Warren Family of Murfreesboro NC from the Late 1700's with branches in Tidewater VA

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Family Lineage

Charles Lemuel Williamson Jr.. (1868-1938) (AKA Leonard or Lenny) married Lillian/Lelia/Celia Warren (AKA Lillie) (April 24, 1875-1920) on October 7 1896 in Portsmouth, VA. Lillian was referred to by her descendants as "Lillian" although records appear to indicate Celia or Lelia. Lillian Warren was the d/o William Warren (ca.. 1801; Hertford County, NC) and Martha Parker (ca.. 1839; Hertford County) who lived on a farm in Murfreesboro, NC. Lilllian had brothers James Larry Warren (ca. 1858), and Kenneth (ca. 1862), both farmers, and at least one sister, Olivia 1870 census or Levitta 1880 census Warren (ca. 1866). Lillian and Charles lived briefly at 507 First Street in Portsmouth with Charles' father, Charles Lemuel. Charles Leonard Williamson purchased land from R.U. Myers and Mary A. Myers, his wife, in December, 1900 where they built their home at 422 Cossack Street in Norfolk County. The street name would later change to Gosport Road then Naval Place which was incorporated into the City of Portsmouth as told by Charles Elvin Williamson, grandson of Charles Leonard. The photo at the left is Portsmouth in 1908 with what is now the shipyard in the background (422 Naval Place is the second house around the bend and facing what is now the shipyard). Charles, Jr. was a sheet metal worker (tinsmith) at the Norfolk Navy Yard. Charles is residing at 507 First Street in Portsmouth with his father, Charles Lemuel Williamson and Lydia Old, third wife of his grandfather, John Williamson 1880 VA census. Charles and Lillian produced three sons: Lloyd Glend Williamson (1898-1991); Jesse Victor (b. July 23, 1897) and William Chester Williamson (b. April 6, 1900). Jesse and William both died during infancy. Charles visited his son's (Lloyd Glend Williamson) adjacent house daily. He was a member of the Fourth Street Baptist Church in Portsmouth. Charles Leonard died in Portsmouth of coronary thrombosis and Lillian of influenza on March 4, 1920 death record at the age of 44 (Note: By this time the Great Flu Epidemic of 1918 had passed but this virulent strain remained prevalent).

    Lillian's father, William Warren married Martha Parker on June 3, 1856 in Northampton County. He was about 37 years older than Martha and apparently had a wife before Martha as he had at least three children too old for Martha to be their mother. The 1860 federal census for Hertford Co. NC enumerates a Thomas, Perry and Barry (handwriting difficult to read ) residing with William and Martha Warren. A presumed cousin, Douglas Acree reports William married to perhaps another Martha (ca. 1806) in the 1850 census in Hertford Co. William Warren and Martha Parker's children include James, Kenneth, Olivia, Lillian and another daughter by William. The name of the latter daughter and Lillian cannot be positively identified in census records because of poor handwriting on an aging document. Lillian's obituary confirms her brothers as James and Kenneth. The 1880 federal census of Hertford Co. enumerates a Thomas Warren, presumably the son of William, who married a Mary S. Thomas was a grocer and the father of four children: Albert P., Charles T., Bettie L. and Nancy V. They apparently lived on a farm as their son Albert, age 11, was listed as "working on farm". At this time a James Warren, age 22, was married to Rosana, age 21, and also worked on a farm.

    Charles Lemuel Williamson Jr. (AKA Leonard or Lenny) would later marry Mary (aka Mamie) Connors (ABT 1885 - ABT 1945) following Lillian's death in 1920 and his son's (Lloyd Glend Williamson) marriage in 1923. Mary was a half-sister of his son's wife, Edith Hunter.

Lillian Warren Williamson

Charles Leonard Williamson with grandsons, Lloyd A. and Charles E. Williamson.

Charles Leonard Williamson and Mary 'Connors' Williamson

Lloyd Glend Williamson (1898-1991) married Edith Allison Hunter (b. 1903, Richmond, VA; d.1982) in 1923 in Washington, DC (or was it Edith M. Hunter marriage license ). Edith was the d/o William Allison Hunter (b. Maryland) and Catherine F. Tierney. Following their marriage, they lived at 418 Naval Place, Portsmouth adjacent to Lloyd's father, Charles L. Williamson at 422 Naval Place . Lloyd and Edith both died in Chesapeake, VA. They are buried at Olive Branch Cemetery in Portsmouth.

    Their eldest son, Arthur Lloyd Williamson (b. 1924; Portsmouth), married Francis Allen Goodson (b. 1929; Portsmouth) in 1947. They produced two daughters, Norma Jean (b. 1949) and Rebecca Lloyd (b. ) who remained in the Virginia Tidewater area.

    William Allison Hunter (c1862 - Abt. 1935), was born in Baltimore Maryland, the s/o Henry J. (Harry) Hunter (c1833 - Aft 1880) and Elizabeth (perhaps Allison) (c1825 - ).

    Catherine F. Tierney (1861-Abt 1905) was born in Richmond VA, the d/o Laurence Tierney (Abt 1816/26 - 1871) and Mary Eleanora Lavell (Abt 1830-Abt 1891)

Lloyd G Williamson with children at Oceanview, VA

Edith Allison Hunter wife of Lloyd G Williamson

Lloyd G Williamson at age 90

Charles Elvin Williamson (b. 1926), married Susannah Bryan Lyons (b. 1931; Washington DC) and settled in Maryland. There were seven children.