. Thomas and his family were Catholic and parishers of St Thomas in Derrynane Twp, LeSueur Co., MN. Thomas died 23 November 1907 at the home of his son in Derrynane township, LeSueur Co. MN of heart failure and old age. His wife of "Lung Fever" (?). Thomas and his wife Margaret are buried in St Thomas cemetery, LeSueur county, Minnesota.

      Thomas' son, Thomas William Lyons married Catherine Thornton (1868-1912), d/o Hugh Thornton and produced eight children 1910 census all born in Derrynane Twp: John H. (1893-), Joseph (Thomas?) (1895-), Margaret Jane (1897-), Annie A. (1899-), William (1902-) and Edward Lyons (1907-1881). The 1900 census indicates Thomas and his father were neighbors in Derrynane Twp as their families were enumerated separately and sequentially. In 1910, Thomas was living next to his sister, Mary Lyons Benzick with his mother, Margaret Bowing Lyons. Thomas' daughter, Mary Anne Lyons married Lawrence Benzick (1866-1936) of Coburg, Germany ca. 1891 in Winona, MN. Their four children were: Margaret A. (1892-1974), Mary Anne (1898-1981), John A. (1894-1980) and Thomas A. Benzick (1896- ). Margaret [married Rudolph Kovarik; produced 4 dau & 2 sons] and John [never married] both died in Minnesota while Mary Anne [married John Krenik] and Thomas moved to California where they died. Marry Anne Lyons Benzick is buried at St Thomas Catholic Cemetery with her parents.


John E. Lyons reportedly wrote an historical sketch after 1888 for his unborn daughter, Florence (b. 1892) following the death of his father Anne Hart, May 2000. Although it was written from memory, it suggest his father, John Lyons was the first of his siblings to immigrate to America from Ireland thru Philadelphia in 1847 at the peak of the "GREAT Potato Famine" (1846-1850) at the age of seventeen. Perusing passenger lists at Olive Tree Genealogy and Jack Maloney's web site many of the Irish immigrated thru New York. More specifically, aboard the "Sardinia" from Liverpool to New York on 6 February, 1847, there are two John Lyonses. John's whereabouts between 1847 and 1850 is unknown. Another ship, the FloraMAcDonald left ENG 21Nov 1852 and arrived Baltimore Feb 1853 with a young John Lyons and 4 young Lloyd Children. There are two John Lyons listed in Baltimore between 1849 and 1850; one a laborer at 106 Dugans Whf and second a carpenter at 318 E. Monument. There is also a Jno Lyon and M Lyon in Piscataway of PG Co. MD in 1850 with ages of 26 and 30, respectively. This is just 10 years before he is known to be there purchasing a 150 acre tract.

John is said to have later brought over his brother, Timothy; sisters, Honorah/Honora and Ann; and his mother, Margaret Cull/Coll Lyons Lloyd Lyons. This was likely during the period 1850-1854 according to censuses and Staunton Va statements and shortly following the marriages of his sisters, Honorah Lyons [married in 1845 in Co Cork Co. Cork Parish records] and Ann Lyons [married in England in December 1852]. Honora's son, Patrick J. O'Connell is regularly recorded born in Ireland in addition to his funeral death card stating a birth of 4 Mar 1853. Thomas may have also immigrated under the auspices of his brother, John between 1852 and 1854 regardless of census and MN statements of immigrating at the age of 18 (1847). Their immigration may have coincided with John applying for citizenship in Petersburg on February 20, 1851 .

Thanks to Judy Miyagi, Sworn marriage witness statements and obituary records confirm John's siblings, Honorah, Anne and Thomas were living in and parishioners at St Francis Catholic church in Staunton Va in 1854. Considering English (1851)census and marriage records (1852), immigration was between 1853 and 1854 at least for the McKasy's. Recollections of our second cousin, Judy Miller Clark 11/2006 as a teenager with her grandmother, Violet Lyons Miller in Clinton and further verbalization with great grandmother, Kate Lloyd suggest the later immigrated at the age of 14 from England at the height of the cholera epidemics of the summer of 1853 UCLA tribute to Dr John Snow . According to memoirs, Kate may have immigrated with other Lloyd family members, the parents of whom may have perished on route subsequently promoting interactions and bonding with the Lyons family aboard the vessel. Orphaned and having no other family, family legend suggests Kate took up residence with the Lyons family resulting in her future marriage to John a few years later Judy Miller. This family tradition is in contrast to other beliefs according to Lloyd Lyons, the Holford family, and census records.

