History of the Reid Family of Richmond Virginia

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Family Lineage

James T (prob. Thomas) Reid (1825/27 LDS - 1899) was born in Campbell Co. as referred to by the LDS IGI data. The 1850 census of Lynchburg in Campbell Co. enumerates a James T. Reid as a carpenter living with the Brown Family. Although his age is recorded as 36 yrs, ages are frequently misrecorded.

  • 1850 Census Campbell Co.; Town of Lynchburg, p. 94B

    On the 14 May 1857 in Weldon NC marriage announcement, James married Mary Virginia Williamson (1836-1874) the sister of Charles Lemuel Williamson, a cabinet maker enumerated in both Portsmouth and Petersburg in 1850. James, also a carpenter in 1850, was residing with the Brown family who were further 'cabinet makers'. By 1858 and nearly exactly nine months after their marriage, their first child, Emma V. Reid (1858-1926) was born in Campbell Co. cert. of Death and a year later in Mar/Ma(y?) 1859, their first son Leonidas Reid was born. The birthplace of Leonidas is unknown, however, the 'old birth records' of King & Queen Co. list a James & Mary Reid with twins, Alonzo & Robert born in Ma(y?) 1859. By 1860, the family is enumerated in the 3rd Ward of Richmond, Henrico Co. with James' presumed sister, 'Ada A. Read' but no Robert Reid. During the early 1860's and to possibly avoid the destruction of Richmond during the war, the family may have moved to Campbell co where their son, James T Reid Jr was reportedly born Marriage license. However, James Sr's obituary states 'he was a member of Camp Lee' and a confederate ... suggesting he may have been in Petersburg during the war and perhaps sent the family to his home in Campbell Co.

  • Old Birth Index; Reel #4; 1853-1866; Reid, Alonzo (TW); Parents James and Mary; May 1859; King & Queen Co. p. 60
  • Marriage Announcement; Petersburg Daily Express; 21 May 1857; card index: http://lvaimage.lib.va.us/cgi-bin/drawerIV/disk8/CC/PN/038/R0477?56
  • 1880 VA census; Clay Wd; Dist 77 2nd Precinct; p. 45 (ancestry)
  • Virginia 1860 Census; 'Jas T Read' 3rd Wd Richmond; Henrico Co. p. 565
  • marriage license; James T Reid Jr.;

    Mary Williamson (ca 1836-1874) was the d/o John Williamson (1805-1876) and Susan Johnson Peed/Pead (ca 180_ - 1855). Prior to her marriage to James, she (age 14) was residing in the city of Petersburg (1850) with her parents and brother, Charles Lemuel Williamson (1832-1906). In May 1855, her mother died of 'chronic jaundice' death register and was buried in a plot purchased by her brother at the old Blandford church cemetery in Petersburg. Mary was just 19 at the time. By 1856, her father and brother returned to Portsmouth where her father had married second to an Elizabeth Barrett. Mary likely accompanied her father to Portsmouth where she met (or continued to see) James. Mary Virginia Williamson Reid died in Richmond at an early age of 38 of paralysis/ nervous exhaustion on 5 March 1874 obituary/ death record. Her remains were forwarded to Campbell Co. for interment presumably Rustburgh where her husband and children were residing in 1880 1880 census next to his presumed 80 year old mother, Martha Reid (ca 1800-ca 1883?).

  • Old Blandford Church cemetery plot & records; Crater rd, Petersburg VA
  • Obituary; Richmond Times Dispatch; Thursday; Mar 12 1874
  • Reg of Deaths; Bur of Vital Statistics; Reel 36; Richmond City Deaths (1873-1886);
  • 1880 Va Census Transcription; LDS Film 1255358; NA Film # T9-1358; p. 130C

    By 1870, the family was back in Clay Wd of Richmond City with their six children: Emma V. Reid (1858-1926), Leonidas J. Reid (Abt 1859-1923) [reported 'Lee' in 1910 census], Susie Reid Ada in census (1863-1936) (PHOTO AT RIGHT) [m. Bartlett Sykes], Martha A. perhaps Ada Reid (1863-1918), James T. Reid (Abt 1864-1943) and Alice E. Reid (1869-1937). We believe their home in 1870 maybe in/around 1300 W Leigh st as there was a 'Hickey family' living near there ten years later in 1880 and appears to be the same family who were neighbors on the same page as James & Mary in 1870.

