History of the Pead/Peade/Peed Family of Colonial Princess Anne and Norfolk Counties of Tidewater Virginia

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  • As suggested by others James Hargraves (June 07, 2000 Genforum), the Pead family immigrated to the tidewater area of virginia (Princess Anne and Norfolk County) ca 1622/24 and may have heen early settlers of the Virginia colony. A John Pead was born in England in 1589 and immigrated (transported by William Farrar Jr)with others to the Virginia colony aboard the "Southhampton" in what is apparently referred to as "Jordan's Journey of 21 January 1624". Following the indian massacre of 1622, a Pead was listed in a census in the vicinity of Hopewell Claudia Pope of Port Norfolk via Herbert Daniel . It's been said, John had a son, John Jr. born in 1620, lived in Lower Norfolk and left a will in 1678 Norfolk Co. Wills p. 55; Book 4 f 30. dated 4 Feb. 1677/8 proved 15 Apr 1678. If so, he would have been born in England and arrived with his father or more likely transported later. He may be the John in the census following the 1622 massacre in the vicinity of Hopewell. John (WP 1677/8) had two sons, Wm and Jno Pead. Another one of John Jr's daughters was Pembroke Pead who married Richard Hargrave, Jr.Nancy G. Mann.

    1. Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, p.30 [There was no immigration of John PEAD in 1637; it was an appeal for land based upon the 1622 claim and reads:] 1637-William Farrar Jr. renews claim to 2,000 acres of land in Henrico Co., Virginia on 6/11/1637 due to William Farrar in exchange transp. of 40 persons, including Jon. Peed. [cited by Harvey Entry #503]
    2. Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents, W.G. Stanard, p.690 entry #503: "William Farrar, son and heir of William Farrar, late of Henrico, deceased; 2,000 acres at Henrico, bounded on the east by the Glebe land of Varina, and extending westerly to the bottom of the island (I). If 2,000 acres is not to be found by a survey within these boundaries, the amount required is to be taken on the westerly bounds. Due for the transportation of forty persons (names below) By Harvey, June 11, 1637. Thomas Williams...Jon. Pead...[etc.]
    3. The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1776 by Coldham; p.36 "1624 John Peede was living at Jordon's Journey [Charles City?]" p.51 "1625 John Pead, a servant age 35 came to Jordon's Journey, VA on ship "Southampton" in 1622"
    4. Email from Jeni Oast, w/o John K. Oast with reference to email from Herbert Daniel whose informant was Claudia Pope of Port Norfolk and granddaughter of Claudius Peed.

  • Whether a slip in penmanship or a situation in time, the early Peads in the Tidewater area prior to ca 1800 were frequently listed in documents as "PEADE" or "PEAD". They originally settled in Norfolk Co. but by ca 1670 moved into Princess Anne Co. where they remained until the early 1800's. The agricultural depression of the 1820's in addition to the establishment of the Norfolk/ Portsmouth ferry promoted and accelerated the withdrawal from Princess Anne into adjacent Norfolk county and other counties and states. This appears to be the time the name was changed almost exclusvely to "Peed" and occasionally "Peede". By 1830, the Pead/Peed name was practically non-existent in Princess Anne county but quite familiar in the Portsmouth area.

  • Wm (William) Pead (ca 1650-1719) may be the son of John (WP 1677/78) who left a will in 1719 Princess Anne Co., VA Deed Bk 3, p.230, sons Leml (ca 1680), Wm and Jno Pead and many daughters: daughter Mary Wilder, daughter Martha Lowery, daughter Dinah Pead, daughter Eliza Pead and daughter Jacomin Pead

  • Some say Lemuel (ca 1680) and Ana Pead who were alive in 1761 in Princess Anne Co. are the parents of Joel Pead (ca 1710- 1783).

    1. Virginia Antiquary, Vol.I, Princess Anne County Loose Papers, 1700-1789, p.21; "17 April 1761 ...13 Aug, 1762, the sheriff of Norfolk County is ordered to summon Thomas Dameron, William Grant, Lemuel Pead & Ana Peed to testify on behalf of John Wigley v. Evan Purdy...."