Virginia Life

The early Lyons family group originally settled in southern Virginia in the vicinity of Lynchburg and Staunton ca 1853/54 as Ann Lyons McKasey's second child was born in Stanton (sic). This coincided with John's immigration application in Petersburg (1851) and early work on the danville and Lynchburg Roads John's various Obituaries. On May 12, 1854 in Stanton, Thomas Lyons was married in the town of Stanton to Margaret Bowan/ Bowen/ Bowing who was living in the house of Timothy Connell (husband of Honorah) LDS film #0033972 VA Stanton-Marriages & Judy Mackesy Miyagi.

By 1856, the group had migrated up the Shenandoah valley (perhaps with the progress of the railroad north to New Market/ Strasburg VA) and settled in New Market (Thomas) near Edinburg and Woodstock VA (O'Connells's) where John 'reportedly' Lloyd lyons bought for his sister, Honorah and brother-in-law Timothy O' Connell/Connel a farm in Edinburg, Johnson Twp nr. Woodstock, VA 1870 VA census. According to census enumeration of nighbors (1880) along with a mid 1880 residential map, Timothy's death notice in Woodstock and property deeds, we now believe they did not own the farm. This was likely abt 2.5 miles south of Woodstock on Rt 605 at the edge of the shenandoah river depicted on google maps and various listed as 'Rootz' or JB Rush Farm Lewis Mantz/ Rootz/ JB Rush Farm. In Nov 2010 we were contacted by Cheslea Hovermale Inselmann about an old album found in a trunk of her grandmother's attic in Berkeley Springs WVa while preparing the residence for sale in 1985 old Lyons Album 1880-1900. Considering Cheslee's grandmother, Agnes divorced abt 1944 at which time her exhusband remarried in Winchester VA not far from Woodstock, our hypothesis is he may have been involved in an estate sale of the old farm in which the O'connells left the album following Honorah's death On 27May1881 and move back to Clinton.

Anne apparently remained in Stanton at least until her daughter was born in 1857 Anne and Patrick's Obit MN at which time they moved to MN. Thomas Lyons was enumerated as a railroad superintendant with his wife and daughter in New Market VA 1860 VA census. The Manassas Gap railroad was chartered on March 9, 1850. A route was planned through Manassas Gap near the town of Strasburg into the Shenandoah Valley. Tudor Hall (now called Manassas) was chosen for the connecting point with the O&A. Work ceased on the line ca 1858 for lack of funds. John Lyons, as he was likely a top official for the irish laborers, may have had early premonitions of the impending doom when he left ca 1857 for Georgetown DC/MD in search of an alternative career, the place he was reportedly from in a marriage announcement in the Baltimore morning Sunpaper on Oct 12, 1857. The 'Union Hotels' in both Georgetown James Lloyd, proprietor 1858 and Baltimore directory DC both operated by Lloyd family members have been thought to be somehow related to Catherine Lloyd and a reason for these location connections other than coincidence. In Baltimore, there is Thomas Lloyd (b. ca 1795; Ireland) with a wife from Washington and presumed son, James T. Lloyd (b. ca 1830; Washington) as proprietor of yet another 'Union Hotel' at the harbor. James woud have been age 28 by 1858. Legend once suggested the lloyd family owned a hotel in Baltimore on the water Anne Hart. John and Catherine moved to Baltimore where they were married in Oct 1857 at St Joseph's Catholic Church.

John and Kate Lloyd Lyons have been said to have owned and perhaps lived in a hotel in Alexandria known as the "Virginia House" which later became "Hotel Jackson" photographs in scrapbooks belonging to Wiliam s/o John. This could have been following or before the civil war as legend states Kate was pregnant when crossing the Potomac by boat and returning to Baltimore "when the slaves were freed". Many slaves in/around Alexandria took their freedom early as a result of the movement of Union troops to the area at the onset of the war and undoubtedly caused considerable turmoil in the city. John and kate could also have been returning from somewhere in VA (Petersburg?) other than Alexandria. Kate was pregnant in the spring and summer of 1860 prior to John Edward being born in Baltimore in Sept 1860 and in the summer of 1865 with son Thomas. However, we have yet to locate any other evidence (Census or directory) to date linking their presence in the northern virginia or Washington DC area in the 1850's or 1860. There is a John (age 21) and Catharine Lyons (age 31) as occupants of a house at 225 E. w. Petersburg in Dinwiddie 1860 [Note: If the ages were reversed they would be correct for John & Kate]. John's purchase of the "Peabody House" in Baltimore in 1858 just a year following their marriage at St Joseph's Catholic Church in Baltimore marriage record seems to make their Alexandria connection unlikely unless it was John himself prior to his marriage (Note however: John was reportedly from Georgetown DC in close proximity to Alexandria). Baltimore Sunpapers


