History of the Mohler lineage in Pennsylvania

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  • Much of this information comes from the Mohler/ Moler/ Moller Family website by Lance Mohler and Elizabeth 'Betty' Landis Carson. Their site offers an excellent and extensive database of the Mohlers and related descendants originating from Germany/ Switzerland and Euphrata in Lancaster Co., PA and migrating to the Harrisburg, PA, OHIO areas and further west.
  • Betty has apparently been conducting research on the Landes/Landis lineage since ca. 1930 and organizing family reunions annually since. She has made available her research notebooks (Carlisle Hist Soc. Ref: F M698C/ CH B369; 3 ring binder), "Henry Mohler, Sr. and his descendants" with an extensive lineage of subordinate families and the few Deeds and Wills that are available. Betty has given credit to many contributors throughout the country as she prepares to publish a book. The notebooks are also available at the other historical societies in Lancaster county (LCMHS).
  • Other sources of information is that of Ned Mohler Drees (available at Carlisle, PA & LCMHS) of Ohio, C.M. Mohler chart and Louise Martin Mohler's book, "Mohlers of Ohio".
  • While actual source documents of the early information (Before Christian Mohler, Jr.) have yet to be acquired, the Photo of Catherine Mohler was handed down by her granddaughter, Romaine Hoover and the 1850 and 1860 censuses do confirm the mother of Catherine Mohler as A. Moohler (spelling intentional) with her father presumably dead by 1850.

  • Family Lineage

    Our line presumably originates from Henry Mohler/Moler (WP 22 Sept 1769) Lan. Co. Wills (Abt 1701; Switzerland - Sep 1769; Lancaster CO, PA). The information is scanty owing to the lack of PA records for that timeperiod. The lack of information, the fact of Henry and his son, Henry died within a few years of one another and they both married Elizabeths were factors in much of the prior research information being combined for these two Henry's. The information is only just recently being sorted out Carson et al.. The family apparently immigrated to America before 1726 and following the birth of their sons, Martin Mohler, John Mohler and Jacob Mohler (ABT 1722-1770). This was determined from tax records of lancaster in 1726 listing a Henry Moler. Their son Henry Mohler, Jr. (1728 - 1774) appears to have been born in Lancaster. According to his will drafted on 22 Aug 1769, they settled on approximately 145 acres in Cocalico Twp, Lancaster Co and produced at least another 2 daughters, Elizabeth Mohler and Susanna Mohler. There may have been a daughter, Ann Mohler (b. ca. 1720) as both she and Henry married Landes brother and sister. Henry probably had three wives, second to an Elizabeth and third to a Barbara.

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    Henry Mohler, Jr. (20 Jan 1728 - 20 Apr 1774, Lancaster CO, PA) married an Elizabeth Landis (13 Apr 1731; Lancaster CO.- 20 Mar 1804; Lancaster CO) daughter of "Ephrata" John Landes/Landis (1696 - 1756) and Margaretha NAAS (1707 - 1780; Akron, Lancaster CO.). They were married ABT. 1750 in Lancaster CO, PA. They produced 9 children: Mary MOHLER (13 Oct 1750 - 13 Sep 1813) [married a Pfautz]; Henry MOHLER III (21 Oct 1754 - 12 May 1833); John MOHLER (16 Sep 1757 - 11 Nov 1821); Salome MOHLER (7 Sep 1761 - 23 May 1843); Susanna MOHLER (29 Jan 1764 - 1 Oct 1827) [married a Bucher]; Margaret MOHLER (13 Mar 1767 - 10 Sep 1850); Jacob MOHLER (30 Jun 1771 - 29 Jan 1833); Elizabeth MOHLER (1773 - ) [married a Herr]; and Christian MOHLER (24 Mar 1774 - 28 Feb 1836) [the father of our next generation]. A few deeds disclosing the disposition of Henry Jr's estate are found in DEED DD-357, 1 Jan 1785; DEED FF-277, 19 Dec 1786; and DEED TT-489, 25 Apr 1795.

    Henry Jr's Home built in 1764 in Euphrata, PA. Photo obtained from ... via Carson/ Mohler website.
    Home in Euphrata, PA probably that of Henry Sr's son, Jacob Mohler. Photo obtained from ... via Carson/ Mohler website.