  • Richmond Times Dispatch; Wed. 7 Feb 1918; Martha Reid Obituary
  • Cert of Death #3792; Martha A. Reid; 1918
  • Cert of Death #19580; Bur of Vital Statistics; Reel 275; Alice E. Reid
  • Cert of Death #26266; Bur of Vital Statistics; Reel 154; Emma V. Reid
  • Richmond Times Dispatch; Saturday 6 Nov 1926; Emma Reid Obituary
  • 1870 Census; Clay Wd Richmond City; p. 50
  • Cert of Death #26761; 23 Nov 1936; Bur of Vital Statistics; Reel 265; Susie (nee Reid) Sykes

    By the mid 1870's, Mary had died in Richmond on 5 March 1874 Death Record and her father on February 17, 1876 in Portsmouth Death Record. Following the death of Mary in 1874, James is listed as a 'carpenter' at 532 Hancock from ca 1874 -1878 with an Alonzo moulder with a presumed obsure relation City Directories. Within two years and by 1880, he moved his family to Rustburg, Campbell Co to be near his mother whose health was failing. He is listed at .... in Rustburg adjoining the dwelling of Martha Reid (age 80) census 1880.


    By 1885/1887 James and his son, Leonidas were residing in a presumably 'duplex' at 1311 W Leigh st of Richmond. About two years later (1889-1890), James T Reid Jr moved next door to 1312 W Leigh St. while James Sr and son Leonidas moved to 1211 W Marshall st. They all remained at these locations thru ca 1892. In 1894/95 'Leonidia' was listed at Bds 2001 E. Main St as a 'Clk'. In 1899, James and at least two daughters were living at 1704 Beverly St, blocks from Hollywood cemetery and St Andrews church where his funeral and burial took place on ... 1899 obituary.

  • 1880 census Rustburg Magistrial; Dist 45; Campbell Co., p. 18

    In 1910, Leonidas (listed as 'Lee') was head of household at the same address where his father was (1704 Beverly) with his three sisters, Emma, Martha and Susie. Legend suggests it was here that Susie operated a boarding house in downtown Richmond Charles Williamson via Lloyd Williamson. By 1920, Martha had died (1918), Susie went to Portsmouth and stayed with her cousin, Charles Leonard Williamson (in 1930?) and Emma apparently stayed with her nephew, John R. Reid on Cary st per Evelyn albeit she is not listed with them in the 1920 census.

  • 1910 Census; Richmond City, Clay Wd; ED #67 p. 19; 1704 Beverly St.
  • Death dates were obtained from tombstones at Riverview cemetery in Richmond see Tombstone photo. Their descendants settled in Richmond and Staunton [Alice]. Most are buried in the Riverview Cemetery, Richmond, VA.

    James Thomas Reid II (1864-1943) married Sarah (aka Sallie) I. or J. Burley (1864-1912). Sarah was born in Brookland Twp of Henrico Co. the d/o William Tilman Burley (ca 1836/40-ca 1902/03) and Bettie social security application Bettie Elizabeth (or A.) Rountree (ca 1846- ). Their children included Frank C. Reid (1886-1952), James E. Reid (1888- ), Sarah I. Reid ( -1980) [m. Leonard B. Taylor (-1982)], Irene Elizabeth Reid (1890-1969 obit) Old birth records LVA [m. Charles Tiller (1886-1952)], John Roger Reid (ca 1896- ) [m. Agnes Hunter], Nellie Ray Reid (ca 1896-26 July 1898) and Thomas H. Reid (1902-1902). Legend suggests the Burley family may be of native american decent as presumably indicated by the annotations "IND" and perhaps "MU" in the 1860, 1870 and other censuses and records. Following the death of Sarah in 1912 and burial at Holywood Cenmetery with her father-in-law, James Jr married Carrie McAllister in 1919. James Jr died in April 1943 and his wife a few short months in Sept 1943 while in Jacksonville FL.

  • Old Birth Index 1880-1896; James E. Reid s/o James T. (trunk Maker) and Sarah; May 6 1888; Richmond City; p. 1010
  • Old Birth Index 1880-1896; Frank C. Reid s/o James T. (trunk Maker) and Sarah; June 2 1886; Richmond City; p. 946
  • Old Birth Index 1880-1896; Irene Elizabeth Reid d/o James T. and Sarah; Oct 27 1890; Richmond City; p. 1078
  • Marriage License; 18 June 1919; James T Reid - Carrie McAllilster
  • Richmond Times Dispatch; Nellie Ray Reid Obituary;
  • Richmond Times Dispatch; Thomas H. Reid Obituary