While John made his 'Declaration of Intent" in Petersburg in 1851, he was admitted citizenship in a court for the County of Shenandoah on May 13? /30 , 1856 [Click at Right for enhancement] LDS FHL Film #0033926, p.212 Shenandoah Co. Court. On 13 Aug 1855 in a Shenandoah Co. court, Thomas Lyons gave his 'declaration of intent' for citizenship. Thomas is listed to have received his citizenship in 1858 1900?? census while presumably residing in Georgetown DC where his first two children were reported born in 1859 and 1862 Obit.?? . This may be in error as Thomas and family are observed in the 1860 census of New Market, Shenandoah Co. VA. A contributing factor may be the start of the civil war where VA & MD were generally perceived to be on opposing sides.

Marriage and Early Baltimore Life

John 'C?' Lyons' married Catherine Lloyd (15 August 1840-1920) on 1 October 1857 marriage record & Baltimore Sun. Their marriage license at the MD Hall of Records in Annapolis was issued by the State of Maryland on 30 Sept 1857 (BK.LSN 1851-1865 Folio 362; * MSA CR10277). They were married at St Joseph's Catholic Church in south baltimore by the Rev. William F. Clark Baltimore Sun with Patrick Cassidy and Elizabeth Watson as witnesses St Joseph's Reg. MSA M1689 (1839-1962); p. 53. This was near where they were likely presumptive living at 114 Scott St and a few more blocks from their business at the "Peabody House" at St Paul and Centre sts. A John Lyons first appears at 114 Scott st as a laborer in the Baltimore city directory in 1858 months immediately following their marriage and the same year he purchases the building at St Paul & Centre. A John Jr first appears at this address in 1877 (Note: John E. Lyons would be age 17 in 1877). The final year they appear at this address is 1886, the year before they move to 326 Indiana Ave in Washington DC (Note: in 1886 there are also James, Mary Wid of John, Joseph and Rich'd Lyonses all at 114 Scott St. It is not clear who these individuals are). John was Catholic and Kate as Protestant as their marriage record shows. They both became devout Catholics and devoted to their church at the Cathedral of the Basilica of the Asumption at Cathedral and Franklin sts (a few blocks from their business) where their children were baptized and John was transported back from Washington DC in 1888 for his funeral services. Their first child, John Edward Lyons was baptized at St Ignatius Loyola on Calvert st (located around the corner from their business and the church where the reverend that married them was transferred to). The remaining children were baptized at the Basilica between 1863-1865 (daughter Mary not accounted for).
    Wm Clark was attached to either St Joseph's nr. Scott St (now closed) or St Ignatius Loyola on Calvert St during this 'period of transition' for him Francis O'Neil; MD Hist Society; 4/18/2000 .

  1. Ref: Vital Records for Lyons Family in Baltimore including Death for Kate, marriage of John & Kate and Baptisms of their children

  2. Joseph Lyons from ...... Lib. HB:6 Fol. 606
  3. John Lyon from .... Lib. HB:6 Fol. 769

John, Timothy & John E. Lyons
John & his brother, Timothy with John's son. John Edward Lyons in the mid 1860's. (From the Holford Collection)

map of Limerick Co. Civil Parishes
The Homeland: Map of the Limerick Co. Ireland with its Civil Parishes. Source:

Hotel Jackson formerly the Old Virginia House on King Street in downtown Alexandria reportedly owned by John Lyons in the 1860's. Photo was reportedly taken ca. 1920, seven years prior to being destroyed by a tornado. Several photos have been retained in scrapbooks of Will and William S. Lyons. [photos courtesy of Anne Holford Hart]

Following their marriage, John (Photo on Left from the Holford Collection) and Kate (Photo on Right from the Holford Collection) John Lyons Kate Lyons painting settled in Baltimore where John purchased a house and property on the n.e. corner of St Paul and Centre Sts in 1858 Maryland Historical Society . By 1860, one year after the proposal by George Peabody to erect the "Peabody Institute" adjacent to the property, John had named the house "Peabody House" and converted it to a "Boarding House". The Baltimore City census for 1860 is the first reported apparent census evidence of our John Lyons. Although we do not yet know why his supposed wife is listed as "Jane", other data in the record strongly suggests this is our family: 1) A John and Timothy Lyons residing together in the 11th Ward (the same area John, Catharine & their children were 10 years later in 1870); 2) John's occupation was listed as Tavern & Boarding House similar if not the same (perhaps "Keeper Boarding House") as that ten years later in 1870 with his presumed brother-in-law, Edward Lloyd; and 3) a wealthy John with RE of $20,000 (Only $5,000 less than that in the 1870 census). The Baltimore city directories for 1860-1872 list John Lyons as "Prop'r. Peabody House" cor. St Paul & Centre.