    Tombstones of Henry Jr and wife Elizabeth at Mohler Church cemetery in Euphrata with german inscriptions. Click on image for enlargement.

      John Landes (1696-1756), one of several John Landis' in the period, initially settled a 135 acre tract in the Euphrata region of Lancaster ca. 1717-1720 A. Meyers, YorkHS Vol 30, p.76 near Scenic View Dr and Rothsville rd and Cocalico, Middle and Hammer creeks in Akron, PA. While the german spelling appears to be 'Landes', it has been Americanized (by descendants or recording clerks) to 'Landis' for most of the descendants of John. John and Margaretha produced 15 children: Mary Landes (1722-1785) [m. Jacob Sontag/Sunday]; John Landes (1723-1801) [m. Ann Mohler (1720)]; Elizabeth Landes (1731-1804) [The mother of our next generation]; Margaret Landes (1734-Aft 1815) [m. Christian Hess/Haas/Hase]; Barbara Landes (1736-1818) [m. Jacob Keller]; Susanna Landes (ca. 1737) [m. Daniel Bauman]; Anna Landes (1739-Aft 1785) [m. Jacob Hernley]; Magdalena Landes (1740-1826) [m. Michael Baer]; Jacob Landes (1742-1804); Catherine Landes (1747-1835) [m. Samuel Bowman]; Abraham Landes (1750-1832); Henry Landes (c. 1738); David Landes (ca. 1744-1825) [m. Anna Amelia Holl]; Benjamin Landes (ca. 1752-1826) [m. Eve Hartman]; and Salome Landes (Bef 1754). John purchased another 66+ acres [later set aside (presumably by brother after his death) as a family and neighbor burial ground] on 16 Mar 1738/39 Philadelphia DEED Bk A-189. John and Margaretha are said to be buried in Kemper-Landis cemetery in Akron, Lancaster county, PA on the far upper end of the original 135 acres John had patented. John's (WP 30 July 1756) Will was written in german Lan.Co. Will Bk B-152 and eventually translated and recorded as Y-2-395. Following the death of John's widow, Margaretha, the children transferred the land (65 acres) to Johns brother, David Landes between 1756/66 and 1774 Lan.Co. DEED's BB-530, BB-533, BB-535 which he in turn transferred to his son, David Landis, Jr in 1802. This was only for 42 acres, the difference of the 66 + acres was probably for the family and neighbor burial ground.

      The parents of John Landes have been said to be Hans Heinrich Landis Jane Evans Best, Mar 1994 (b. ca 1645) and Elizabeth Hirt Hal Ferguson who settled in Amwell, NJ. This and further speculation into this lineage to ca. 1520 has been reported at HTTP://ivory.im.com/~mrkeys/barron.html.

      The parents of Margaretha Naas have been speculated to be Bishop Johannes Naas (1670-1741) and Margaret (Rehnen?) Hal Ferguson. Johannes immigrated in 1733 letter to son, Jacob Wilhelm Naas from Norten in Westphalia with his wife and daughter, Elizabeth Naas (b. ca. 1693) who married Heinrich Hans Landis and settled in Amwell, NJ. Support for this supposition comes from knowledge of routine travel between Germantown, PA, Amwell, NJ, and Euphrata, Lancaster Co., PA.