  • Joel Pead (ca 1710 - 1783) left a will on 27 Dec 1783 Princess Anne Co., VA Will Bk1, p.6 (WP 1784) and two sons, Samuel and Lemuel. Two years later, there was a Joel, Thomas and Lemuel Pead enumerated together in Norfolk Co. in 1785 on the North side of Tanners Creek but this Joel is clearly NOT the father. Joel, however was the only one with data beside his name [4 white souls, 1 dwelling] suggesting they were living together and perhaps related. There was a Thomas Pead who died a few years later in 1787 and left a wife and daughter, Elizabeth [perhaps No. 4]. The Joel, alive in 1785 and living with Lemuel, is likely the one who married Lydia Hammon 9 years later in 1794 as Lemuel Peed acted as surety. It is unclear whether these are brothers or near kin.

    1. Marriages of Norfolk Co., VA 1793-1817 Vol II; Eliza Wingo; 7 March 1794 PEED, Joel & Lydia hammon, Lemuel Peed Surety - Lydia is Lawful age.
    2. There is a William Peed and Lemuel Peed in Portsmouth in 1850 1850 census ages 45 and 43 born calc 1805 & 1808, respectively. There is also another, yet younger Joel Peed who died in in 1833, age 33 [b. calc 1800). These could be sons of Joel or Lemuel Pead.

      1. Joel Peed (ca. 1800-1833) Tuesday 16 July 1833 (p.3; c.3) LVA film #188; Henley Papers "Died on Saturday (July 13) at the residence of John Shipp at Seawell's point, at age about 33 years, leaving a wife".

  • The name "Lemuel" is common to the Virginia area. As a matter of coincidence, there appears to be two Lemuel's: in the 1785 census of Virginia and the 1790 census of North Carolinia Victor T. Jones Jr. and both marrying Susan's. The NC lineage is in the vicinity of Beaufort NC and is thought to have stemmed from a Henry Peed of Tidewater Virginia possibly a s/o Lemuel Pead (ca 1680) and brother of Joel Pead (ca 1710-1783). While the two Lemuel's may still descend from a common Pead of the Tidewater area, it is likely they are different.

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Family Lineage

Although Joel Pead (ca 1710-1783) is likely the father of Lemuel Peade/Pead (calc 1761-1835 Obit.), Lemuel Pead/Peade is our oldest proven ancestor. Lemuel is located in Norfolk Co. (age 24) with Thomas & Joel Pead 1785 Census two years following his presumed father's death in PA Co. At age 27 (1788), he married Susan ("Sukey") Mears (calc 1771 - 1825)Marriage Record & Obit. in Norfolk Co. Some say her name was Virginia Susan Johnson Mears Claudia Pope via Herbert Daniels & Jeni Oast. By 1810 they were back in PA Co.1810 census as Lemuel Peade (age >45) and Susan (26-45) with 4 slaves, 4 boys (<16 yrs - James at 15 & William), 3 girls (<16 yrs - Susan) and perhaps a brother between 26-45 yrs. Susan's father, Elijah Meers 1790 Norfolk Co Will and mother, Elizabeth 1795 Norfolk Co Will had died. There first child, Elizabeth Peade was born ca 1789 Elijah Meer's will 1790 and was not counted in 1810 (age 21). Lemuel and Susan Peade are again listed in PA Co. 1820 census with two young boys (<10 yrs ) and three girls (< 16 yrs). One of these girls is Susan Johnson Peed (about 9), the mother of our next generation. Susan Mears/Meers/Miars Peed died in 1825 in Princess Ann Co Obit. when Susan was about 24 years old. Following his wife's death, Lemuel must have moved back to Norfolk Co. as indicated by his obituary. At age 69, he is not listed in the Virginia census for 1830 but is likely living with one of his children [Perhaps James?]. His obituary states "His disease was of that violent character" suggesting he was not of himself. He died five years later Portsmouth Obit..