The 1870 (11th Ward) and 1880 (Gilmor St.[19th ward]) censuses of Baltimore city are the first definitive census evidence of John & Catherine illustrating all the children born in Maryland: John E. (1860-1931), William P. (March 1863-March 1931), Thomas H. (1865-1926), Kate M. Lyons (1867-1945) and Mary Florence Lyons (Sept 1873-1943). In the Baltimore City census of 1870, John Lyons was listed as head of household and an occupation of "Keeper? boarding house" having real estate amounting to $25,000 and personal property of $6000. These are consistent with the 1860 census mentioned earlier. According to the MD Hist. Soc., John had sold the "Peabody House" in 1876 just a year prior to the enrollment of his son William P. Lyons at St Ignatius Loyola (Prep.?) School and the same year he purchased his brother's share of the 150 acre tract in PG Co. The census of 1880 lists John's occupation as "contract or public works" with William and Thomas "AT SCHOOL". Perhaps John had decided to revert to an occupation similar to that what he did in his early years in America. John is not yet accounted for in the 1876-1878 directories. However, a Mrs Kate Lyons is listed as "Grocery" at 22 S Front between 1871/72 to at least 1879/80. John may be listed in the Washington DC directory as an 1876 MD DEED refers to him being from Washington.

By 1880, he and his family were living at 377 n. Gilmor Street in the 19th ward of Baltimore city while his two sons, William and Thomas were attending Loyola school in Baltimore. The directories of 1881-1883 lists John and his son John E. Lyons as contractors again at 377 n. Gilmor St and the same in 1884 but with their second son, W illiam P. Lyons as a student. By 1885, William P. had graduated and John E. Lyons had married. The family (John NOT listed) moved to 1327 n. Gilmor St with John E. as a contractor and William P. Lyons as a Lawyer. John's son, Thomas H. Lyons was listed in Real Eastate in the Washington DC directory. By 1886, Thomas had graduated with John (NOW listed), John E. and Thos. all listed as contractors and William P. Lyons as a Lawyer ALL at 1327 n. Gilmor St. (Note: the Lyonses were listed at the same time in Washington DC and Baltimore). John's obituary states he had "removed to Washington so as to be near his work" in June 1887. This may have also been due in part to John E.'s marriage (1885) and the growing family in one house. The family likely moved to the house(s) in Piscatway (Clinton, MD) where his brother, Timothy and wife Ellen were living prior to 1876.

According to the Baltimore American Newspaper on 7 October 1888, John Lyons collapsed and died of a stroke while "engaged in filling the immense park surrounding the Washington National Monument" at the age of 58 (actually and apparently at home at 326 Indiana Ave, DC). His death certificate states his place of death as 326 Indiana Avenue Washington DC. According to a report of the Army Corps of Engineers dated 1888, the contract to construct an embankment around the monument was awarded to his son, Thomas H. Lyons on 1 December 1887 (perhaps the reason for his move). The Washington DC directory of 1888-1889 lists Thomas H. and John H. Lyons as contractors living at the same residence at 326 Ind. Ave with Thomas's brother, William P. Lyons as a lawyer (Wm was also listed in Baltimore with a business address at 208 Courtland and a res. in Washington). Apparently John and Thomas were living and working together at the time of his death. Legend says John was " a successful construction contractor". John's obituary was listed in at least three newspapers to include the Washington Star, Baltimore Sun and Baltimore American Newspaper . The Baltimore American on 7 October 1888 lists John's accomplishments as completing the Western Maryland Railroad, constructing the Lynchburg, Danville and Manassas Gap roads, initiating work on the Baltimore and Drum Point railroad, building Montebello Lake and excavating the foundations for the National Library in Washington (Photo at right). Family tales of him having " contracts to do work on the locks of the C&O canal" may be inaccurate as it was his son, John E. Lyons who was awarded a contract to construct fishways at Great Falls on the Potomac on 1 June 1885 just prior to his marriage. John died at his residence on Indiana Ave in Washington on 6 Oct 1888. Following a service at the Cathedral in Baltimore (abt. 8 Oct 1888), he was buried at what was once called "Bonnie Brae Cemetery" now New Cathedral Cemetery in west Baltimore.