      Sarah (I census or J Obituaries) Burley, the eldest of seven siblings, was raised in the Richmond area of Henrico Co. similarily to her father William Tilman Burley social security application. William's supposed father, Tilman Burley (possibly J.P.T. 1860 census W Div Henrico (ca 1789- <1880) [presumed wife Sarah Waine (ca 1821->1880) LDS data has been first observed in King William Co. in 1830 moved to the eastern district of Henrico Co. by 1840 and then to the western division/district by 1860. By 1870, Wiliam T Burley (ca 1840 - ), first wife Bettie Elizabeth Ann 1860 & 1870 census (ca 1846- ) and four children were residing in Brookland Twp of Henrico County. Although uncertain of identity, in 1880, a Wm Burley, wife Betsy Ann, six children and a nephew, Wm were residing at 1215 Leigh St. In this census, Sarah maybe misrecorded as 'Sallie' age 17 and 10 yrs older than in 1870. Expectedly, Wm and Betsy are approx 10 yrs older than in 1870. This family, albeit may be related, is not to be confused with another Burley family of similar names in Amherst County of the same time period.

    • 1830 census, King William Co. VA, p. 89, 5 total people, Tilman Burley (age 36-55), female 36-55, female <5, two females 10-20
    • 1840 census, Eastern District Henrico Co. VA, p. 224, 7 total people, Tilman at age 36-55 and 2 additional males <10.
    • 1850 Census, Amherst Co. Wm (age 27) & Elizabeth (age 62), p. 82B
    • 1860 Census, Richmond W. Div., Henrico Co. VA, p. 891, J.P.T Burley
    • 1860 Census; Jas & Bettie Burley; Amherst Co; p. 418
    • 1860 Census; William T Burley (age 35) & Ann L.(age 26) children Sarah E (age 6), Wm A? (age 4) Jas (age 2) Virginia (age 8/12) and Elizabeth (age 76); Amherst Co.; p 263/264
    • 1870 census; Henrico Co. VA; Brookland Twp Richmond; p 233; Wm Burley Family
    • 1870 census; Brookl;and Twp, Henrico Co. Richmond VA; p 234; James Burley with Mother Sarah (age 58)
    • 1880 census; Richmond City, District 94, Jackson Wd; 1st Precinct; p.4, William and Betsy Ann Burley and family
    • 1880 census, Brookland Twp, District 73, Richmond VA, p. 40 (ancestry), Sarah age 69, arthur age 23
    • Burley Family Tree; by Pat & Jim Geary
    • Geary Family website; by Pat & Jim Geary

    John Roger Reid (ca 1896- ) married Agnes Lee Hunter (1895- ) on 19 Mar 1911. As a child, we believe John lived or visited with his grandfather at/ near 1211 W Marshall within a city block of Agnes Hunter where her father, William Hunter was living. William's other daughter, Edith Allison Hunter married our Lloyd G. Williamson (distant cousin to Agnes) in 1923 presumably as a result of the interaction of Lloyd's father with his first cousin, Susie Reid Sykes (aka John's Aunt Susie) who lived in Charles' house in Portsmouth. Their children included Irene Elizabeth Reid (ca 1913- ) [m. Lawrence Walke], John Roger Reid Jr (aka "Chubby") (1914-1996), Sarah Virginia Reid (1916-1973) [m. Thomas Bagby), Mamie Magdelene Reid (aka "Tootsie") (1918-1985) [m. Howard Bancroft], John Dalton Reid (1920-1979), James Brackges Reid (1922-1991), Mary Louise Reid (1926-1995) (aka "Fuzzy") [m. Holmes Harris], Jacob Waring Reid (aka Corky) (1928-1994) [living descendant Thomas Reid] and Evelyn Lucille Reid (1933- ) [m1. Manuel Derdian m2. Donald Pate].

    • Notes & Data from Nancy Harris Desper of Richmond; 11/2000.
    • 1920 Census; Henrico Co.; ED #65; Clay Wd;

    Richmond City Directories
                                     1885 - 1887
        James T Reid      carpr        h 1311 Leigh W           Richmond      VA
        James T Reid      trunkmaker   bds 208 Clay W           Richmond      VA
        Leonidas J.Reid   lab          bds 1311 Leigh W         Richmond      VA  
                                     1889 - 1890
        James T Reid      carpr        1211 Marshall W          Richmond      VA
        James T Reid      trunkmkr     1312 Leigh W             Richmond      VA
        Leonidas J Reid   clk          bds 1211 Marshall W      Richmond      VA
                                     1891 - 1892
        James T Reid      carpr        h 1211 Marshall W        Richmond      VA
        James T Reid      trunkmaker   h 1312 Leigh W           Richmond      VA
                                     1902 - 1903
        Miss Susie Reid                1311.5 W Main            Richmond      VA
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