  1. Norfolk Co. Loose Wills Index 1778-1845; Elijah Meers 1790; Doc No. 263; Mentions My Plantation; son Bartholomew Meers; son Arthur; daughter Sarah; daughter Ann; daughter Susanna Peade; grandaughter Elizabeth Peade; Loving wife and friend Thomas Hall Parker. signed 1 May 1790 (WP 20 Dec 1790).
  2. Norfolk Co. Loose Wills Index 1778-1845; Peed Thomas 1787 Doc No. 200.
  3. Norfolk Co. Wills 1788-1802; Will Bk No. 3; 63; Elijah Meers
  4. Norfolk Co. Wills 1788-1802; Will Bk No. 3; 161; Elizabeth Meers WP 27 Sep 1795
  5. American beacon and Norfolk and Portsmouth daily advertiser Died- In his 74th year, Lemuel Peed, of Portsmouth. (p. 3, c. 1); DATE OF PUB. Tuesday, November 3, 1835; FILM NO. Library of Virginia Film 188;
  6. Norfolk Co - Northampton Co. Marriage Records (1706-1817); indexed by Murray; p. 70; Lemuel Peed --- Suckey Mears ---- 30 Apr 1788
  7. Norfolk and Portsmouth herald; Died- In Princess Anne County, on Saturday, in her 54th year, Mrs. Susan Peed, consort of Lemuel Peed. (p. 3, c. 3); DATE OF PUB. Monday, April 25, 1825. ; FILM NO. Library of Virginia Film 191. [also in the American commercial beacon and Norfolk & Portsmouth daily advertiser Apr 26, 1825].

    James Peed (1795-1852) was apparently the s/o Lemuel & Susan Claudia Pope via Herbert Daniel, however, Joel Peed did marry Lydia Hammon in Norfolk Co. in 1794 a year before James was born Coincidence?. He married Margaret Langley Wright (1801-1865) in Portsmouth VA, 1819 and produced 11 children. Some of them are: Samuel Staples Peed (1836- ), William Wright Peed (1820-1893), Sarah Alice (Adelaide) Peed (1842- ) and Claudius Peed (ca 1830- )Email. Claudius, supposedly the youngest, is the grandfather of Miss Claudia Pope who lived in Port Norfolk ca 1970's and deceased by jul 2000 informant to Herbert Daniel. The eldest, William Wright Peed is the ancestor of Herbert Daniel. Sarah Alice (Adelaide) Peed married William Henry Tabb in Portsmouth in 1862 and is the ancestor of the Oast family currently in tidewater virginia. Samuel Staples Peed is the ancestor to another Garnet LeCompte-Spaulding Genforum March 28, 2000 thru Garnet Grey Bosley who married Samuel Boone Peed in 1932.

    1. Norfolk Co - Northampton Co. Marriage Records (1706-1817); indexed by Murray; p. 64; Joel Peed --- Lydia Hammon -- 7 Mar 1794

    Susan Johnson Peed (ca 1804 - 1855 Petersburg death record)s/o Lemuel & Susan, married John Williamson (1805-1876 Norfolk Death Record) in Norfolk County on February 9, 1832. John and Susan moved to the city of Petersburg immediately following their marriage presumably as a consequence of her brother, William living there. This is also where their children, Charles Lemuel Williamson (1832-1906) and Mary Virginia Williamson(b.~1836) (aka Virginia in later life) were born Charle's Death record. Susan died in Petersburg in 1855 of chronic jaundice death record and was buried in a plot purchased by one brother, William Peed at the Old Blanford Church Cemetery in Petersburg. Susan's death was likely Yellow fever from the epidemic of 1855 in Norfolk which resulted in the death of approx. one third the inhabitants Norfolk timeline . John returned to Portsmouth and probably worked in the Norfolk Navy Yard, Portsmouth, VA after 1860 as a Blacksmith. John died on February 17, 1876 of "debility" Death Record.

    1. City of Petersburg Death Records: Reel 34 Bureau of Vital Stastics; Deaths, Petersburg City 1853-1892 178; Williamson, Susan J.; d. May 23, 1855 in Petersburg of chronic jaundice, Age 55; Born: Princess Ann, Va.; Consort of John Williamson; Source of Information: William Peed, Brother.
    2. Norfolk Co. Reg. of Deaths: John Williamson, white, male d. February 17, 1876 in Portsmouth. Cause of death: Debility, Age: 70. ;Parents: Jno & Charlotte Williamson.; Born in: Norfolk City. Occupation: Blacksmith. Unmarried; Person giving information: Chas. Williamson, son.
    3. 1850 Federal census ; city of Petersburg (19 Sept 1850)

    William Peed (ca 1806) married Eliza Temple (ca 1817) and was living in Petersburg (Note a William Peed is not recorded in the census for Petersburg/ Dinwiddie Co in 1840). William supplied information for Susan's death record. Wiliam and Eliza had three children, Rowena Susan Peed (1851-1859), William Temple Peed (ca 1852-1891) and Tomas Lemuel Peed (1854-1856). All are buried in Old Blandford Church Cemetery in Petersburg on Crater Rd.

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