Map illustrating railroad system in/ around Virginia in 1850-1860 when John traveled extensively from Petersburg to Baltimore and undoubtedly did roadwork along the railroad in Lynchburg and Danville. Note: these two towns in addition to Petersburg are on major RR lines and provided rapid commutes for John. However, "The Great Philadelphia Wagon Road" in the mid 1700's also became a major thoroughfare by the mid 1800's on what is now rte 11 adjacent to I81.

ESTATE DOCKET 1888-1889 for John Lyons (MSA CR 10681; p 124) dated 15 Oct 1888
John Lyons Kate Lyons & William P. Lyons $100,000 $46,042.50 filed 15 June 1889 $65,668.72 John E Lyons, Thomas H Lyons & Joseph P. Clark 1 Acct 30 Sept 1889

In 1890, two years following John's death, most of the Lyonses had left Washington with the exception of John E. Lyons who moved there about 1889/90. Thomas moved to Piscataway, PG Co. sometime between 1890-1892 and William P. and Kate to Baltimore. Kate was living with her son William at 1029 Edmondson av from 1890 to at least 1896 when he married Mary E.Carroll and her daughter, Mary F. Lyons married Albert Hoen. In 1898 Kate moved to 2106 Mt Royal Ter with presumably her daughter Mary Lyons Hoen. William had moved to 1532 Linden av with his business at 818 Equitable Bldg.

    Catherine (aka Kate) Lloyd (1840-1920) w/o John Lyons emigrated from Ireland 1860-1900 censuses. One legend originally suggested she had immigrated with her parents and presumed siblings in the 1840's and another has her immigrating ca. 1837 before she was born. She was born on 15 August 1840 the daughter of John Lloyd and Elizabeth Abraham/s in the town of Castlereagh in County Roscommon interment and death record . An Elizabeth Lloyd, [looks like age 32] and Edward Lloyd, age 30 are among those living with John and Catherine in 1870 in Baltimore city (11th Ward). Edward Lloyd was the sponsor of William P.Lyons baptism in 1863 at the cathedral and Elizabeth Lloyd the sponsor of John Edward Lyons' baptism in 1860 at St Ignatius. Legend suggests Kate's parents "owned a small hotel down by the waterfront which is no longer standing". Catherine's probable Uncle Thomas Lloyd (b. ABT 1795; Ireland) 1850 census , listed in the Baltimore city directories (1847-1851/52) as "Prop. Union Hotel", s.w. cor. Charles & Pratt is perhaps the owner of the legendary family hotel "at the waterfront". He may have immigrated unmarried with Catherine and her siblings. Thomas' wife, Elizabeth (b. ABT 1800) was listed born in Washington DC in the 1850 census (15th ward} and Catherine (age abt 10) and her presumed siblings, William (age 21), Elizabeth (age abt 12) and Edward Lloyd (age abt 11) are not with them. The sponsors of Catherine's marriage in 1857 were listed as Patrick Cassidy and Elizabeth Watson further suggesting her parents dead, not in the country or rivals with the Catholics. In 1855 approximately three years later after Thomas, a William J. Lloyd succeeded Thomas as Prop. of the Union Hotel" at the s.w. corner of Pratt and Charles Street and remains so thru at least 1890. This Wm J Lloyd (age 31) is associated with Elizabeth Lloyd (age 21) [probably unmarried] and no children of their own in the 1860 census ( 15th ward of Baltimore City). Both Wm and Elizabeth are listed as born in Ireland. Wm J Lloyd (age 44 and Hotel Keeper) married ca. 1867 as he is listed with a Hellen Lloyd (age 25) and two children, Willie Lloyd (age 2) and Louis Lloyd (age 7/12) in the 1870 census (15th ward - The words "Union Hotel" are in the left margin). Elizabeth likely moved from William Lloyd's house in 1860 as she was living with John and Catherine in 1870 ten years older then she was in 1860 living with Wm J. Lloyd. Additionally and Interestingly, a Thomas Lloyd (perhaps a son of Thomas Sr and perhaps a cousin of Catherine) appears in the 1853 thru at least 1860 directories of Baltimore with a hotel at the cor. of Canton ave and 69 President St. Catherine outlived John by 32 years. She died at 80 years, 1 month and 6 days on Sept 21, 1920 of arterio sclerosis (Enlarged heart). She was buried on Sept 24, 1920 with John at New Cathedral Cemetery in Baltimore. Her residence at time of death was recorded as 1924 Park ave, Dixon Park, Mt Washington, the home of her daughter, Mary Lyons Hoen and son-in-law, Albert B. Hoen as indicated in her obituary and death record. William P Lyons as informant for Kate's death record inaccurately reports her residence in Baltimore as 60 years. William P. Lyons apparently returned to Ireland before 1930 to research ancestors. The Lloyd family was apparently "still living in the same house in Ireland and had been there for some 400 years. This was in the town of Castlereagh in County Roscommon". The1900 census enumerates Catherine and her daughter, Katherine M. Lyons with the Hoens.