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    Christian MOHLER (24 Mar 1774 - 28 Feb 1836) was born in the Euphrata area of Lancaster Co. He married a Magdalena Salome SPRINGER (7 Mar 1780 - 18 Jul 1867) on 28 Jan 1794/99? at the First Reformed Church, Lancaster CO, PA. Magdalena was born in Manheim, Lancaster Co. Christian and Magdalena moved to Upper Allen Twp of Cumberland Co. about 1801 where they produced 15 children: Mary MOHLER (26 Nov 1795/1805? - 12 Mar 1842) [married Joseph Sollenberger (1798-1884)]; Anna Nancy MOHLER (Sep 1799 - Dec 1846 ) [married John Swartz (1791-1866)]; Elizabeth MOHLER (ABT. 1801 - 15 Jan 1849; OH) [married George Titter (1796- )]; Sarah MOHLER (30 Jun 1801 - 14 Dec 1895; Ohio) [married Jacob Sherer (1804-1869)]; Catharine MOHLER (b. 1803) [married Jacob Gliem (sp?) and David Plough]; Susanna MOHLER ( 14 Sep 1804 - 30 Nov 1887) [married John Mohler (1802-1860)]; Samuel MOHLER (Jan 1807 - 1 Jun 1885) [married Rachael Miller (1814-1870)]; Christian MOHLER, Jr. (16 Jun 1808 - 2 Mar 1847) [the father of our next generation]; Joseph MOHLER (9 Nov 1812 - 9 Apr 1896; Ohio) [married Elizabeth Landis (1814-1905)]; Barbara Ann MOHLER (27 Mar 1816 - 15 Dec 1844) [married Joseph Miller (1812-1886)]; Martin MOHLER (22 Jul 1818 - 30 Dec 1841) [married Mary Givler]; Jacob C MOHLER (17 Nov 1819 - 24 Feb 1903; PA) [married Sarah Weaver (1830-1897)]; Martha MOHLER (b. 1822) [married Adam Rencel]; Esther MOHLER (9 Oct 1823 - 2 Jan 1908) [married Michael Hoover (ABT 1838-1895)]; and Margaret MOHLER (ABT. 1825 - 23 Jul 1831). Christian (WP 3 Feb 1836 Cumb. Co.,Will Bk K, p478
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    Christian MOHLER, Jr. was born in Cumberland Co. on 16 Jun 1808. He married Ann/Nancy KRUG/KRUGH on 2 Oct 1831 probably in Cumberland Co. as that is where there first was born. According to ???? and a family book/ bible, Ann was the daughter of John Krug/ Krugh and Elizabeth Good. They produced 8 children: Sarah MOHLER (9 Oct 1831 - 1911); Martha MOHLER (3 Nov 1832 - 1 Jun 1921) [married Wendel Miller]; Elizabeth MOHLER (ABT 1833 - ) [married David W. Lembaugh (sp?)]; Abner MOHLER (ABT 1838 - BEF 1885); Harrison MOHLER (b. ABT 1840) [married a Catharine ....]; Anne MOHLER (ABT 1841 - BEF 1856); John M MOHLER (ABT 1842) [married a Hettie ....]; and Catherine MOHLER (19 Mar 1844 - 27 Nov 1912)[the mother of our next generation]. The 1860 Census of PA has Ann as head of household with ..... Christian died in 1847 at 48 years and Ann/Nancy died in 1884 at the age of 72. They are buried with Christian's parents at Mohler Dunker Cemetery on the border of Upper and Lower Allen Twps Cumberland Co. just off the Route 15 exit of the PA turnpike.

    Catherine MOHLER married George Otstott in 1861 probably in Mechanicsburg where they lived at 14 Keller St. till their death. George was likely born in Lancaster Co., the son of Frederick Otstott and Mary Magdalena Swords of Fairview Twp, York county PA. When George's father died in 1850 in Fairview Twp, adjacent and close proximity to Mechanicsburg, Cumberland county, he was placed with the Kaufman family in Northern York Co (Fairview Twp. 1850 Census) George was enumerated in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County 1860 census in the household of Ann Moohler with her daughter Catherine and other children. George and Catherine produced William Hugene Otstott (1861-1929) and Cora Ann Otstott (1866-1920) [the mother of our next generation - married George B. Hoover].
    Tombstones of George and Catherine Mohler Otstot at Chestnut Hill cemetery in Mechanicsburg PA. Photograph by Betty Carson on .... Click on image for an enlargement.


    1. Mohler Family website

    Tombstones of Christian and Magdalena SPRINGER Mohler at Mohler Dunker Cemetery. Photographed by Betty Carson on ... . Click on image for enlargement.

    Christian and Magdalena's home in historic Euphrata built in 1817. Photographed by Betty Carson on ... .

    Our Catherine Mohler Otstot. Photo handed down in the Romayne Hoover Ewing (Blocher) collection. Click on image for enlargement.


    We thank Lance Mohler for access to his extensive database and informative website. Also for his keen interest in historical data preservation.

    We like to thank Betty Carson for sharing photographs and historical information on the family and for her keen interest in historical data preservation. Acknowledgements to the many contributors to her work are specifically referred to in her work.

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