    William P. Lyons (March 1863-March 1931) s/o John and brother to John E. and our Thomas H. Lyon attended the "College and Church of St Ignatius of Loyola" from 1877 to 1881 where he studied grammar and poetry. He married Mary E. Carroll (b. Nov 1869; Maryland) in 1896 1900 census. They produced three daughters: Mary E. Lyons (b. Oct 1897), Esther (), and Eleanor Lyons () who became a Nun(?). Esther Lyons married George Renahan () and had 3 known children: Patrick Lyons (5 Nov 1933- 16 Aug 1999), John () [married a Fran], and Agnes Renahan () [ married Maus Collins]. Much of this sub-lineage is still living in the MD/ Washington DC area. In 1888 and at the time of John's death, William and his brother, Thomas H. along with their presumed father [apparently still listed as John H. Lyons in the directory (1888-89)] are all living together at 326 Indiana ave in Washington DC.

      Patrick Lyons Renahan (5 Nov 1933- 16 Aug 1999), son of Ester Lyons, married Betty Anne ......... () and had at least 9 children: Kathy [married Bob Bixby], Terry [married Kevin Cavenaugh], Colleen [married Tom Alexander], Mike [married Kathy ......], Jim [married Theresa ........], John [married Dorothea ......], Tim [married Michelle .......], Ed [married Sharon ......], and Bill [married Jill .......]. Patrick was born in Baltimore and graduated from Catholic and George Washington Universities. He raised his family in Laurel, MD.

    Mary Florence Lyons (Sept 1873-1943) d/o John married Albert B. Hoen (Feb. 1864-1945) ca. 1896. Albert owned a Lithographic Plant and resided at Dixon Park in 1920. Mary and sister, Katherine M. and mother, Kate Lyons were residing together in Baltimore from at least 1898 Baltimore city directory to the time of Kate's death in 1920. Later in 1936-1940 the Hoen's resided in Roland Park. Mary's sister, Katharine M Lyons remained with them until her death in 1945.
      According to Mary Anne Miller, Albert and Mary Hoen produced Berthold Hoen who in turn produced Mary Clare Hoen who had 2 boys.
photographs acquired from Mike Miller via Anne Holford Hart (7/99). Mike's Aunt Mary Anne (Daughter of Violet Lyons Miller) annotated the photos with appropriate captions. The photos had been passed down in the Miller Family (descendants of Thomas Henry Lyons, Sr, son of John 'H or C' Lyons (b. 1830)) and are primarily of this branch of the Lyons lineage.

Portrait photographs of John and Katie Lyons, John's brother Timothy and John's sons, John E Lyons and Thomas Henry Lyons. John E. Lyons' daughter, Ruth Kirby Lyons is included in addition to Thomas Henry Lyons' daughters, Grace and Emily Lyons. These photographs were kindly supplied by Warren Holford and Anne Holford Hart, children of John E. Lyons daughter, Ruth Kirby Holford. This subpage contains originally sized photos suitable for photographic reproduction and may be slow to load.

Photo handed down in family of presumably John Lyons crew digging the congressional library cellar (From the Miller Family Collection).

current Lyons monument Old Lyons monument
Left Photo Photographed in July 1999 at New Cathedral Cemetery.
Right PhotoAn older photo was contributed by Warren Holford, a descendant of John E. Lyons and buried in the same Plot. The Inscription reads "In Memory of JOHN LYONS A native of the County Limerick, Ireland Died October 8, 1888 Aged 58 Years". Note this inscription is NOT on the newer and renovated stone (Top). Photographed in .............

Thomas Henry Lyons (1865-1926) s/o John attended the "College and Church of St Ignatius of Loyola" from 1878 to 1883 where he studied grammar and poetry. We currently believe his father, John probably retained a business in Washington for some time since his marriage and apparent prior residence at Georgetown in 1857 while maintaining a primary family residence in Baltimore. According to our second cousin (Miller family) and our findings to date, Thomas, William and perhaps John Edward Lyons ("The Wild Lyons' Boys" speculative from discussions with David Miller) probably spent their summer breaks in the house where their Uncle Timothy Lyons was living prior to 1876 in Piscataway (Surratts District in southern Prince Georges County now Clinton, MD) in close proximity to their father's work. Timothy Lyons was enumerated there in 1870 and in Baltimore in 1880. Timothy sold his lot and house(s) to his brother John in 1876. At Abt. age 21 in 1886/87, Thomas met his wife in Piscataway where his family likely moved after leaving Baltimore.
Following his graduation in 1883 (according to the Loyola College catalog for the academic year of 1882/83), he initially took to painting while living with a Maurice or Michael A. and John F. G. LYONS at his residence on Indiana Ave in DC. It is unclear whether these individuals were related to Thomas as perhaps second cousins or merely coincidental. Within two years in 1884/85, he was in real estate living at the same residence with the same people. These were likely odd jobs and temporary until he could secure a contract. He was awarded a contract in 1887/88 and in 1888/89 (according to the Washington DC city directory) listed as a contractor while living with his brother William P. Lyons ( Univ. MD lawyer) and his presumed father, John H. Lyons (Contractor). Family legend and daughter, Violet's, obituary incorrectly reports Thomas "was taking his law degree at Georgetown University " during their early marriage of ca. 1889. Thomas married his earlier acquaintance, a local Piscataway girl (see Bryan History), Anna Rebecca Bryan (1867-1941) on 26 February 1889 Marriage License . Thomas and Rebecca initially resided at Thomas' original residence at 326 Indiana Ave (currently Judiciary Square Metro Stop) where their first child and daughter, Violet C. Lyons (1889-1969) was born in Sept 1889. Their presumed POST wedding portrait (upper right) was dated August 19, 1889. Apparently Thomas and Rebecca returned from Washington to the Clinton area probably ca. 1892 where they resided at the Lyons homestead known as "Travelers Rest" (Abt 250 acres acquired 1865-1876 known as "Lanham Farm") currently at or near the site of Hyde park airfield across from the old Bryan Plantation, "Bryan's Hall" that was sold in 1892. According to Laurie Verge (director of the Surratts house in Clinton, MD in 1999) and her mother who knew the local Bryans, Thomas Sr. was a lumberman (This is probably not entirely accurate as he likely spent considerable time clearing the 250 acres his father left him to farm). There they produced six other children: Mary J. Lyons (1894-1956), Dorothy R. Lyons (Rebecca?)(1896-1983), Grace V. Lyons (Virginia?) (1899- ) [m1. Moss Carrico; m2. Phillip Lehmer, Sr], Emily C. Lyons (Catherine?) (1903- ), Thomas Henry Lyons, Jr. (1905-1972) [The father of our next generation] and William A. Lyons (1910- ). Thomas is listed in the census of 1900 with his wife, four children, brother-in-law, Joseph L. Bryan and father-in-law, William P. Bryan. Thomas is listed as a general farmer in Surratts District 9 of Prince Georges County in the census of 1910 with his wife and seven children. He is again listed as a farmer in Surratts district 9 of Prince Georges County in the census of 1920 with five children. Later in the 1920, Thomas built a home for his family at what is now 9312 Brandywine Rd. According to the Holford family, Thomas and his sister, Katharine M. Lyons walked with a limp and are believed to both have had polio as children. Thomas and his wife Rebecca B. Lyons are buried in a family plot in section 50 of Mt. Olivet Cemetery with their son Thomas Henry Lyons, Jr. (1905-1972) and the Cremains of their daughter, Dorothy L.(aka Dorry) O'Brien and husband Charles (aka Toby) O'Brien ( -1983). Thomas had been thought to have died in Clinton but he left a Will in 1926 in the Dist of Columbia DC Archives, Box 875.
    Most of Tom Lyons Sr's childen are believed to have remained in the Washington DC area with the exception of Grace Lyons. Grace married Phillip Thain Lehmer, Sr. 1890-1954) in 1918 and presumably went west initially to Denver and then later to Torrington WY where Phillip died 5/3/1954. Their daughter, Margaret Ann Lehmer (1925- ) married Ray Nill (ca. 1920- ) and produced at least five children: Mary Ann Nill (1949- ), Thomas Raymond Nill (1951- ), Patricia Lehmer Nill (1954- ), Grace Virginia Nill (1957- ) and Patrick Joseph Nill (1961- ), Sharon Lantzy Wygant ; Genforum 3/15/2001. Phillip Jr (1920-1965) apparently went further west to California where he died and left his wife.

  1. "The Lehmer-Leamer-Lamer Genealogy" by Laurence E. Leamer
  2. Ralph Wayne Leamer data at

Before and After of The Old Lyons' House in Clinton, MD

The new home of Thomas H. Lyons Sr and Rebecca Bryan Lyons from the 1920's when it was built. This home is the same house now at 9312 Brandywine Road in Clinton although it is quite different looking than the present house. According to members of the Miller family in southern Maryland, it was drastically modified prior to the 1960's.
Photograph taken sometime in the 1920's as indicated
by the vintage automobile

Photograph taken in 1999. There is a large Garage
to the left of the unit.

Thomas & Rebecca portrait
Thomas H. Lyons & Anna Rebecca Bryan August 19, 1889 (Their presumed Wedding portrait)

Thomas & Rebecca with Violet 1890's
Thomas & Rebecca Lyons with their first child, Violet Lyons in the early 1890's

Thomas Lyons & Jack Bryan
Thomas Henry Lyons Jr (right) in 1925 with his Uncle Jack Humphries Bryan. The house in the background is Thomas Lyons', Sr house at what is now 9312 Brandywine Rd in Clinton. [Photo courtesy of David Miller, third generation from Thomas H. Lyons Sr]

Rebecca B. Lyons stone Mary J. Lyons stone Dorothy Lyons stone Thomas H.. Lyons Jr. stone
Stones at Mount Olivet Cemetery off Bladensburg road in Washington DC. See references

Violet Lyons, daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Lyons as an infant in 1890.

    John E. Lyons was the eldest of John and Kate's children and a brother to our Thomas Henry Lyons, Sr. He married Annie Virginia Stewart (1867- 1948) of Norfolk, VA in 1885 and resided at 1327 N. Gilmor St. in Baltimore City. He was probably born and raised at 114 Scott st in south baltimore until his father sold the business in 1876 when the family moved to 377 Gilmor. The old residence on Scott st probably remained as a place of business where a John and John Jr are listed in the directory. He moved to 1327 Gilmor st upon his marriage in 1885 where his father and two brothers are listed living thru 1886 and into 1887. His father, John had reportedly moved to Washington in 1886. The Lyons family was obviously very close as John E continued to report his brothers as occupants at 1327 Gilmor in 1887 while they were also listed in Washington. John moved to DC by 1890 as that is the year his first child was reported born there. They had seven children: John Hugh Lyons (1890-1962), surgeon and physician; Maud C. Evans Lyons (died as infant) buried at New Cathedral cemetery; Florence J. Lyons (1892-1970); William Stewart Lyons "Will Lyons"(1895-1936); Ruth Kirby Lyons (1897-1962) [Mother of Anne and Warren Holford]; Roseannette Lyons (1905- ); and Kathryn Virginia Lyons (1898-1976). Family legend reports John E. took over his father's business following his death which apparently failed in 1915. However, Thomas H. also had a contracting business in DC and it was he who won the contract to landscape around the Washington monument in 1886 where their father, John had died of a stroke in 1888. John E. Lyons resided and raised his children in Brookland, Northern DC. Their home once stood in the midst of where Catholic University of America now stands and is shown in the photo at the right with his brother's, (Thomas H Lyons) daughters, Grace and Emily Lyons in 1909. Other surnames associated with John E. Lyons' descendants include Sorg, Gardiner, Kramer, Ivisan, Karakor, Berry, Varga, Serice, Holford, Powell, Duffy, Kopko, Hart, Grant, Bollinger, Schenk, Barrett and Leuck.

      John Hugh Lyons, Sr was a physician and surgeon in Washington DC. His son also became a surgeon residing in New Hampshire.
Thomas H. Lyons, Jr. married Kathleen Elizabeth Ewing (1907-1990), a sole child and daughter of David M. Ewing and Romayne Hoover of Pennsylvania. They produced 4 children born in Washington DC and raised in Falls Church, VA. Thomas died in Annandale VA in 1972 Social security death records after a lenghty illness and is buried with his parents and sisters at Mt Olivet cemetery in Bladensburg, MD (Washington DC).

    Violet Lyons was the eldest daughter of Thomas Henry Lyons Sr. and a sister to Thomas H. Lyons Jr. She married Blosie Kubith (BK) 'Cotton' Miller Sr. They had six children: Catherine ( -1997), Thomas ( -1991), Rebecca 'Betty' ( -1990), Margaret 'Peggy' (b. ~1924), Blosie Kubith (BK) Jr. 'Bunny' ( -1996) and Mary Ann (b. ~1929).

      Thomas Miller married Esther Clifton and had 10 children. A few descendant surnames are Bean, Dyson and Bader.



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